Gemini Full Moon (Part 1)

Hello, my dears…
The Full Moon in Gemini is exact Sunday (December 3) at 7:46am Pacific Time with the Sun at 11 degrees Sagittarius and the Moon opposite it at 11 degrees Gemini.
The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is part of the mutable cross, with Gemini as the air sign of the bunch and Sagittarius as the fire sign. This axis represents the dynamic of perception-thought-speech that creates and communicates knowledge on the Gemini side — it’s the left brain goodness — and then the dynamic of intuition, wisdom and belief on the Sagittarius side of things — that’s the right brain goodness.


I’m drawn to a few distinct features of this New Moon. And although there’s a lot (more appropriately stated, a fuck ton) going on astrologically, my job is to break it down into metabolizable parts for you.
First, it takes place less than 24 hours after Mercury stations retrograde, also in Sagittarius.
Second, it takes place at the very end of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius.
What comes through most clearly from that combination? Well, time to review your beliefs. Yes, again. You could start with a review of the beliefs that pertain to the houses the Full Moon lights up in your chart.
It could also, however, be helpful to review your beliefs in regards to whatever your New Moon intention was. The New Moon that took place two weeks ago in Scorpio. When we bring this factor in, we’re able to also bring in the emotional side of things. The emotions tied to our thoughts and communication styles, as well as the emotional content of our intuition.
Because everything is connected and everything works in cycles, another handy tip would be to look back at what was being seeded in your life, intentionally or not, with the Gemini New Moon that happened six months ago. For those of you who were around this site and paying attention then, here are the free writing questions I set out for you then:
What new information is coming in in the area of life where the new moon falls? Or just in general?
What ideas do I need to let go of?
What am I perceiving now?
Where have I been lying to myself?
Where am I ready for truth?
How has my ability to speak my truth been wounded?
In what areas of life do I experience double standards? What about hypocrisy?
Where do I hold contradicting views? How can I integrate these?
But let’s take it a step further. As Saturn prepares to enter Capricorn, the sign of its rulership (where it’s real, real strong) we are facing the codification of the beliefs that held up, changed and arose during the past three years. More than that, though — we’re facing stark reality checks.
And if the fact that a racist, misogynist, sexual predator with no qualifications was elected to the most powerful position in the world was not reality check enough to spur concrete action…
…and if the fact that our congress just voted to break the American people wasn’t reality check enough to shock the bulk of us out of our compliance and comfort…
Well, I feel fairly certain Saturn in Capricorn has some more sobering reality checks in store. And I do not mean that as a threat or as predictive manipulation. Just hard, cold reality.
As with the Gemini-Sagittarius lunar cycle from June, I would highly recommend journaling, writing, communicating, singing and using your voice for this full moon. Put on your favorite song and sing along at the top of your lungs. Non-dominant hand writing is also appropriate, as it mixes the right brain with the left.
The other thing? Well, dreams have been pretty active lately. This is due to a trine between Jupiter and Neptune, with Jupiter literally expanding the dreamworld. What have your dreams been saying? You don’t even necessarily have to recall the specific details, especially if there’s a ton of them. You can just tune into the themes, emotions and feelings you have when you wake up from them.
The recorded “guided meditation” for this Full Moon, available to Patrons at the $20+ levels each month, will take you through some time travel, but will also help you revisit the Full Moon Meditation from that Full Moon in Sagittarius last June where we went on a quest to find an object or symbol that represents a piece of wisdom or truth that needs to be revealed to you now. You can revisit that recording or listen to it for the first time now by going here:
Part 2 will also include some Open Sentence questions for free-writing. Because…well…Gemini.
But really, y’all. What wisdom is it that you are uncovering through the experiences of your life, what new knowledge have you gained in the past 6 months that needs to be integrated into your life, what beliefs need an overhaul as a result of that wisdom, and how can you use it to contribute to positive action and change?
And how can you take a moment to celebrate your connections, your friends, your loves? Jupiter and Neptune trining each other are also sending us the opportunity for bubbles of bliss, so feel free to indulge in that too if you can and want to. I myself will be spending the Full Moon itself in a bath with some custom made salts a dear friend made for me based on the Scorpio New Moon. Fortunate, ecstatic bliss. That’s Jupiter and Neptune.
Til next time…
Be well.
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