New Moon in Sagittarius: From Spark to Flame

Here we are… the last New Moon of 2017. The last New Moon before Saturn shifts into Capricorn. A New Moon that to me is starting to feel like a big, galactic burst of hope before the real work begins.


Sagittarius is the burst of hope and light that comes after the underworld journey of Scorpio. We emerge from the torrents, having been tossed around, dismembered, diseased, stripped bare and liquified, and we face the light again. We breathe in. Our hearts explode and we realize the TRUTH!

And then after Sagittarius comes Capricorn…where we take our beliefs and truths and concretize them into the laws and structures that govern our society. We rise to the occasion of committing to the Great Work. We finally understand how to master the material world, and we build.

But…Real Work? Great Work? What a Saturn-in-Capricorn thing to say! It’s all relative, isn’t it? And “The TRUTH?” What? What kind of hubris is it that allows one to think they know The Truth?

But, really. That “Real Work” thing. So many have been really working for so long now… what does it even mean to say “now the real work begins”?

Well, my friends, I am using a bit of dramatic license here. But I’m sure many of you can feel the truth of it. You feel the gravity of this moment in history down to your core. And to those who feel that truth, I’ll take it one step further:

Every time I think of Saturn’s journey through Capricorn in the next three years, one word comes to mind: Reckoning.

In its most mundane form, the word reckoning simply refers to settlements, billing, accounting.  Calculating. Reconciling.

But it’s also a word that has strong undertones. All kinds of Judeo-Christian threads run through the word, its meanings and our reactions to it. Ripples of retribution, punishment, accounting for past mistakes, being seen wholly for who we are and what we’ve done. Judgement. Fear. Pain.

In the Tarot, The Last Judgment card refers to reckoning, and to total and complete paradigm shift. The transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament. From an earth-centered model of the universe to a sun-centered one to the realization that we are infinitesimally tiny specks of nothing (or light? Or carbon? Or love?)  in a universal landscape so huge we cannot even conceptualize it.

Astrology is an extraordinarily powerful thing. Astrologers hold extraordinary power. Because of this, we have to learn to be impeccable with our words. That’s the Gemini side of the Sagittarius-Gemini polarity. We have to learn to communicate truth while understanding that the very words we use ripple out and help to create the future we proclaim to be “predicting” or speaking to or guiding towards or providing insight into. Words are incredibly potent conveyors of meaning. They are meticulously arranged carriers of archetypal energy.

Because of this, I have to think it through when I use words like “reckoning.” Or before I say things like this:

We are standing on the precipice of something so vast and great right now. As a culture, as a species, as inhabitants of a shared earth. We’ve been here at this precipice for a while now, but our concept of time warps our understanding of reality. We feel the pressure of this void we’re facing – the abyss in front of us. A vast unknowing. What comes after Capitalism? After institutionalized sexual harassment, assault and misogyny? What comes after the ecosystem collapses? Or nuclear war is waged by tantrumming men with buttons to push?

What comes after this moment in time?

How can we ever deem to know?

We can’t. But we can actively be present with our choices, emotions, feelings, thoughts and experiences in this moment. We can re-commit to ourselves, to each other, to love, sharing, and healing. Through reclaiming discernment, reconciliation and judgment without pain, punishment and shame we can navigate this paradigm shift consciously and with intention. We can harness the strength of not knowing the concrete manifestations of our future while acknowledging cycles and history and context and the wisdom of the stars which help us understand what themes are arising while giving us the freedom to choose how we interact with those themes.

So what have you learned during Saturn’s time in Sagittarius since late 2014? How have your beliefs and truths been challenged and tested and revised and let go of and re-committed to?

How are your new beliefs going to serve as a guidepost for you as you commit to the hard work that needs to be done in the coming years? What spark of light is going to guide you? How can you learn to feel that spark and where it resides within your being? How can you allow it to grow until you can feel it with your whole heart, and then your whole body and your whole being so you can always tap into it, even when it gets dark?

And where does “the dark” fit into that as well?

Honesty. Struggle. Triumph. Faith.

Where have you lost faith, and where has faith grown? What does that word even mean?

And what has transformed for you in the past month? Since that last New Moon on November 17? What still needs to be released and flushed down the drain in the remaining hours of this lunar cycle? What desires have we finally exhausted enough to just say goodbye to permanently but with a commitment to remembering in ways that remind us of our stories and their lessons without drawing us back in to old scripts? How can we drop our addiction to the drama of retelling our trials over and over again?

I usually send out a guide for the New Moon. With open sentences and suggestions for oils and stones and altar items and all kinds of left brain goodness. For this New Moon, I will tell you what I’m going to do as an example and I’m going to encourage you to use your right brain. What does your intuition tell you you can do now to nurture the spark of hope within your heart, even if it’s dormant, latent or dim?

I myself am going to burn sage throughout my home. I’m going to light candles and take deep breaths. I’m going to sit in a bath where I’ll add a salt mixture a dear friend made for me at the Scorpio New Moon, and I will intend to let go of the last traces of what I’ve been working to release this cycle. I’ll fill in the empty spaces with celebratory energy and memories of the incredible things that have happened in the past month. I’m going to breathe into the spaces within me that feel the bittersweetness of living through “the end times” and that feel grief for how sad it is that we cannot seem to get our collective shit together.

I’m going to call to mind the ocean. Quiet valleys. Prairielands. Mountaintops. The blackness of space. The unfathomable infinity of spiral galaxies and alternate dimensions, lower worlds and upper worlds. So that I can remember all that exists without us. So that I can feel that truth.

I’m going to walk the edges of my own faith as if it were water lapping at my feet, recognizing that nothing is static. Everything ebbs and flows.

Then I’m going to pull the plug on the bathtub, let it all drain out, and then cuddle up with my partner knowing that I am committed to doing the work I’m here to do on this earth. And that some of you are on that path with me. And there is such power within us…

The Details: New Moon on December 17 at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius; 10:30pm Pacific

Conjunct Venus, Saturn and the Galactic Center; Square Chiron; Trine Uranus

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