Scorpio New Moon Part Two: Regeneration

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Death. The inevitable, the unavoidable. Death stakes her claim on each of us at some point, returning us to dirt, to ash, to water, to star dust.

Death is a looming specter. She stalks, she waits. Patient. Kind? Inescapable.

scorpiophoenixOr perhaps not. Perhaps death is just a thing. That happens. In bed, perhaps. While asleep. Or in a hospital. Or quite suddenly and without preparation. Just suffering. And then life is done. Gone. Over. Complete.

How sad.

Oh, to be part of a culture with more robust stories and understandings of death. Instead we exist in a world where we’re increasingly separate from understanding of death, from ways to relate to the one inevitable factor of life. Death is sterilized, commodified, pushed underneath the surface, out of sight. Stripped down in an attempt to pretend it does not affect us while we’re alive.

We become parts to be donated. Or a shell to be buried and preserved for a while. For some reason. For what reason?

Our relationships with our dead loved ones are severed, our histories erased. Even our culture’s predominant religion has stripped death of its necessary textures and landscapes, relegating the afterlife to a fluffy fantasy of an old white man in the sky.

And yet…there is a pervasiveness to death. Paradoxically, our culture is one that builds monuments to outlast our flesh suits while destroying the environment that plays home to those monuments. We increasingly rely on medicines and band-aids to make our lives last longer even as we poison the waters and airs that feed our bodies.

We are frantic to escape the unknown realms of the dead. As if they existed separate from us.

The ability to control death is the ultimate power. And so far, that power has not been mastered, although some very terrifying weaponry straight out of the hellworlds has emerged as a salve to our utter helplessness. Our powerlessness.

But what is the power that arises out of powerlessness? Ultimately, we are powerless to escape death. What force of will arises from that quandary? In a culture that perceives death as final and absolute, that focuses on legacies made of fake green paper and structures that will collapse, the quality of that will is oftentimes brute and temper tantruming, unconscious and grasping. Lost in oversimplifications of value based in an increasingly disenchanted existence.

But what if our understanding of death was different? What if rather than ultimate annihilation we were able to perceive cycles, reconnect with our ancestors both past and future, listen to the thousands of years of understanding we’d now label as reincarnational frameworks?

Would we then cycle through power dynamics with more grace and a deeper understanding of the forces at play? Would we hear the wisdom in the stories of those who came before and build upon it, even when it meant breaking it down and starting over?

Would we understand that it is never acceptable to leave the earth less healthy and vibrant than it was when we entered it? Would we remember that money is not the ultimate value or measure of worth, never as powerful as love, equity, sharing, justice and caring? Because life is fleeting, but also because it will return?

Science is even catching up. Although it uses a different language — that of DNA and genetics and physics — it is beginning to catch up to the age-old understanding that trauma is stored in the body, in our genetic material. The phobias of our grandmothers might become the phobias of our daughters. Trauma lodges in the body. Trauma also lodges in the soul, and the soul is…regenerative.

Ah, regeneration. If we are going to assign keywords to Scorpio, we can indeed use death, chaos, transformation. But there’s something else there… as the dismemberment of the underworld takes place, we are then rearranged into something new. Maybe within a lifetime, maybe over eons of time…

What would it be like to live in a regenerative culture? What is the difference between the death cult we’ve all (some of us quite unconsciously) bought into, sustainable culture, and regenerative culture?

In many ways we do exist in a regenerative culture. We regenerate horrors, traumas, wars and sexual assaults over and over and over again. We are unconsciously regenerative in our insolent denial of cycles and patterns.

So, real questions for a more positive regenerative culture: Do you want to sustain the way things are, or do you want to transform them? Do you want to stick to the same old values or reconnect over the old/new ones that harness the power of interconnection and regeneration?

There is an uncomfortable quality to this Scorpio New Moon. Are you sensing change? Crisis? Discomfort or melancholy that might be hard to get at or understand? Are you flitting from one thing to the next in active avoidance? Or brooding and moody? Are you listening to the signals your body and soul are sending about what is healthy for you now?

When we have strong Scorpio in our charts, or when Scorpio is heavy on the world stage as it is now,  we’re more attuned to the undercurrents — and the ways people tend to avoid, ignore and cover up those undercurrents. When do we dig for the truth? When do we let it go?  

Because it feels the deepest ripples of human experience and the parts that don’t get acknowledged, when Scorpio is emphasized we can become suspicious. We sense…something…but don’t know what it is and want to dig to get to the core. Figuring out honest intuition versus clawing that is based in a need to control the unseen and to make the unexpected obvious — because it feels like a matter of life or death — are different things.

Sometimes we just have to remember that there is no controlling the barrel of the tidal wave. There is no escaping death. Surrender has to occur at some point, and oftentimes in life it is a matter of knowing when to try to control, and when to just…let go.

It’s difficult when we have such deeply buried memories of the deepest traumas to the soul. The traumas that reside in our physical bodies and our emotional ones as well. The ones that, pushed down and avoided, begin to control the show. Memories of abandonment, betrayal, grief and loss begin to stir, and become conflated with our death fears. And so we claw, cling and attempt to control. To get away from the impending storm. From the unknown. From death.

The deaths, large and small, that have claimed us before are never the same as the deaths, large and small, that face us now. Sometimes our bodies, our relationships, our cultures, just have to die. They run their course. We have to let them go.

But we get to rebuild. Somehow. Someway. We get to dig in, find our core strength, and rise from the ashes to create something new. To regenerate.

In this new lunar cycle, the importance of being honest about what we desire is imperative. We have an incredible opportunity to dive deep and get clear about the ways the desires of our ego are in support of or in conflict with the desires of our soul. We do this through reconnection with our emotional bodies, our sexuality, our ancestors and our shadows. We do this through owning our anger and being aware of the insidious nature of projection and the ways it can form a dark and distorted mirror that reflects our inner worlds back to us.

We do this through recognizing that when we are casting blame and pointing fingers and feeling deep feelings, there is something of what we are persecuting within ourselves. And that that thing — the murder, rapist, villain within us — will always be around, but becomes less harmful and destructive when we know what its energy feels like when it is arising within us. That is true shadow work — uncovering the disowned parts of ourselves and bringing them to light so that they can be worked with consciously rather than controlling the show from far below.

So this lunar cycle, ground and center. Invoke all the elements and your helpful, healing allies and ancestors for support. Burn the old desires and all fears of survival that are keeping you from your soul. Invite in regeneration and creativity and change. Be aware of psychic poisons that are emerging — like shame and anger and rage — feel them if you can, and then set them out to sea to be healed by the constant change of the ocean of consciousness.

Scorpio gives us a chance at penetrating insight, honesty and transformation. And although its tendency towards extremity can become compulsive, it is in fact to say that we are at a life-or-death moment in our collective evolution. And there is still time to take an active role in how that death proceeds.


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