1:1 Astro Classes

Enraptured engagement. Magical mystery. Walking a mystical path with practical feet.

This is what embodied astrological understanding can provide you. I wanna help you get there. Not to become an astrologer yourself, per say – not everyone has time for that. But understanding how to work with your own chart? Heck yes. Let’s do it.


Becoming Your Own Astrologer: The One-On-One Course (sample syllabus below)
This format follows the course outline for my Becoming Your Own Astrologer/AstroBasics group class. Ideally, meetings happen once a month over the course of 6 months in 60 minute sessions. Some folks go through a bit quicker, some a little more slowly.

Cost when paid up front: $480
Cost when paid in two payments: $255 per segment (total $510)
Cost when paid by the class (payment due 48 hours before the session): $90/session
(I offer this class in a group setting 1-2 times per year. Email me to be added to my mailing list and learn about dates)

*I do require that folks who work with me for the 1:1 tutoring have an abridged initial consultation with me first.

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Becoming your own Astrologer: A Course in Experiential Astrology with Amanda Moreno

This 6-week class will help you to understand how to work with your own natal chart as a living blueprint and map. The approach will be experiential; we will use lecture, guided visualizations, imagery, scents, stones, storytelling, writing exercises and many other tools to help you get an embodied, well-informed grasp of the dynamics of your own chart. In my experience, learning my own chart has been the most important step on the path to becoming an astrologer.

My astrological approach combines Evolutionary Astrology (in the styles of both Jeffrey Green and Steven Forrest) and Archetypal Astrology (as informed by the work of Richard Tarnas, James Hillman and C.G. Jung) along with my training in depth psychology. In this class I will teach you the nuts and bolts of astrology as it pertains to your own chart and life, as informed by those teachers. But we’ll also take the bigger picture into consideration, exploring topics of cosmology, philosophy, relationship styles, the question of soul, and on and on…

This class is geared towards people who have beginning to intermediate level astrological knowledge and specifically those who are wanting to use astrology as a tool for self-growth and increased embodiment and awareness. The focus will be on experiential learning, which means you will be asked to do a lot of reflecting and questioning in order to find your own answers. The goal will be to get you started so that you can keep using your chart as a tool for increased awareness for the rest of your life.

I do have a basic structure and plans outlined, but the class content will also be determined by the participants, so please allow for some flexibility.

1st Session: What is This Thing, Anyway? 

*The Inner Planets, houses and signs; Elements and Modalities
*Primal Triad: Sun, Moon and Ascendant
*Makin’ some Flashcards

Second Session: What am I Doing Here (in this class/universe/incarnation), Anyway?
*Trinity of the past/future; Pluto & The Nodes
*Telling a true story with made up facts
*Aspects and Rulerships

Third Session: Philosophical Redux – What is cosmology and why is it important, anyway?
*The Water Signs & the Evolution of the soul (the poetry of water and why it’s important
*The language of astrology, myth, metaphor – why they’re important and how to use them practically
*Astrology as a developmental wheel

Fourth Session: The Living Sky and Conscious Transits: How do I use This Stuff, Anyway?*Cycles & Rites of Passage
*Major Turning Points
*The Outer Planets and Collective Astrology

Fifth Session: Relationships (of all kinds, but mostly romantic) & Relating
*Relationship types
*What your chart says about your relationship to yourself and others
*Love with Wisdom: Uncovering your needs, wants, desires and values

Sixth Session: Putting it Together: How do I Use This Stuff, Anyway?
*Your Chart, Moon Cycles, Rituals and Intention-Setting
*Phasal relationships
*Sabian Symbols & other useful nuggets
*The Art of Crafting Questions
*Horoscopes, Yearly Readings
*Closing Ritual


Email me to sign up or ask questions.