New Moon in Aquarius: Island of Jewels

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Today’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aquarius feels…auspicious? Draining. Enlightening? Exhausting. There’s a lot going on in the heavens now, and as above so below – a lot in the realm of humankind as well.

Photo by Amanda; “Lust” from Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, “Island of Jewels” from the Secret Dakini Oracle

Aquarius is very much about humankind. In the tarot it is depicted as The Star, the figure that comes out of the aftermath of the Tower, or total egoic breakdown, with a sense of having been purified and stripped down. What happens when we’re purified and stripped down? A sense of calm. Centeredness. Being able to see objectively again after going through total deconstruction. Bringing what we’ve learned and what we see back to the tribe for the betterment of all.

My favorite depiction of the card comes from an oracle deck called The Secret Dakini Oracle. It’s called “Island of Jewels,” and depicts twelve jewels symbolizing the purest, most exalted forms of the signs of the zodiac arranged around a central crystal, representing the self. All of these gathered together yet floating in space as pure transmitters of celestial magnificence. Yet the jewels are in fact of the earth. Matter containing pure light, pure wisdom. The card speaks to the revitalization and realization of hopes and dreams that have been achieved through opening the inner eye and reaching a pinnacle of the envisioning process.

Aquarian energy at its best is totally tapped into the  inspiration, insight and limitless possibilities of the spirit. It is psychic in the sense that it can take all the information filtering in and synthesize it at speeds that are irrationally fast, putting visions of the future together in ways that non-Aquarian energies or people can’t quite understand. Aquarius sees. It sees possibilities and sometimes mistakes those possibilities for concrete truth. But we know that courses can change, even if they seem fated. We must still heed the cries of the visionaries among us, however. Honor the power and potency of that kind of vision.

As I’ve said many times now, this New Moon is somewhat of a chapter-closer from the eclipses last August. But that’s not entirely true. They are linked, but they are just part of the story. Today a seed is planted that is based on what we’ve learned since August, but that will be re-visited on July 31 with the final set of Aqua-Leo eclipses for this cycle (the next ones occurring around 2026).

For this New Moon, we have Venus in Pisces channeling in divine love, and Mercury in Aquarius reminding us to remember to question what we think we know, especially what we’re most stubborn about. The chance for revolutionary clarity is here, however.

There are two things I’d like to make very clear for this lunar cycle.

First: It’s time to remember your own multitudes. You are infinite. So much more than words and identities and structures. You are beyond concept and beyond mind. The mind is what has created this plane we exist in.

For this New Moon, we have the opportunity to sew seeds of change that make the best use of our personal brilliance at the collective level. We can see the island of jewels before us, and how magical a utopia we can build together. But it has to start within.

So call your consciousness home now. Invite back the parts of you that have left, be it due to traumatic fragmentation, depression, hunger, horror or loss, despair or just a random sudden jolt. Invite your essence to return to the core of your being. Welcome and breathe yourself in.  Imagine all of your energy bodies (there are layers of them wrapped all around you) full of the parts of you that have left over time, compact and cozy against your physical frame. Breathe in the fullness of you, whatever that means.

The second thing is this: It is important to also focus on the collective for this lunation. To let go of the avoidance and spiritual bypassing that also goes along with Aquarius. ‘Spiritual bypassing’ is often even done by those who do not consider themselves to be spiritual at all — it’s what happens when we avoid our emotions for any reason, avoid the dark places… avoid the reality that using the earth as a sewer is not ok… avoid the fact that continuing our rampant and ridiculous consumption of products coated in and made of life-killing plastic is not ok… accepting as fact that children are going to be killing children…. Over and over again…

Our collective way of life in Capitalist consumer culture has got to change — be it through us using our minds, hearts and intellects together to decide how it changes, or through dramatic breakdown as the earth and human-made systems that support us give way. Aquarian energy fully supports either of these methods of revolution. I know which one I choose. How about you?

Here’s the thing: our experience here on earth, as well as our technologies and the things that ail us, have been created by the mind, they can also be undone by the mind. But we have to be centered within ourselves to do that work. And we have to be centered within ourselves while also working together. We have to be warriors and revolutionaries of the heart.*

So for this New Moon Eclipse, make a wish or two, and take action. I’ll be right there with you.

*This is the myth of the Shambhala Warrior. You can watch this video to see a fantastic retelling of it.

<p><a href=”″>Joanna Macy on the Shambhala Warrior</a> from <a href=”″>Chris Landry</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>