Full Moon in Libra: Parallel Passions

This Full Moon…well…It’s a gateway, for sure.

So many gateways these days. Each precious, transformative. Sometimes rife with heartache, sometimes wide-eyed wonder. For me personally, it’s usually a good mix of both.

Katy Paulson Vulnerability is a Stance of Heart
Art by Katy Paulson

Saturday’s Full Moon in Libra (exact at 5:36AM Pacific Time) puts us right in the heart of balance. Which is, of course, never a static process. We stand in the middle of two polarities, one with arms out, beaming heart love at the thought of freedom, autonomy and personal initiative — a genuine sunshiney care bear stare; the other with arms out extended towards the other, not for ecstatic hugs, but to calmly look them in the eye and say “I hear you. Your view is important. Let’s talk about it.”

Or perhaps we’re feeling like placing our arms across our heart, in a kind of protective stand-off. Ah, the many faces of the archetypes.

Full Moons always invite the tension of the opposites. They are times for revelry, for dancing naked in the woods, magic created with others. Sometimes the only way to work with that tension is to feel the ways it hums and beats through the body. Something has come to full power. Whatever seed was planted at the New Moon two weeks ago. Or, if we look at expanding cycles, whatever seed was planted in the lunar cycle six months ago, when the polarities were reversed (Full Moon in Aries).

By their very nature, each and every Full Moon is associated with the polarity of Libra and Aries. This is the natural opposition in the zodiac, and oppositions inherently have something to do with extending out to the other. Those born on or near a Full Moon have lifetimes that emphasize relationship-oriented activity.

One of the keys to relationship — if I might make yet another very oversimplified generalization — lies in balancing autonomy with connection.

There’s a crisis indicated with this lunation, however. A cardinal square between the both Sun and Moon with Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. An adjustment needs to be made between who we are in the world, how we feel, and what we’re building. Our emotional nature, indicated now by the Moon in Libra, and our solar nature, indicated by the Sun in Aries, are trying to reach balance between self and other. Mars-Saturn in Capricorn, however, are pushing our conditioning to the surface, forcing us to look at the structures of our lives, the way these structures and this conditioning distort and support the desires of our egos, and the ways we’re rushing into initiating things that need more time, support, or re-structuring.

Structure and time. Why are you pushing things that are not ready for you just yet? Why are you trying to force something that is resisting? What are the power struggles you’re engaged in, and what are they unlocking for you? Are you projecting? Are you externalizing? Are you continuing to engage something that is causing you pain? Why?

None of those questions are to be posed with judgment or as challenges. There are no right answers here, just room for reflection and wondering. Bringing awareness.

We have to remember that Mercury is also retrograde now, right up near that Aries Sun. This means that some of the secrets might be unlocked as we review and reimagine the ways we initiate, how we uncover and act on our personal desires, what the place of anger is in the mix.

This is even more so because Black Moon Lilith (the Mean version, at least) is tied into this lunation as well. She’s sitting not too far off of Saturn and Mars, also in Capricorn. As Lilith is already linked to themes of repression — in this case, the repression and casting out of parts of ourselves we have learned to despise — this energy might be churning and throwing some wild cards into the mix.

Our repressed parts often get air even more often than the parts of ourselves we love. They control the show because they have the benefit of being unconscious. That shit’s powerful, y’all.

When Lilith wants attention, she is not subtle. She screeches and howls. She laughs maniacally when you attribute her deeds to something outside yourself. Because you are just missing the point. You’re contributing to an increase in ways the most primal and vital parts of you are being repressed and disowned to your own detriment. And that primal energy has been driven nearly insane by the ways we refuse to listen to its wisdom.

The power you cast out as being other is oftentimes actually your own.  For better or worse. In the coming days then, better to take note if not action to reclaim what you’re casting out, my loves. I’m so sorry we’ve all been through the restrictive and distorting paradigm of patriarchal rule. And yet… there are lessons to be learned in the reclaiming of Self… and Other. This Libra Full Moon allows us a glimpse into so many mirrors. What do we need to reclaim? What parts of ourselves have we disowned that we need to learn to be at peace with? To integrate?

We have to love the other as we love ourselves and vice versa because in the grand scheme of things, there is no difference. Because we often can’t know the difference between what we are projecting and what is external (and most of the time, there is a lot of overlap). Sometimes it seems like archetypal energies such as Lilith (or Eris or Kali) are fueled by their frustration at trying to hard to get us to listen to our own primal urges — only to have us disown them, or cast them out.

One more thing? Many folks have a lot on their plates right now, all of it clamoring around to be finished Right Now. Be realistic. Be disciplined. Try to prioritize, and recognize that you can’t do everything at once. Ah, yes. There we are again: Balance.


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