New Moon in Virgo: Simplicity & Remembrance


Still there? Things simmered down yet? Are you among those still trying to get their footing after eclipse season?

Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman
Artwork by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

I’m not one for over-dramatized astrological borderline hysteria (or even flat out hysteria), but um… that eclipse window lived up to its reputation and then some, at least in my corner of the world. Hurricanes and flooding and fire and unbreathable air and..  Oh, and threat of nuclear annihilation.

Wow. What just happened? If only those were just metaphors.

Personally, I had to take the month off from writing as things spiraled out in my life in the form of a big ol’ health crisis. Coming back to write for the first time for the Virgo New Moon feels grounding. But it also feels forced. And like it’s missing the point. Because I haven’t yet begun to really process what went on as I just deal with my new physical reality — major surgery equals major recovery and downtime. Yet I’m just not interested in sharing my own process just yet, which tends to affect my writing for the worse.

I want this writing to be meaningful. I want it to hit all the right spots. I want it to strike my heart, and flow through me and into you and be just what I need and you need and…well, I want it to be perfect.

Ah, that’s Virgo.

Virgo longs so much for perfection and usefulness and to be of service. It is the process of learning through analysis and then taking what is learned and making something of it. It is practical and orderly.

Virgo teaches us humility — hopefully through humbling experiences rather than humiliating ones. It is also associated with purification, although in our culture again this very innocent concept gets distorted into sado-masochistic patterns and martyr complexes. Through the humbling experiences or the humiliating ones, we tend to find our place in the world with reverence for the bigger picture and larger forces at play. We recognize the connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm (that’s the Virgo-Pisces axis).

In its shadow forms, Virgo gets caught up in the process of analysis and forgets that the analysis exists to serve a goal. It’s where we forget the end game and get lost in loop after loop of analysis for the sake of analysis and end up depressed and anxious.

I stumbled across an article  the other day that speaks to some very Virgoan themes. It discusses the “right way” to be introspective and suggests that although we’ve started claiming that those with higher self awareness are happier, or that excessive introspection is a means to somehow better consciousness, studies actually show that people who score high on self-reflection are actually more stressed, anxious and depressed.

Shit! There goes my whole take on self-awareness.

Not really, though. I’ll let you read the article for yourself, but it makes some important observations about the ways we engage introspection. It makes sense. But what I really loved about the article is that it offers suggestions about how to work with introspection to get to helpful insights without engaging the parts that lead to brooding and anxiety — which is so practical! A Virgo article through and through.

It suggests that instead of asking ourselves why?, we ask ourselves what?

But it can be helpful sometimes to understand the why. Why is Virgo so crisis-oriented? Looking at astrology as a developmental wheel, we spend the first five signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo) focused on ourselves and the formation of our identity and how to express who we are. That’s almost half of the stages of the zodiac.

And then in one sign, in one developmental stage, we transition from that inward focus to relating with others in Libra and Scorpio. That’s a lot of pressure!

Virgo is therefore associated with crisis (and the inconjunct or quincunx aspect in astrology). Crisis tends to focus things, creating a pressure cooker. Virgo brings focus. Virgo is the sparkle of a celestial mystery, starlight harnessed — focused — into fleshy form. Virgo is where we move from “How can I be special” to “How can I be useful”? It is the bridge between the personal and the interpersonal.

Virgo is so uptight because it just wants things to be really, really good. When things are really, really good they’re also really, really useful. Virgo totally gets off on the practicality of that exchange. Tangible results. 

Virgo’s penchant for analysis and understanding how to do right are also blessings. Virgo is an earth sign, and so with this energy we learn practicality. We learn how to inhabit our bodies as vessels of service, and how to make use of the tools we have and excel at.

The difficulty with striving for perfection with so much integrity and longing is, of course, that perfection is unobtainable and is radically dependent on moralities, ethics and ideals that are constructed by society, personal preference and whole host of external and totally ambiguous variables.

It’s through Virgo’s polarity of Pisces, then, that  we remember… we remember the perfection of the now, the importance of compassion and unconditional love, and the freedom that comes from just letting it all go. We remember that there is perfection in every moment. Wherever we find ourselves in each moment is exactly where we are supposed to be.

The thing is that for this New Moon, we have Mercury, Mars and Venus all in Virgo as well. My experience so far says this combination is a blessing. It’s bringing the opportunity for some grounded clarity after the firestorm of eclipse season, although it might be more nonlinear than Virgo would typically prefer, thanks to Neptune’s place opposite Mercury.

So, in short, we might be best served by simplifying things for this lunar cycle — picking the pieces up, one by one.

This New Moon is a stepping stone as we head towards a new season (marked by the equinox on September 22 and the Sun’s entrance into Libra). How can you take what’s happened in your life this past summer, and especially in the last month, and begin to break it down into increments in order to understand it better?

How can you focus on the whats more than the whys? What went on? What did you experience? What are you feeling about it now? What are you going to do with what you’ve learned?

Now, because this New Moon involves Chiron, it might be helpful to keep a look out for what wounds are ready to go or just be aware of what wounds are coming up. They might be aching or pumping, rising to awareness in the time just before the New Moon, or they might arise in the next month. In particular, pay attention to areas you might feel inadequate, like an imposter, or become extra critical of yourself.

As wounds near their release point, they can tend to amp up a bit so remember the Pisces medicine: love, compassion and more love and more compassion – extended inward towards yourself first, and then back out again. Acceptance is the key to healing Chiron’s wounds — these parts will never go away, but they can be acknowledged, loved and integrated.
New Moon exact at 10:29pm Pacific Time, September 19
27-28 degrees Virgo, Opposite Chiron

For an article on how to create a New Moon ritual, visit this page.

Advice for ritual: For this Virgo New Moon, set realistic expectations. Use the energy to anchor yourself in something that needs to be done, even if it’s a tiny thing (i.e.; I will take three deep breaths in and out when I wake up each morning rather than reaching straight for my phone). If you’re feeling bowled over by life, sick, recovering or just unable to go big this month, be easy on yourself.

It might also be helpful to note that Virgo is often associated with health and wellness. Very literally speaking, we ground through the body and its strength is important to our journey here. Simply intending to pay attention to health and body a little more, making changes in diet or activity, creating salt scrubs or even treating yourself to body work during this cycle are all practical methods of coming back into the present and caring for yourself a little more.



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