Leo New Moon #1: Gateways to the Heart

Here we are, my friends. The lunar cycle which sets off summer eclipse season. A gateway. A portal. A chance.

15056363_10155617841559368_3494851319705706396_nWhat’s arising within you now? What is it you’re longing for, down to the tips of your toes? Not clear yet? Perhaps set your intention with this New Moon to uncover it. And then plant the seed at the next New Moon — also in Leo — with the fiery, total solar eclipse on August 21.

Transformational processes are arising constantly, aren’t they? And yet, somehow, this one feels different. Leaders being called forth, tribes constellating and converging… echoes of the past coming forward to say: what have you learned? What can you do differently? How can you nurture your own spark of genius and bring it forward in celebration — because the world needs you now.

This New Moon can go in so many different directions. Maybe you know exactly where you want to be. Use it, then, to make plans. But perhaps it’s not that concrete for you yet? In which case I’ll say…

Love yourself. Fiercely. Make it a devotional practice. Learn the ins and outs of your loves, wants, needs, expressions and desires. Go into the dark, shadowy places and bring to light all that you are. Love yourself — all of you — into reality and then take the reins and make shit happen.

This new moon does offer us a gateway, harnessing the fiery energies of the Sun and Mars. The resulting combustion can be used consciously to fuel the creation of our desires in the material world. But the core of this work requires a unified will. The cultivation of a unified will requires bravery, honesty and unadulterated yet finely honed expression and creativity.

This is not easy work. Not for the feint of heart — although I dare say engaging it will indeed increase your heart’s strength. But because it is not easy, and because what we find in this process so often makes us feel our difference more acutely (that’s the Aquarian polarity), it is so very important to seek out others on this path as well. Communities of outsiders. Witches. Queers. Seemingly ordinary folks with a penchant for occult studies or crystals or some other kind of woo. Those who are grappling with deconditioning themselves from the landslides of crimes against our natures that have been perpetuated for millennia now in order to create a vast infrastructure of lies and repression that we now dare to call ‘normal.’

The Aquarius-Leo axis invites to the process of individuation. This is not the call to be more unique, special or individual. This is where we hear the call of our soul and answer. Finally. Often because we no longer have a choice. And yet…we choose. The path of the heart in all its tangents and backslides, rather than the path that has been laid out for us without care for our true nature.

We need — we must have — radical transformation. The kind that makes us twist and turn, but the kind that also then allows us to bask in the sun more fully, more wholly. Fully naked rather than cloaked in suits and scrubs — no matter how designer or cute or half-off they might be.

And yet there are pitfalls here. Drama. Narcissism. Inflation. Be aware of them. And if you dip into that energy, accept yourself anyway. Correct. Change course. Learn.

Use this New Moon to ground and center yourself. Use it to tap into your heart and listen to what your own spark of life and truth is calling out for you to do now. The heart is a window into the soul, the soul is a magnet for magic, and magic is a truth that all of us know is real but have forgotten how to use. It’s time to remember. To play. To bask. To love.

This is your call to action.

Take a look around — there are others answering it with you.


Leo New Moon exact Sunday, July 23 at 2:46am
0+ degrees Leo, conjunct Mars at 1+ degree Leo
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