Aries Full Moon: Love is Strong


You know, any good, responsible astrologer studies charts when writing about astrological events. I can be a good, responsible astrologer sometimes. But I can also be a “I don’t care so much what the map is saying because my heart knows truth in this moment” astrologer. Luckily, the two tend to blend well.


You see, although the Full Moon on Thursday, October 5 takes place on the Libra-Aries axis (Sun in Libra, Moon in Aries) everything I’m feeling now is so Pisces to me. Transcendent love, bliss, pseudo-ecstasy. Letting go, surrendering, feeling the heartbreak of truth that destroys hope, choosing hope anyway, laughing at any attempt to make meaning when realizing that we exist somehow held down on a giant rock that is spinning while hurtling through space at more miles an hour than I can even comprehend. Leaning into the chaos with a strong sense of grounding (there’s the Virgo polarity for ya there).


Now, rationally speaking I can in fact look at charts to understand this. I’m writing this as the Moon is drifting through the closing notes of Pisces, rubbing up against my own natal Venus in Pisces. That spot has gotten a lot of action over the past year in terms of transits and progressions in my personal chart. I’ve been led into deep existential despair, out into the light again, back into the depths. It’s helped me to reform the way I love self and others and the way I move into my path professionally and personally.


These late mutable sign degrees of the zodiac have also been central in a run-in with cancer that has taught me more than I can say and that has ultimately brought me into deep contact with divine love — and to me, Pisces at it’s best is in fact divine, absolute, all encompassing Love.


But this degree of the zodiac has collective relevance, too. You see, this lunar cycle started with a New Moon in Virgo, which was opposite Chiron in Pisces. Just one degree off of that same spot the Moon currently inhabits. So those Piscean themes are coming to full bloom right now, even with the sign change. It feels like the healing of old wounds to me.


Oh, and? Being as this Full Moon is ruled by Venus (ruling planet of Libra) and Mars (ruling planet of Aries), we are immediately referred to the fact that Venus and Mars are together in the sky right now. Opposing Neptune in Pisces.


See? It’s all there. In the charts. Er…the stars.


But maybe that just sounds like a bunch of astrologese to you. So let me do my best to translate now.


For a Full Moon it’s always best to just simply look back two weeks at what was being planted at the New Moon. What’s coming to fruition for you now? Something small, perhaps. Or…can you feel the magnitude of the times we’re living in and the immense tragedies swarming us daily? The day or two before the Full Moon are times to feel whatever that is for you building inside, in preparation for release. Reflect and meditate. Take some deep breaths.


And then there’s the astrology of it. How can that be helpful? It’s all about context.


Now, I have to be honest with you for a second. I have to give the big giant disclaimer that so many of my thoughts are still bouncing back to that eclipse in August. I’m still kinda stuck there in some ways, trying to figure out what the hell happened. That thing rocked my/the world. The biggest theme that keeps calling me from that Leo-Aquarian time is the importance of community (Aquarius) — and of taking care of individuals (Leo) within communities. Taking care of each other.


Still relevant. With what’s happening in Houston. Puerto Rico. Las Vegas. We have to take care of each other. We have to solidify our communities and look out for out for those who are struggling in whatever way when we can. It is clear that those in power are not going to do this.


We have to take care of each other in our local communities. And then…well, then we have to add in our global communities. Then we have to add in Syria, Yemen…and on, and on…


Last night I attended a benefit concert that raised money for refugees. Did you know there are 65 million refugees in the world? 65 million people without a home. Who are having to start over. Take that up a notch — 65 million people, many of whom have experienced intense trauma and are now displaced and often facing the erasure of their lifestyles, families and traditions.


The heartache knows no bounds. The sorrow. The despair. That’s Pisces.


At the concert, one of the loves of my life (that would be Dave Matthews) sang a song with this lyric:


Love is not a whisper or a weakness

No, love is strong

So we’ve got to get together

Til there is no reason to fight


Forgive me for what might be sappiness, but there it is: the Libra and the Aries. Because, you see, Aries is all about the individual, and it is associated with total raw instinct. That raw instinct is linked to our personal defense, including our flight or fight response. It is linked with strength. And with fighting.


Libra is our first jaunt into interpersonal relationships. We come forward saying…ok, now I know who I am and I know how I can help, so now I want to dance with you. I want to know who you are. I want to help and love and learn. I want to listen.


In its highest form, that desire for interaction and interpersonal exchange — that ability to listen — is what diffuses harmful Aries instinct to fight for the sake of fighting, or to choose violence as reactionary instinct — and transforms it into right leadership. This is why the Emperor card in the tarot is ruled by Aries. It is the leader who has been to war, who knows the perils of battle, and who has matured with his vulnerability in tact and a deep knowing that although courage and strength are necessary qualities, war should always be the very last option. This leader knows that if, heavens forbid, he has to choose war, it will be with constant connection to the soul-level costs of it. Balance, deep listening, compromise, strength.


The Libra-Aries axis takes several of the themes of Aquarius-Leo, but strips them down a notch. Rather than focusing on the larger community, it’s focusing on more interpersonal, one-on-one style relationships.


Maybe for you the meditation for this Full Moon, then, is…where are you right now in terms of those kinds of relationships? Who are the people in your immediate romantic, friendly and professional circles? Does anything need to be honored there? Let go of? Focused on? How’s the balance? Are your needs being met?


Let’s focus it further. I mentioned above that the rulers of this lunation — Mars and Venus — are currently conjunct in Virgo. They’re nuzzling up against each other in what feels to me like a happy reunion, saying,  “Love is not a whisper or a weakness, yo. Love is STRONG. Remember? So how can we get it together? And how can we get together? Yeah.”


To me, this pairing feels like a potential for purification. Of desires. Of values. But then add in the opposition to Neptune in Pisces, and… there’s some surrender there, too. Which is an important component of purification. But it’s also a surrender of anything hovering around that is keeping us from being the very best versions of ourselves so that we can go forward into our relationships and say “hey! This is me, in my most pure form! And I have some ideas about what we can do here. And I’m really excited to listen to yours, too!”


Of course, “purification” has become a term that’s somewhat loaded in a society that’s been broken down by the sins of the father and other fucked up Judeo-Christian programming. So just know that those words above are mean in an everything-is-perfect-in-its-imperfection way. Cuz the world can’t wait for us to attain some brand of perfection defined by external authorities. The time to step into our power is now. With balance, with reverence, with confidence and with strength — and with a real penchant for that deep listening and witnessing that helps to build bonds and understanding, even when we don’t agree.


And see, here’s the other thing about this Full Moon — it takes place with the Moon right up next to Uranus. The liberator. The energy that tries to shake us out of what’s not working. Unfortunately, that kind of shaking and shock doesn’t always feel great, especially when we’re resisting change. But, we use astrology so that we can see these things and understand them and participate more fully and consciously in our lives. So…perhaps another meditation for you is this: what does freedom look like to you? What does it feel like? Where is it present in your life and where is it missing? Do you want more of it? How can that happen?


Big, fiery Aries love and Libra beauty to you…



Full Moon in Aries is exact on Thursday, October 5 at 10:40am.



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