Virgo Full Moon: Presence & Flow


Full Moon exact on March 1, 2018 at 4:51pm Pacific Time
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Today’s Virgo Full Moon, which highlights the Virgo-Pisces axis feels like a quiet moment of integration amidst the past few weeks of what has been an emotionally turbulent roller coaster for some. February’s eclipse window brought a lot of unresolved business to the forefront. Yet it all seems like just a dream right now…doesn’t it?

That’s Pisces for ya.

Now, I have to make a little disclaimer. Do I do that a lot? Perhaps that’s a device of my writing style, but it’s also a way to keep it a little more honest. That last eclipse on February 15 was smack dab on top of my South Node, which is a karmic hotspot. Actually, I’ve been dancing in a big ol puddle of karmic hotsprings since the August eclipses. So when I say “emotionally turbulent roller coaster” I am very much speaking to my personal experience, as I found a whole lotta unresolved emotions — or better yet, emotions I thought I’d resolved but found out I hadn’t — flowing to the surface all at once (seriously – ALL of them. At once!). That experience seems to be echoed by many around me, but not all.

It’s always fascinating to become so attuned to your own triggers, and yet unable to stop the emotional response when they happen. To be able to observe and feel as your body goes into shock responses from events that passed so long ago, but not stop them with rational thinking. To have to just say, “yes, my self, my love… all those bad things have in fact happened. But you know what? You got through it. That’s over now. What if you stop focusing on what you have to lose and instead imagine all that you have to gain?”

Ah, there’s the inspiration. The faith. The drive to figure out how to DO the thing. That’s what Virgo does. It figures out how to get the damned thing done.

This Full Moon feels like a detoxifying agent. A time for purification. More than that, though, it feels like a time for digesting and assimilating and…well…laughing. Release! Surrender. There’s the Pisces. And we have Venus, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune all joining the Sun in Pisces. There’s a dissolution happening. And with Jupiter trining Venus, there’s a sense of reverie — of bringing our memories and our longings together in our bodies to experience the bittersweetness of life.

The Virgo, though. That’s all about digestion and assimilation. Virgo is associated with the intestines, those many feet of innards through which everything we consume travels, being slowly digested and taken apart, assigned tasks, put to further use for the good of our entire being (that’s the Pisces). Virgo is super task oriented. And hey — hasn’t the gut been recently deemed the “second brain”? Virgo’s pretty brainy. There’s a lot of fine detail going into those processes, and Virgo wants to figure out how all of that works. Pretty magical, no?

Virgo energy has so much to do. So little time. Then it looks across the circle at Pisces, notices the abyss of totally undifferentiation that is the Piscean totality, and its eyes get big and it starts to hyper focus. Out of fear for what goes on in that abyss, maybe. But also out of a need to get it all done, to make all the disparate parts and all the tasks happen before the final breath takes hold.

There is a longing in Virgo. A longing to move from being special to being useful. A longing to contribute. To serve. To get it right, to make it perfect.

There’s so much integrity in that process. But it can also be distorted when we forget that all of the cosmos is absolutely perfect in its imperfection. That ultimately we will have to let go, to surrender all that we have and everything we think we are in processes of death and rebirth both large and small. We exist in an infinitely loving universe, and ultimately we all go back to stardust, so…time to get to work.

What do we need to let go of to make room for our great work to commence — or continue? What emotional undercurrents that have long laid dormant have reawoken in the past few weeks, ready for release and purification? What have we learned from our patterns, and the patterns in the world around us, and how can we make use of those lessons?

Perhaps these are questions for reflection today. Regardless, time to bask in the flow…but also? Time to get shit done.

Have I said that enough yet this year? 😉