Pisces New Moon: Integration Through Separation

Welcome to the last New Moon of the astrological year. In it, the vision of a prism splitting light apart and arranging it into rainbows. Light and matter participating together flawlessly. Healing. Health. Wholeness. At the end of the zodiac, in Pisces, we are getting ready to begin again in deep acknowledgment that time and life are not linear paths but part of ever widening circles.

fullsizeoutput_cd1This New Moon can bring us fully into presence and flow. It is also, however, a powerful portal for transmuting, or perhaps just accepting and releasing, our pain.

There is some pain too deep to be accessed. Some pain too close to the surface to be buried. There are some wounds that are so much a part of us that we cannot heal them, but instead must learn to accept, embrace, reveal and subvert.

This New moon brings us in touch with what we are ready to release and surrender as well as what we are learning to accept. Sometimes it can be difficult to discern. But there can come a time when instead of continuing to dig and attempt to heal and process, transmute, transform…we just…say…mercy. We give in.

And we resist the temptation to become defined by this wound that just won’t go. But we nestle it within us, alongside all our other identities and constructs, using it as a tool, but not making it the center.

This New Moon speaks of endings. The endings of endings. It’s all kinds of waning, and releasing at multiple levels. And yet there it is: Chiron right there in the mix. Chiron teaches us that even the most masterful of healers have wounds that will not go. This does not make them victims, however. It does not make them toil and grovel — at least not in perpetuity. It becomes their strength. They learn to accept and say, “this is a way that I am different. A way that I will never be like the rest of you.

But yet… through my difference, I have learned a new way of doing things. I’ve learned about the blessing of the wound, its sacred nature, and the ways it brings me into greater health. I can no longer risk the harm it does to my soul to fight back against something so crucial to my nature.”

Chiron in Pisces has been teaching us about the deepest wounds we have: the wounds of separation. Not from lovers or family, necessarily. Wounds of separation from source. Which are essentially wounds of separation from ourselves. Because of lies we’ve been told that burrowed into our souls, impressing us with one fatal fallacy: that our bodies and flesh are sinful and wrong.

And that Spirit, in addition to being separate, is higher and better and that we are undeserving of it.

We then twist through lives in which we are seeking redemption and forgiveness, whether consciously or not, as a consequence for some really bad take on an age-old myth. Mythologies that speak of separation as a vital part of the cosmic dance are everywhere. Mythologies that fling the blame for this separation onto the shoulders of humans — typically female humans — are few and far between. And yet the latter rule our entire worldview, be we religious or not.

There is insanity here, in the Piscean void. We see madness when the veil is lifted. Just look around. There comes a point, however, when it all gets so senseless that we put down the sword, we stop the constant self-criticism, in a moment of re-awakening to love. However that happens, in whatever form that takes.

So for this New Moon, release. Surrender your patterns of hate, the ways they flow out and then in again. Bless those core wounds and feed them with eternal and unconditional love. Accept. Renew. Bask in the rainbow. Connect to source. Purify, float and imagine what true freedom would look like for you, and maybe for all of us…

…and make a wish…


Pisces New Moon at 26+ Degrees of Pisces
Saturday, March 17 at 6:11am

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