Full Moon in Taurus 2017

Friday, November 3 at 10:22PM Pacific Time we have a Full Moon. The Sun will be at 12 degrees Scorpio while the Moon is at 12 degrees Taurus.

This is the time of year when the veil is thin. We are closer to the other side as the dark descends in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the time of the witch, of casting spells and of lighting candles in honor of the ones who came before — our dearly departed and our ancestors. And perhaps it is the time of listening to their voices and their legacies.

witchesDuring this season we are reminded of death. We cannot escape it, swirling around vibrantly as the light fades and the leaves turn blood red and fall. But even absent those drastic changes, we are attuned to seasonal cycles in our marrow and in our bones. Our souls know. Our witchy DNA remembers: this life is fleeting and will come to an end amidst larger cycles we don’t always understand.

The Taurus-Scorpio axis is associated with life and death. It’s a polarity of extremes, and can therefore often trigger intense emotion, transformation and chaos. It can remind us of our primary fears, many of which are rooted in our fear of death. The shadow of this fear haunts us always whether conscious or not.

What does it look like to have our Scorpio-style karma and patterns triggered? We externalize our power. We become compulsively addicted to chaos and transformation. In Scorpio, the codependency formed in Libra becomes a fixation, a bond that we will not release no matter what happens — until death. We will not release it because of fear of death. Fear loss, or that we will die from grief. We hang on out of  fear of facing ourselves, and because all of our past abandonments and betrayals still ripple around us, reminding our energy bodies of the pain of loving and then losing.

Even then, after we die, sometimes it is only our bodies that let go. Compulsion takes a stronghold on the soul as we fixate on the Other as if they were the ultimate source of meaning, beyond the grave and into the next adventure. We elevate the one who we’ve mistakenly come to associate with our power. Without them…we die. Or we believe we will. 

In shadow Taurus, then, we retreat inside. We isolate, we hunker down and shut out the world. As a matter of survival. As a way to avoid and ignore. We get stuck. We lose sight of larger truths. We see in black and white.

Alas, these energies provide the medicine as well.

The Sun in Scorpio shines brightest when it is digging deep, with its acute ability for psychological understanding and therefore transformation. It is the leading force in our evolution, and it is only through the emotional body that we’re able to truly transform old patterns and move on to new ones.

In Scorpio, we learn more about who we are and are not through coming up against our limitations and then trying to push through them. Through meeting and merging with another and fumbling around in the touches. Through going through the portal of death and recognizing the fertile regeneration that lies on the other side.

We need Taurus for that work. Taurus holds the secret to withstanding the torrents of the Scorpio tidal wave. The Moon in Taurus is said to be in its exaltation. The Moon tells us about what we need to feel secure, and Taurus is all about security. In Taurus, we reclaim our sovereignty. We go back to the roots of the Venusian archetype, which gets too mottled and externalized in Libra, so that we can remember that in order to truly love another we must first love our own selves. We must find our resources within and come to terms with what we value so that we can base all that we do in there, building self-worth from the inside out.

We also come back home in Taurus, back into our bodies. Where Scorpio is all about sexuality, Taurus is about sensuality. The feeling of coconut oil being rubbed into shoulders and feet, the smell of roses, the taste of chocolate and wine. The sound of a guitar being played by a person sitting in the grass underneath a tree. Taurus is slowed down simplicity, deep breathing and fully embodied, heavy and blissful peace.

Yes, it’s far easier to feel emotionally secure and willing to stand our ground from a place of solid and stable inner power when we get Taurus right.

Witches know the importance of Scorpio and of fearlessness facing the dark as we plunge through cycles of transformation and chaos. But more than that, they know that in order to actualize the desires of the soul, as represented by Scorpio, we must do it from a place of embodied personal power. Our root chakra must be open and strong so that our roots can grow deep.

Here we recognize that we must commit to existence in a vessel made of flesh and bone. That will die. Even if our essence does not.

So for this Full Moon – what’s been pushing you into chaos? What’s the most simple remedy you can think of? In what areas of your life are you just waiting until it ‘hurts enough’ to choose to change, and why are you playing it that way (and don’t worry, we all do that for reasons I’ll never understand — myself included!). Where have you made an external thing, or person, or way of knowing more powerful than your own core — and how can you let that go? Where has codependency become destructive fixation?

You’re supported now in using your voice, in casting your spells, in enjoying some rich and sensuous sex magic (alone or with others) and in some deep, belly laughs right smack dab in the face of death.

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