New Moon in Gemini: A Quickening

(New Moon in Gemini exact Thursday, May 25 at 12:44pm PDT)

Who are we really? Are we each one united whole? Are we supposed to be? Or do we contain multitudes? From the Geminian perspective, the latter is far closer to the truth — the psyche is polytheistic, or comprised of many gods. In Gemini it is so difficult to choose just one, because there is so much to learn and so much to know.

Wherever Gemini falls in your chart is an area of life where these themes are likely to come into play. As Gemini is represented by the twins, its dominion is where duplicity is more apparent. Perhaps it appears as contradiction. Perhaps it can be helpful to shine a light on the shadow of this place. How can we reconcile seemingly disparate parts?

There is a beauty in the openness of Gemini season, which began Saturday, May 20. What are the possibilities? What futures are rippling out in front of us waiting to be claimed? What new ideas are waiting to gestate? Kicking it up a notch — how can we unite our head and our heart to further reinforce our will once we know what we want and then communicate our truth?

From Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot

Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is associated with the Magician in the tarot, after all. The Magician is the figure who knows how to use all of their tools in order to manifest what their will desires, to travel between the worlds as messenger of the gods in order to ensure connection and communication between body, soul and spirit.

Each month, just before the New and Full Moons I make a point of reviewing my magical diaries — a collection of journals where I record rituals, dreams, tarot readings and other notes. Although I’ve been journaling since I was five, I didn’t actually commit to keeping a magical diary until a few months ago (I’ve had a few false starts over the years).

The main function of such a tool is that it gives us a way to ensure we don’t collude with the defenses of our ego, which is always eagerly trying to erase any memory of intention or progress as it struggles to maintain its prominence. The ego, or the part of us that helps us orient to our experience by giving us a sense of identity or who we are, loathes change. It prefers comfort and the known, to be able to define exactly who it is, and because of this it is prone to forgetting anything that might change that identity. This is in direct contrast to the desires of the soul, which involve pushing up against limitation and then transforming.

It’s a core paradox that can create a lot of anxiety, and the ego does what it can to avoid anxiety. And so we witches and transformers need ways of remembering and recording — and holding ourselves accountable.

These days, however, it seems that everything is quickening, moving faster, as we writhe under an onslaught of constant change and stimulation. The technological age has made it so that those of us privileged enough to have access to so many different devices are constantly bombarded, never having to wait for anything, always able to escape, always able to change our external situation, avoid, procrastination — and learn more.

The technological boom is also fucking with our memories. Oh, our poor, poor brains.

While reviewing my magical diary this morning I recognized a few things. First, that I started it just over two months ago. Two! Two months. Feels like ten years. And as I reviewed all that’s happened in those two months I was floored. So. Much. Change. And so many forgotten intentions. So much progress. And a few steps back. And several empowering notes that I really wish I had remembered. Seeds planted, blooms emerging.

“Quickening” is a term most predominantly associated with pregnancy. The moment when the mother first feels the baby moving inside of her. It is the mother’s first perception of what has been gestating. A sensory connection is finally made. And in fact, Gemini is associated with the perception-thought-speech process. We gather sensory information in Taurus and then begin to develop conscious awareness of our surroundings, linking it all together through language and communication

I spent a few days learning about the upcoming lunation cycle, and leaning into the energy of it. Gemini energy is speedy. It’s fluid. Not fluid in that watery way, it being an air sign and all. But fluid in that mental kinda way — ideas rise to the top of our consciousness and then float out again, being replaced by something new. Gemini is full of the fun and wonder that emerge in the quest to unite the head and the heart.

But there’s something deeper there as well. This lunation feels somewhat like a pressure cooker.

Now, there are a few reasons for that. We are, after all, still in the waning (releasing) portion of the Taurus-Scorpio lunation cycle which has been rather intensely transformative, and so there’s a kind of cosmic push to get rid of whatever bullshit still remains (get it? Bull is a symbol for Taurus and Scorpio is often associated with shit…).

There’s also the interplay between the shadow of Gemini and the quality of a dark moon. Gemini’s strength lies in its curiosity and sense of wonder and playfulness — a strong desire to learn about the world and be immersed in left-brain pursuits. But it can also be superficial, constantly skimming the surface, prone to one distraction after another and as a result missing the call to go deeper — or even actively refusing the call, resulting in a vast waste of energy that could be used for necessary transformation. The polarity of Gemini — Sagittarius — is where we integrate and synthesize all that knowledge into a cohesive whole. We have here the knowledge-wisdom polarity. And they are in fact two very different things, although they clearly rely on each other.

In a world where we are in fact constantly bombarded by media and increasingly wired to be swiping, scanning and drifting over headlines and selfies and a never-ending search for something new, the Gemini brain can become a devouring, energy sucking beast. It loses sight of the goal, which is synthesis. Gemini shadows thrive in today’s technological environment.

This contrasts with the energy of the dark moon, which calls on us to retreat inwards, be silent, let go and plant some new seed. This is especially true when we’re dealing with a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), the energy of which is…letting go.

…and then there’s the fact that this lunation coincides with a square between Venus and Pluto — which can bring up challenging power struggles in relationships and stormy emotion.

This reminds me of the fact that Gemini is also associated with The Lovers card in the IntuitiveLoverstarot, the shadow of which is that the desire to merge and synthesize is just as strong as the fear of it, and so we keep avoiding and escaping, reluctant to admit that union is also part of the process. Where do we need to commit to uniting — with an idea, a truth, a person, an aspect of ourselves?Additionally, in all of my Gemini-style research I came across the fact that this lunation takes place in Gemini Decan I. What you need to know about that is that it carries the energy of the shadow — of facing the shadow in particular. And my oh my is it hard to see a shadow in the dark of the Moon. Gemini doesn’t tend to be super comfy with deep emotion, and so it might be good to remind ourselves not to run away if conflict does arise in the coming days — while at the same time remembering to question whether or not we need/want to actual explode whatever thing we’re facing.

So…that’s a lot of information! Shocking, I know. More detailed help in terms of New Moon rituals will be provided for subscribers at the $10+ level of my Patreon Campaign. But to simplify, based on where I’m at in this moment, the question that arises is: What needs to go so that new ideas can be born?

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday, June 9 at 6:10am, then, is the time for synthesis. Make an extra effort this cycle to do some art. Make a collage. Bring the pieces of what you’re learning together in some form, even if it’s just some free writing with a cohesive title at the top. At the very least, spend some time speaking or writing your truth. Work it out. Leave time for wonder and non-confrontation dialogue and deep listening. Remember patience. And the joy of learning new things, even when it makes us feel cranky and conflicted. And then, as always, take a deep breath. Something new is about to be born.



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