Destiny Choice Points: North Node in Leo

In recent weeks, I’ve had the honor of many humbling and inspiring experiences withmaxresdefault clients. I’ve sat with several people who have then reported back to me, letting me know about the insights they’ve had since the session and the changes they’ve made as a result of the “ah-has” they’ve arrived at through our work together. It makes my heart swell with joy, not just because I love seeing people become aware of the power of astrology and shadow integration work, but because I know that what the world needs now, perhaps more than anything, is more people cultivating the courage to face their own stuff and then heal that shit.

In a class the other night, we began discussing the recent shift of the nodes of the Moon from the Virgo-Pisces axis into Leo-Aquarius. As I’ve leaned into this shift, which is profoundly impacting my own chart, I’ve felt that swell of heart joy many times. In fact, that swell — that spark of inspiration that leads to embodied creativity — is what Leo is all about. With the nodes of the Moon on the Leo-Aqua axis now, we’re being asked to step into our hearts and manifest our genius, that unique calling that lies within each of our souls.

The power of the Aquarian polarity, then, is that Aquarius is what liberates us from the conditioning that keeps us from hearing and actualizing the call. Aquarius frees us enough to recognize our own spark of genius and then actualize that. One problematic aspect of this process, which Jung referred to as the process of individuation, is that it can make us feel like outsiders. Aquarius carries the energy of the exile, because it is the sign of difference. That fear of being an outsider — of being ‘alone’ on the journey, of being different — is what keeps so many from stepping into their true path.

Our society does not tend to support people who diverge from the conditioned, acceptable path. Furthermore, we can look to history to show us just how terribly outsiders have been treated in the past — how many have been burned at the stake, tortured, exiled, ridiculed and otherwise harmed for being different? We carry memories of these traumas in our cells. Society is slow to keep up with the insights brought by progressive thinkers. It took around 200 years for the masses to accept a heliocentric model of the universe, after all, any many were murdered for professing this scientific truth during that time. In this we can see why astrologers associate Aquarius and Uranus with trauma.

Because the nodes of the Moon are associated with karmic release and surrender, and the medicine for the soul, we can anticipate that the coming 18 months might see a lot of the more shadowy aspects of the Aquarius-Leo axis coming into play, being revealed in order to be healed. Aquarian trauma is associated with long term memory and collective trauma. The shock happens and then part of us just flies off somewhere else, dissociating and fragmenting. Leo’s shadows include rampant narcissism and the inflation of ego structures. In many ways the current president of the US is a massive caricature of the collective shadow of narcissism — and many of us are cringing as memories of collective (and personal) trauma are constellating all around us, as we anticipate what might happen next.

All of this is very much related to the shift from the Pisces-Virgo axis. The nodes move through the signs in about 18 months. So for the past 18 months we’ve been asked to heal, release and purify wounds related to self-sacrifice, self-sabotage, codependency, sado-masochistic tendencies, boundarylessness and existential despair. So now, with the nodes moving into Leo-Aquarius it’s time to reconnect with the heart, with our individual sparks — and to unite with communities that can hold space for us as individuals, that nurture whatever it is about us that is unique and inspirational.

During this time, your own personal Sun is a key to forward movement. Learning about it, and finding the ways its symbolism is relevant to your life can help you to shine light out into the world in the ways you were born to, and bridge the gap between the personal and the collective.

Perhaps one way to simplify this nodal configuration is this: Choose your own adventure. But remember — we’re all in this together.

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