Libra New Moon: Rebelling Against Subservience





Lovely ideas, aren’t they? Tranquility. Quiet. Calm.

lisbeth cheever-gessaman lilith
Image by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessamen

Have you been finding much of that the past few days? Honest question. You might have been! As an inner state amidst chaos? As an outer state while storms rage inside? What about at this moment? How do you feel deep down at your core? Take a deep breath or two and tune in for a second.

Hypothetically speaking, if we just take a Libra New Moon at face value, we might say the focus is on peace, equilibrium, diplomacy, balance… seeing the other side… relationships… beauty. But this is no ordinary Libra New Moon (side note: is anything ordinary these days?). This New Moon takes place directly opposite Uranus in Aries. It takes place amidst a sea of change as several planets make the shift from Libra to Scorpio, preparing us to once again plumb our depths. More.

It also takes place as a body known in astrology as Black Moon Lilith conjuncts the Galactic Center.

Whoa. That last bit sounds far out, doesn’t it? Lilith is no meek energy. And the Galactic Center is home to a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. Lilith seems to be shouting into the hearts and loins of us all, as her eons of rage burst at the seams. Right into a supermassive black hole — a body which sucks everything in, destroying it, while also potentially being the source of unimaginable creation.

Lilith, now considered a ‘dark’ goddess,  has come to be feared as a destroyer, a temptress who seduced men in order to breed demons from their sperm. In all actuality, very little is known of this figure. Demetra George’s Mysteries of the Dark Moon is a great place to start.

The most complete mythology we have for Lilith places her as a handmaiden to Innana. She was guardian of sexual mysteries and helped to initiate men into adult sexuality, and a temple priestess. Still no meek figure by any stretch of the imagination, but no demon either.

For our purposes, what might be helpful to understand here is that mythologically speaking Lilith was also the ‘original woman.’ She was the first wife of Adam, and she was ultimately banished from the garden (yeah, that garden) because she would not submit. She wanted to be on top. Not always, but you know…some of the time. She initially came to Adam to offer wisdom and commitment to equal partnership.

Adam wanted subservience. So, in short,  Lilith was cast right the heck out of the garden. And like so many other ‘dark’ goddesses, her stories were distorted and she took on the image of a winged and wild-haired she demon who flew through the night. She became another repository for all the shadows of the patriarchy. Where she once represented the strength and power that arises through primal, instinctive sexuality, she was denied, rejected and vilified for those same reasons.

She would not cooperate in her own victimization or any religion that forced subservience, and was therefore punished.

But Lilith is a mythological figure. Her punishment is metaphorical. It is the real, flesh and bone bodies of humans today who have carried the weight of this distorted mythology. Black Moon Lilith in the natal chart is said to represent an area where we have repressed something about our own feminine nature, no matter our gender expression or identity.

Again, there’s this image in my mind — of this writhing, winged goddess, smoldering and raging, screaming into the swirling cauldron of a black hole she never once thought to fear: “NO MORE. Our bodies are your domain NO MORE. We will stand for this no longer, and we do not give one flying fuck what discomfort it causes. We will rise, and you will learn the power of the sovereign body, naked and powerful…”

But she has the wisdom to know that the black hole will not consume her message, but instead broadcast it out for all to receive.

It came forward this week in the form of a hash tag: #metoo. In more discussions about rape culture. In the reactions of those who had their eyes opened, and those who shut down even further. In Lindy West’s article, Yes This is a Witch Hunt. I’m a Witch and I’m Hunting You.   And this piece as well .

This brings us to Libra.

The power of Libra does lie in its ability to extend to the other. To listen, to receive, to keep the peace, to work things out. To stand for Justice. But justice cannot happen without fire and initiative to back it up. That’s the Aries polarity.

Libra’s shadow is, in a word, subservience. It is placation in order to keep the peace. Surrender of self in order to play the role others need played. Inertia and indecisiveness. Niceness. Folks with lots of Libra karma often have lifetimes of …

…well, sometimes just being women. Being sold (otherwise known as “married”) off and told who to be and how to act. Internalizing the message that our bodies are sinful and disgusting and that we are in fact the lesser sex. Playing the role, losing our center, putting on the mask.

For this New Moon, Uranus in Aries is thrusting for liberation from that conditioning. It is giving us the opportunity to rebel from subservience that keeps us from authentic self-expression, in whatever ways it shows up in our lives. In all of our lives, no matter our gender expression or body.

The energy of Lilith and the energy of Uranus resonate with each other in that they carry the mark of the exile, accepting insecurity, loneliness and exclusion from society rather than be anything other than what they truly are. These two bodies form a sextile aspect for this lunation, helping to synthesize, supporting each other. Saturn is in the mix for a little bit of restraint and containment for so much fiery energy. These aspects are fertile ground for setting an intention to cut the ties that are holding us back and to free ourselves from what keeps us permanently exiled from ourselves.

It’s not straightforward. Nor is this easy subject matter to unpack. The thing is, right or wrong, feminine energy has been demonized for thousands of years. Although it is definitely rising, it is full of rage and it’s not as easy as saying “this rage is righteous, let’s burn it all down.” We have to find balance — and balance is not a static thing. It is a fluid process. Bringing shadows out of the dark takes conscious effort and energy.

We get to learn how to harness the energy of the dark goddess again. This is why witches are rising. They know. They have the courage to access the systems that guide this work.

So today, and through the coming weeks, the time has come to ask yourself: What is arising within me now? Where have I been cooperating in my own victimization and the victimization of others? How does my sexuality fit into my relationships?  Where and how do I need to demand equality?

Where have I been choosing security over authentic self-expression? Where am I too adaptable, and where am I too rigid? In what ways do I enable a culture that allows for enforced and institutionalized subservience? Where does rage lie within me and how can I use it consciously?

What ways has my body held all of this and what are my tools for reclaiming my body — for there is no sovereignty or presence without embodiment.

Who is in all of this with me? Who are my partners, friends, co-dreamers and co-creators who support my individual essence? And how can I listen to them more deeply, witness their pain and mine more fully, and then let it go?

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