First Quarter Moon: Scorpio/Aquarius

Seems to be some serious releasing going on out there, and Mercury’s doing their job of bringing deep truths to light while they flit through Scorpio, so… it’s apparently one of those lunar cycles where I’ll be writing each week just to check in.

Today, right about the time I publish this piece, we’ll be at the first quarter of the current cycle. The quarter moon’s are often referred to as crises in action. They are adjustment points that occur one and three weeks after the New Moon.

The energy of this first quarter moon is ripe. Maybe not for everyone, but if you’re someone who’s drawn to this particular piece of writing, or who works with me on the reg, I’m guessing you’re experiencing it in that way. The question is: can you locate yourself in the current transformation, recognizing that it is temporary and that if you’re getting tossed around something important is trying to rise to the surface? Can you make room for whatever that is?

Currently, we have the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Scorpio. These two signs exist in tension with one another, but it’s not the balancing tension of an opposition (like Aquarius and Leo or Scorpio and Taurus). Often these energies feel like they’re working at cross purposes with each other, like they can’t be reconciled. The Sun in Scorpio, being super amped by Jupiter, is saying “Evolve! Change! Go into and through the transformation! Feel your emotions deeply!  Face the chaos of the dark!” and the Moon in Aquarius is urging detachment, objectivity, perspective and logic.

The combination of Scorpio and Aquarius happens to be one of my personal favorites. Remember, all aspects are about integration — all seemingly conflicting life situations are asking us to find the middle ground, the third thing in the tension of the opposites. Ideally speaking, we can feel deeply and go into and through transformation with emotional honesty and self-reliance. Then, we can emerge and use that logic function to process and make meaning and figure out what was going on there.

Because this lunar cycle started with the Libra-Aries axis and lots of Uranian energy, we know that the themes of the NOW have to do with the interplays between relationship and individual autonomy along with a need to liberate from the patterns within those areas of life that are keeping us from authentic self expression. Adding Scorpio into the mix (so much Scorpio!) to me speaks of deepening awareness of our truths when it comes to our most intimate relationships.

Remembering, of course, that ultimately speaking your most intimate relationship is the one you have with yourself.

So I guess that goes to say: if you’re experiencing deep emotion right now, you’re right on track. If you’re experiencing deep emotion in regards to your relationships, you’re right on track. But there are other themes that seem to be arising — what is your relationship to your own truth at the deepest possible levels? What are your beliefs about death — of body, of relationship, of life cycle, of material things?

What needs to die so that whatever was seeded at last week’s New Moon can come to fruition?

If I had to whittle down the root cause of the sickness of our culture, I’d say it all boils down to a refusal to face the reality of death. One of the blessings of the year-long Jupiter in Scorpio transit we’ve just entered is that it will very likely force the issue of understanding our cultural beliefs around death. That work starts with each individual at the personal level.

There’s another piece to this story that has to do with the placement of the Lunar Nodes in Aquarius and Leo right now. We as a species are currently working through a whole heck of a lot of collective karma. The basic wisdom behind this transit is asking us to heal the places where trauma has caused us to flee or freeze, to shut down and go somewhere else. That’s the shadow of Aquarius. We’re facing a collective liberation into the heart — that’s the Leo medicine. We’re unfreezing.

Here’s the thing — coming into the heart is in fact a beautiful thing. What we don’t tend to talk about, however, is how painful a process it can be. When your heart is shut down for years (or millennia), its awakening can feel brutal. Scary. Overwhelming.

So if trauma triggers are coming up for you now, they’re most likely rolling through in big waves of Scorpio intensity. The Aquarian piece here is asking for objectivity, yes, but without automatic dissociation. It’s asking us to go through the emotion, yes, but to try to avoid getting stuck there. Feel the feelings, and then let them go. Tap back into the bigger picture. Which is, in another oversimplified statement: Returning to the heart for the sake of healing the world.

Really. It’s true!

And it’s worth revisiting that Lilith-ian stuff from my New Moon article. There’s a lot of rage arising for many folks, too! Rage that can lead to big time grief. Anger sometimes keeps us sane when the grief gets too big. So be gentle with yourself when you can, please and thank you.

Suggestions for help with intensity if you’re feeling it? Deep breaths. Lots of water. Grounding stones like fluorite or obsidian (Obsidian is an incredible stone to work with right now because she’s super helpful with softening volcanic emotion). Go to a store that has essential oils and have a sniff around to see what makes you feel better. Be honest with yourself about what you need.

Ask the universe for help being guided to the truths that are trying to emerge now, and listen to your heart as well as you can.

And another thing, just on that relationship front. Mercury is also in Scorpio, urging deep and direct conversations. You still have some time to work with this energy, so if you’re super emotional now it is A-OK to wait until that’s settled a bit. But if you wanna go deep…well, you’re well supported in those efforts.


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