Eclipse-y Season Check-In

Happy Thursday, friends!
So, it is indeed eclipse season. We’re in that 2-week window (almost exactly 4 days in, to be exact, not that I’m counting or anything). There’s lots of writing circulating about the astrology of this season (yes, I’m referring to two weeks as a season…cuz it feels like it). It’s all really good. I’m not going to be adding to it yet (I mean, except for the many paragraphs below, of course), although those of you at the $20+ levels should have gotten the recording of the little workshop I hosted on the topic last week (email me if you didn’t).
Stones and gems are pretty great helpers right now, too!

One thing I will say: That Full Moon eclipse on Monday was a pretty special experience for many folks. And by “special” I mean it did exactly what we’re told lunar eclipses do: amp emotionality waaaaay the fuck up. Kick women’s menstrual cycles into overdrive and jumpstart. Plunge us into processing and shadow work and a whole heckuva lotta triggers whether we wanna be there or not — and for many people that’s particularly tough because they don’t quite have the tools to deal with what’s going on.

Some would say eclipses lead to sudden endings and beginnings. I agree, but I’m understanding that it’s not out of the blue endings and beginnings so much as shifts arise out of reactivity. Not to say that reactivity isn’t revealing what needs to go, change or shift. But we act from a place of pain and fear. Our emotions get amped, we get triggered, we’re flailing around in grief or guilt or anger or rage and we don’t know why — and we just wanna vent it. Most likely all over our loved ones. Our relationships. And poof – relationship ends. We get fired.
We start flinging around metaphorical threats of nuclear annihilation.
Unfortuately no one, even the people who we’d like and need to have the most respect for their incredibly power in this world, is immune to this emotional reactivity and they can take the metaphorical threat of nuclear annihilation right onto the concrete world stage. You might think astrology is bunk, but, uh… well, that doesn’t mean it’s not still reflecting world events despite your disbelief.
Anyway. As I’m always saying, one of the most practical ways astrology can help you on your life’s journey is through bringing awareness of cycles, be they short or long. And right now, bringing awareness to the fact that we’re in a two week window can go a long way towards reminding yourself to stop, take a deep breath, and recognize that we are in fact connected to the tides, and those tides they are a-churnin’ right now. They’re revealing something, trying to get rid of something, transforming, rebirthing. A pattern, a partner, a home, a thought process.
Have you ever been in labor? Talked to someone who has? It’s not that great, generally speaking. We’re in a big ol labor process right now (I know, they happen a lot, I’m sorry).
We’re dealing with Leo and Aquarius here. The Leonian energy is inviting us to make *everything* about us. Leo can be intensely subjective. And hell, sometimes it does in fact need to be all about you. But other times, especially for those of us who are super sensitive or empathic, we get stuck in the subjective and in our emotions and we need Aquarian perspective and objectivity to dry us out and help us to see the bigger picture. Or that there IS a bigger picture.
So, what I wanted to share today are a few of the things that have been helping me both in the lead up to this season and in the past four days (FOUR DAYS? How has it only been FOUR DAYS?!). If you’re not “feeling it”, that’s great! Awesome. Rad! Maybe you could just check in with people around you who are struggling? If you know someone who is, maybe pass it along. And if you are feeling it…well…I’m feeling it right there with you and sending lots of love.
I’ve committed to doing a daily practice for these two weeks that’s quite a bit longer than my typical practice. I recommend some kind of daily practice because it helps to ground, it creates ritual container for transformation (and there’s a lot that’s transforming now), and it connects us with self and other. Leo and Aquarius. Yeah.
To that end, I’m currently (well, I mean, except for so far today — gotta get on it! But sleeping in felt so good…):
~Doing a daily banishing ritual where I smudge myself and my surroundings with sage, and then do my take on the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram in order to try to clear my space
~Working with a Mantra that was given to me by a healer lady who recommended it. She sent me to a youtube video for it, and it takes about 7 minutes. You, too, can find a mantra that works for you!
~A daily loving kindness meditation that is longer than but similar to the one I posted for the Libra Full Moon (there’s a recording of it here:
~Journaling (sometimes free write, sometimes with reflection questions I’ve made up or gotten from other practitioners)
~Doing about 45 minutes worth of knee exercises because I recently fell and tweaked my knee and doing rehab stuff is always something I’m pretty wishy washy at but I also like walking, so…
~Showering with a sea salt scrub I made — sea salt (buy it in the bulk section, it’s much cheaper there), cheap oil (I think this batch has apricot kernel oil) and rosemary and lavender essential oils. This is for scrubbing stagnant energy away. Oh, and it smells good and that makes me happy.
Understanding the principles or ideas behind those things can help you to adapt it to your own needs. You don’t have to do a banishing ritual, but maybe you wanna spend some time alone, out of other people’s energy. You don’t have to do journaling, but maybe you wanna set up an appointment with a therapist (or an astrologer…or a tarot reader…).
On the subjectivity-objectivity front, client work has been an incredible boon for me, not just this week, but in the lead up to this energy. I always know that I feel better after client work, but it’s really hitting home for me just HOW beneficial it is for me to commit to that work. The principle at play here, or at least one of them, is that when I’m with clients I’m not focusing on my own shit, I’m doing work that is meaningful to me, and I’m helping others find their own divine spark (Leo) and hopefully helping them to bring it out in service to the collective (Aquarius).
It’s more difficult in interpersonal relationships to balance the objective-subjective thing. At least it is for me. But I’m trying to focus on listening while also not losing my center. Is this about me? Is this other person suffering? Do I need to listen and then add my piece? Do I need to end the conversation and come back later? Yeah, that can all be difficult especially if you’re already emotional or exhausted, but… well, welcome to human relationships.
Other ideas for getting out of the emotional body…sometimes watching something can help, or going and hanging out with some friends. For those of us on the more introverted side of the scale, being around people can be a little tricky if we’re feeling exhausted, but I’ve found that pushing myself to have social time has been really helpful. I just have to check in with my energy levels to determine how long it’s helpful for.
And just remember, this too shall pass…
More to come.
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