Full Moon Eclipse: Gasms for the Greater Good

Artist: Arthur De Pims
There’s so much floating around right now about this eclipse season and I highly encourage you to go look at your favorite astrologers and thinkers and see what they’re saying. I tend to try to get to the heart of the matter while looking at the collective, but I’m going to deviate this time just a little bit to focus instead on sex, resting assured that I’ve reminded you here and now that this is not the whole picture.  You should read other astrologers for their takes, too and pick what works for you!

Right now, a very simplistic but effective way to work with this Full Moon, and this eclipse season, is this: What trauma needs to be healed for you now, and in what ways can a return to the heart facilitate that?

Because it’s Aquarian trauma, we can bring in the theme of the collective. Of being an outsider. Being cast out for being different. Or just experiencing something so awful that we shut down. We fragment. We “go away,” and view our lives as if we were an outsider. Out of body, out of heart.

Because it’s Leo, we can bring in the theme of creative self-actualization that comes from the divine spark of heart genius that is YOU. The unique way you express divinity. We can bring in fun and joy. We can blend those things together to understand that the medicine right now has to do with creative energy.

More simplistic terms? Creative energy IS sexual energy. Leo is the strength that comes through learning how to channel lust and desire and fire and intuition and bring it to the surface through an orgasmic display of vision-driving artistic expression.

The result — be it a child, a song, a new arrangement of furniture, an outfit, a website, a new stroke of touch, or a dance move — not only conveys a vision to others, it inspires when it hits folks who are resonant with that energy. It ignites a flame. It draws us into our hearts and empowers us to learn to channel that energy in our own unique ways.

I sometimes go back and forth about focusing on sex in these writings. The “why” has something to do with the fact that I know many of us have periods in life where we struggle with sex for many reasons. Perhaps the biggest is because so many have experienced sexual trauma.

If I’m being honest, however, I sometimes shy away from talking about sex because I know there are some who long for sex and do not have it in the ways they want it. It brings up twinges of self doubt, loathing or sadness about not having a partner. So sex-centric writing is loaded. I’ve been in so many of those phases in my life, and I never want to ping that struggle in another human.

But here’s the thing. Leo is one of the most sexual and sex-focused signs of the zodiac. Perhaps second only to Scorpio. And to leave out sex as heart medicine is doing a disservice.

I also happen to be someone who often professes a belief that more consensual sex would probably help to save the world. Sex and touch, y’all. I’m telling ya.

Why? Well, consensual, enthusiastic sex is fucking amazing. When we explore it from a place of presence within ourselves, it teaches us about our bodies, how our energy runs, what feels good, what feels bad. That can be done with or without a partner.

When we explore it with a partner we can learn about ourselves in communion and connection. We learn about pleasure and serving and asking and giving and receiving and taking. We learn about merging.

And then we can also explore it with more than a partner. Through classes and workshops and support groups. Or through group sex, swinging sex, orgy sex, non-monogamous sex. Threesomes, foursomes and moresomes.

Or through taking the time to better understand how we are connected to so much more than ourselves and our partners by the way we engage sexuality and sex, but also by how we shun it, shame it and ridicule the practices that others love and experiment with behind closed doors. The ways we let our own traumas inform our projections and the ways we judge others when they simply take steps towards being who they are.

We get to be creative with sex and our sexual expression. We get to hone it and own it. We also get to reject or abstain from the act of sex as well — for any reason we choose.

I’m hyper aware that there is so much insidious, deep and entrenched sexual trauma in our society. It is so overwhelming.

It’s also coming forward in big ol heaps and gasps now. In the ways people are saying “if THAT’s sexual assault, I’ve been assaulted dozens of times!” (Yeah, that’s the sad, sad point). It’s coming forward as we see the nuance of the labels of predator and victim and are being asked to maturely re-imagine our systems of punishment. It’s coming forward as people step up to tell their stories — about assault and lack of access to care and abuses of power and failures of human decency all mottled together into a big ball of fucked-upedness that seems impossible to unravel.

We pit all of this against our knowledge of history  — which shows thousands of years of rape as an ingrained and inevitable part of society — and we slowly recognize just how horrendously out of our hearts we often have to be in order to deal with it all. How much we’ve been forced out of our hearts and bodies through the distortion of sexual energy over and over again. Lifetime after lifetime.

The Leo medicine of this total lunar eclipse and the 18 month cycle we’re in is a return to love, a return to the heart, a return to joy when and where we’re able, and a willingness to embrace each other. That’s the big picture.

The smaller picture, for now, for tomorrow (the eclipse/Full Moon is exact hat 5:27am Pacific Time) just might be — for you, for me — fun, celebratory, creative and enthusiastic sex. Sex within some kind of intentional container. Whether that’s a ritual or just a statement. For example? “Right now I’m going to celebrate everything I’ve been through in the past six months.”

Because, you see, this eclipse cycle is directly connected to whatever was going on for you — and within the collective — last August.

If this feels true, or fun, or relevant or empowering, go for it.

If not, that’s cool too. You do you.

Intentionality is key, however, because we always want to have some kind of container for magic. Sex can just as easily be used unconsciously or consciously as a way to avoid intimacy, dispel energy, and frenetically and compulsively drain ourselves of any hint of who we might be down at our core. Passion can distort. That’s not an inherently bad thing, but as always awareness is key.

Regardless, this Full Moon eclipse propels us into a two week eclipse window. It’s a blood moon. Can you imagine quieter times, hundreds of years ago, walking through the dead of night and looking up to see the moon had turned red? Feels eerie. Feels menacing. Feels like a portent for some thing yet to be understood.

There’s a reverence that arises when we contemplate the ways thousands of years of human evolution have been projecting that kind of meaning onto these lunations.

Partaking of what grounds and centers you now can go a long way to helping you creatively engage any shifts and changes that might come your way in the next two weeks, particularly if you have planets or angles near 11 degrees of the fixed signs.

As always, let me know if you have questions.

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