An Announcement

The long version (you can scroll down for the short version at the end if you’d like):

So…it’s officially been one year since I left steady-consistent-paycheck land to venture out more fully into the world of self-employment. In some ways the choice was forced, but in other ways I felt very strongly that putting all of my energy into the work I do with astrology and depth psychology needed to happen. I’d been spreading myself way too thin for too long trying to do client work AND grant writing, and the situation in the world had gotten too dire for me to do anything other than focus on trying to create change.

lilithFor those of you who don’t know – I spent my time in grad school studying how apocalyptic imagery affects the psyche, and specific ways we can work through the overwhelm of living in apocalyptic times. Becomes more and more relevant every day, somewhat unfortunately.

Making the leap into full-fledged self-employment was the most exhilarating leap I’ve ever taken, and the combination of total terror and absolute freedom did a lot to fuel me through the fears.

I can fairly safely say that the biggest fear I had was that I would have to face a major health crisis while having zero financial safety net.

And…well, THAT happened. Fucking A, Universe.

But it worked out! And I’m still here. Still self-employed, still building a business and still fully dedicated to doing work that I feel matters. I’m incredibly lucky in so many ways.

I’m aware at some level of what I’ve given up in order to live on a very versatile income doing 1:1 client work, teaching and writing, but those are choices I’ve made and they continue to be worth it.

I recently heard someone refer to themselves as a community-made woman. Not a self-made woman. Community made. That really resonated for me. Because I know and own that the fire, drive and passion (and at times total unwillingness to look at “reality” or my bank account) that have gotten me here are the kind that stem from finding a life’s work and having the courage to follow that call. Mostly incredible. Sometimes totally isolating and full of existential dread.

But I also have So. Much. Support. In all kinds of ways. From friends and family who see what I’m trying to do and step in in so many ways all the time, but also from clients who participate in and help shape the work I do, and who keep coming back for more.

So at this point in my life, I’m regaining my balance after year one brought the health crisis I so feared— thanks so much to people in my life who said “holy shit, girl, how can I help? we got you!” — and my momentum after cancer and surgery knocked me out of orbit for a while.

But more than that, I’m focusing on building. And I’m focusing on a new project that I’m really excited about.

There’s been a thread going through my life in the past year, as I’ve dealt with what happened to my own body, but also as I’ve seen what’s going on on the world stage in regards to women’s bodies in general and sexual assault and anger, rage and grief. This thread has been repeatedly bringing up the mythology of Lilith — the original ‘wife of Adam’ who was cast out because she didn’t wanna submit. I mean, it’s way more complicated than that. And perhaps that’s the point.

So! It’s time to write a book. I’m gonna be writing one alongside astrologer Sarrah Christensen. The topic will be Lilith (MOST likely just Black Moon Lilith, but we’ll see) in astrology.

I think the part I’m most excited about is that we want to focus on the applicationsLilith art 6 of working with Lilith in the natal chart — through embodied, experiential shadow work that focuses on helping people integrate the parts of themselves that they have disowned. With or without astrology.

The contents of the book will likely shift and change over time, but our four main focuses are: mythology; what’s happening on the world stage; Lilith in individual natal charts/stories; applications of the work.

In order to get this done — hopefully within this year, but I know better than to strictly adhere to concrete timelines with stuff like this — I’m hoping to expand my Patreon base. Because I am indeed a community made woman, and having the level of consistent support a monthly paycheck provides is *everything*.

Patreon is a platform that allows folks to support artists. The idea is that the world needs creative types to be able to create because art and creativity fuel the visionary thinking and dreaming that helps us to progress as a culture…

… but the world also doesn’t support the necessity of creativity in ways that ensure creators have access to…oh, you know, food and shelter.

But better than that, it allows creators to give incentives for support. I love this because it holds me accountable to the work. My supporters have expectations based on the level they sign up at. AND they get guidance. They get to participate at whatever level they want.

Or — and this is probably most relevant for those of you who aren’t into astrology, consciousness shifting or depth psychology — they can just support me with a financial pledge and then ignore the rest.

So this is a longwinded way of bringing you up to speed. I’ll still be doing 1:1 sessions, classes and workshops, New and Full moon writings…and the hours of administrative work it takes to be a full-time soul worker astrologer type. But everything will be revolving around this project for a while.

So if you want to and are able…please do consider becoming a Patron. Just to support me. Or to begin to participate in your own journey a little more fully or differently as well.

Or don’t! If you’re interested in the work but not able or willing to do the financial backing thing, I also really really love talking about this material and would love to just be able to give voice to it and share insights with you.

Thanks for reading

The Short Version:

I’m gonna be writing a book! Which is really exciting. I’ll be working with fellow astrologer Sarrah Christensen, and we’re going to be focusing on understanding Lilith in the natal chart. But more than that, it’s going to allow me to develop a more structured process for doing shadow integration work — that is, helping folks to reclaim and work with the parts of themselves they’ve disowned, denied, repressed. The parts that are angry, hating and grieving. I’m looking for support of my Patreon campaign to ensure my ability to get this work done.