Why Astrology, Why Now?

Did you know that astrology is so much more than newspaper horoscopes and prediction? Although a well-written horoscope can definitely be helpful…

Did you know astrology can be used as a way to understand social movements and what’s going on with the collective? It can even give insights into your place in those movements.

Did you know that a good astro consult can be like the equivalent of many years of psychotherapy, allowing you to dig in, get validation, understand and change patterns?

Did you know that astrology (in my humble opinion, at least) is best used as a way to craft important questions rather than a way to try to predict some concrete reality in your future? And that this distinction is imperative in empowering you to co-create your reality and claim free will?

Did you know that giving yourself permission to see yourself embedded in an interconnected and vastly magical universe is a sign of maturity and of positive movement towards living a meaningful life?

Have you been looking for a practitioner who understands these things and can guide you through the depths rather than bypassing them?

Well, I’m here (I’m queer). And I love this work. And I believe astrology is one of many tools that can help us to get past our shit so that we can rise to the urgent occasion of working our way out of the collective mess we’re in. It empowers you to participate in your life rather than handing your power over to someone else.

To that end, today (November 27, 2017) I’m offering 50% off all services booked and paid for today. 

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