In the Mists of Venus in Pisces

What is it your heart longing to say these days? Longing to feel? What dream have you been pushing aside, wishing away at the same time as your insides scream to make it real?

The shift of Venus from Aries back into Pisces has brought the rolling textures of water IMG_0613back into the mix, perhaps dousing the fires just for a little spell as we sink back into something calling us at the periphery. What’s arising for you? Spiritual homesickness? Longing for connection? Nurturance of a bright new spark just being revealed as you wonder where it will go? Has the shift been subtle or pronounced? Are these new desires arising, or the same old things? What are you ready to let go of?

I began my day today with cultivation of loving kindness. It’s a new step in a process I’ve been rolling out over the past five weeks. For 20 minutes I visualized sending silent wishes of loving kindness to myself and others…

may your good fortune increase, may you be happy, may you be free from shame and suffering, may you be free from all attachment and aversion…

And as I emerged from the practice I smiled to myself — yes, this is the perfect practice for Venus in Pisces.

Venus in Pisces longs for transcendence, for bounding and ecstatic gulps of love and compassion, breathing in and out in connection and harmony with all living beings. Sometimes she gets lost, she forgets her skin and bones and the fate of her mortality; her eyes glaze over, plunging into escapes and fantasy, losing sight of the surface, of the potential of being entirely carried away. She might fight it at first, but then she feels music rippling through her heart, and tastes the colors of the poetry of life as all of the senses become one organ of receptivity and bliss…and…she lets go.

During this retrograde period, which began March 4, so many have been plunged into the fires of re-claiming our own projections, bristling under the gaze of how we might meet own our needs, re-think our values and find our center within our lives and our relationships. We’ve been asked to bring the focus inwards, while watching for the moments where we’re overly self-centered, childish, impulsive. We’ve been given hints at the power of our own warrior nature, which is ours to claim as we will. Perhaps that’s arisen as petulence and anger, flung out at everyone and anyone around us. Perhaps as dedication. Or the need to take a risk.

And now, what have we learned? The remainder of the retrograde, through April 15, will give us the opportunity to plunge into some of the more haunting questions: What does it all mean? What is our place within our connections? What is our place within the collective and what is our commitment to that place? What are the losses we have encountered in our lives and how have they shaped us? Where do we need to let go of the remnants of what we’ve already had to let go of? How is despair arising now?

Where can we extend compassion, love, wishes for happiness and freedom from suffering to ourselves? To our loves? To those we just see fleetingly on the street? And to those we feel we cannot accept? Where do we still struggle with that extension, and how can we forgive ourselves for that?

One of the truths of Pisces is that by going into our own suffering and loving ourselves through it, extending the fierce heat of compassion to our own cores, we are better able to extend compassion to others. This can be gentle work, often best done in small, soft doses. Or big, gasping gulps. Choose your own adventure.

Saturn has a role to play in the coming weeks as well, perhaps bringing coldness to the exposed and fleshy warmth of our super tender hearts. Saturn’s square to Venus might try to remind us of the times we’ve felt alone, where we’ve struggled to connect, where we’ve felt like victims of circumstance, or have just been shackled by our beliefs — consciously or not. Have our beliefs become our prisons?  Has the time for maturation of values and needs arrived?

Saturn will remind us of our skin and bones, of our mortality, and of the need for our beliefs to shift and change so that we can create lives based in what is truly meaningful and full of value. Lives that allow us to see the tears shed in the swirling mists and confusion of Pisces are seeds to sprout and cultivate now that spring has sprung again.




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