Capricorn Full Moon: Perseverance

Happy Full Moon weekend, y’all.

Happy? Hm. Maybe not. I mean, that might indeed be the case for some of you! For others of you, not so much. And I suppose that’s an apt description of any moment in time — it all depends on everything — but for those of you feelin’ the cosmic tumult, I bet it does indeed feel somewhat extra-ordinary, perhaps a bit cosmic, and maybe just…well, fuckin’ rough.

Mahakala- The Wrathful Protector of the Dharma by Khenpo Karzaig Tensin
Mahakala:The Wrathful Protector of the Dharma by Khenpo Karsang Tenzin

There’s a lot of intense energy bouncing around out there. Intense energy that is desperately  trying to wake us up . But here’s the thing. Sometimes we wish that good ol’ Intense Energy would be a bit more direct with its communication and let us know exactly what it’s trying to transform. It’s like sometimes Intense Energy doesn’t realize that what it’s ACTUALLY DOING, rather than explicitly waking us up, is taking us around on an inner goose chase as we flail and fall, scrambling to grasp onto any sense of reason or meaning, any external event that we can blame for why we feel so awful. Then we volcano our emotions all over that external thing, whether it’s the cause or not, whether our reaction is proportional or not… and the result might or might not align with what Intense Energy was trying to reveal to us.

But alas, if we had a more explicit roadmap, it wouldn’t be as exciting would it? Security is overrated…isn’t it? Hm.

So few of us are prepared to do the deep diving that this kind of lunar cycle invites. We have responsibilities, after all. Capricorn knows all about responsibility. Even those of us who are in fact prepared, or just willing, to dive deep can fall into the traps of shadow Cancer/Capricorn at this point: intense subjectivity, cold calculated manipulation as defense, or attempting to run so far and fast in the opposite direction of whatever fear is arising that we find ourself accidently running off a cliff and into the fear in an even more intense and distorted form. We can place emotional security needs over responsibility. Or vice versa.

You can only run away from your demons for so long, folks.

Especially with an eclipse season like the one we’ll see in August looming.

So for this full moon, be the calm in the eye of the storm. Or find some calm in the eye of the storm. Here’s a hint: it’s inside you. It’s in the calm, grounded, centered presence that you can tap into at will with a few deep breaths and inward reflection.

The Cancer-Capricorn polarity has a lot to do with the masks we wear – in our personal and private lives versus out in the world in our professions or careers. The rest of the cardinal axis shows us the lessons of masking as well — with Libra being the masks we wear in interpersonal relationships and Aries being the absolute absence of mask — pure instinct.

There is a high likelihood of power struggles this weekend. It might be worth some retreating from the world, or re-visiting your own self-parenting process. At the very least it is definitely worth some reflection on the concept of power, what it means for you, how it displays itself to you, where your relationship with it needs to change, and — perhaps most importantly — where you locate your own power in your body and how your various masks support or fail to support the correct use of your power.

The New Moon two weeks ago initiated us into a cycle of clearing emotional baggage – particularly the baggage associated with our deepest fears and shadow parts

Here’s a helpful hint: sometimes our shadow material is actually good stuff. Qualities that would normally be deemed “positive” by society, but were shut down within us for whatever reason. Perhaps your voice was shut down when you spoke an inconvenient truth as a child. Perhaps your gentle feeling nature went underground as you were told again and again that you were “too sensitive.” Societal conditioning (Capricorn), while it has its purposes, can also be a brutal slam against natural law and human intuition. Accessing your voice is a vital part of living your truth; your sensitivity is a tool for empathy and understanding.

Until you uncover those repressed shadows, you won’t learn how to hone these tools that are so vital to your identity and emotional well being (Cancer) so that you can use them in productive and helpful (Capricorn) ways. All of that energy can be liberated for the service of your dharma — what you’re here to do in this life.

My tip for this weekend? I know this might be shocking (insert sarcasm), but here it is: Stop and breathe. Feel your feet on the ground, breathe some more, wait, drink some water, and THEN respond. This astrology can bring things to a head. You get the choice about whether or not to dive in now — it could be great energy for working things out! — or waiting til the energy has peaked and then taking a closer look.

Another tip? Your fears can become your allies. You can use the energy you spend fearing things and transmute it into fuel for better pursuits. That is very much the crux of the Capricorn Moon’s conjunction with Pluto: How do we transform our fears into something useful?

Other than that? Try to be kind. To yourself and others.

Full Moon at 17 degrees Capricorn Saturday, July 8 at 9:07pm Pacific Time

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