Taurus New Moon 2018: Primal Fire

Taurus New Moon 2018
May 15, 2017; 4:47am Pacific Time @24˚ 36′ Taurus
Trine Pluto/Lilith; Uranus about to go into Taurus, Mars into Aquarius
(last time Mars shifted into Aquarius was just hours before the cheetoh won the election)


New Moon Collage by Amanda

We are always shifting. Changing. Always moving, even when we feel like we’re still. We are, after all, hurtling through space on a giant ball at millions of miles per hour (ish). Safety is but an illusion, and yet…we strive for it constantly. Perhaps because at our most unconscious levels, we understand how little control we have. Our cells remember times the earth has shaken or stormed and wiped us out without remorse or warning.

As consciousness evolves, as we understand the way the world works… as we grapple with the complexities of the human condition… we become more prone to fears of discomfort and instability.

Furthermore, we live in a system where the very fact of birth does not guarantee one’s basic survival needs will be met. We draw up arbitrary systems of value that say a person with more green paper than another has the right to life, dignity, health and happiness. Nevermind the fact that green paper isn’t backed up by anything of tangible value other than our belief in it.

What if we lived in a world where just the fact of being born — of being a soul that has chosen to take embodied form — guaranteed you unconditional access to healthy food, clean water, a safe space to sleep, touch…and a private, clean place to shit?

Because necessary conditions of life, and the natural functions of our animal body, should be supported because every human being has worth, shouldn’t they? What if we lived in a world where the necessary conditions of life were not contingent on whether we had enough money?

And let’s not just keep this in the realms of basic survival. We need food, water, shelter and touch to ensure we survive, yes. But what do we need to thrive? Knowledge. Communication skills. A sense of connection, sharing and inclusion. These are the natural laws we have forgotten.

What if we lived in a world where the values of giving, sharing, inclusion and respect for all life were the foundation?

Systems that commodify basic needs are fucked. Systems that see some humans as more worthy of food and water — or systems that see some humans as worthy of healthy food and water — are abhorrent. Systems that tell people it’s OK to say “to each their own” when it comes to rationalizing ways hungry children are acceptable will inevitably crash and crumble, even under the auspices of providing security and structure.

Life is not inherently stable. It is not balanced. We never know what’s right around the bend. How does that make you feel? Like you want to cry? Laugh? Puke? Ignore me? Hmmm? Life is vibrant and glistening all around you. Life is an incredible blessing at least partially because it is so woven with unknowns and unseens and unimaginables. It is magic.

Oh, this Taurus New Moon. The seed of embodied change and grounded abundance amidst such fire and chaos…

But remember. Taurus can also be understood through its sextile to/from Pisces. Bliss embodied. The divine embodied. Ultimately supported by the very fact of being a universal being. From the dispersed, undifferentiated matter of Pisces, we are birthed and come into form. Molecules experiencing the ecstacy of a container. What a gift.

When I lean into this lunar cycle, I keep seeing green. Grass rustling in a warm breeze. Sunshine so bright and golden that all colors look unbelievably sharp. Daisies. Dark green pines on either side of a meadow where I am sitting, listening to rustling and water, feeling sun on skin, lying back into the earth, supported. Loving. Laughing. Breathing deep.

Taurus as a fixed earth sign is associated with the middle of spring. The season is finally displaying itself, and we’re able to fully relax into the notion that we’ve made it through the winter. We water plants, we tend soil, we swap out rain boots for flip flops.

Simplicity. Calm. The joy that comes with each.

This Taurean New Moon has undertones of that kind of grounded, stable simplicity. But there’s so much rumbling as well. The New Moon takes place just hours before Uranus, lord of lightning bolts and sudden, surprising change shifts into Taurus. And Taurus doesn’t really like change.

As the tree grows roots, so it’s able to raise its arms, its roots to the sky, and withstand the storm. Most of the time. Until that one, random crack of lightning slices through. But even then, the tree stands, continuing the inevitable process of returning to the soil, to the earth, to feed life in new ways…

But there’s something else there. The tree metaphor only goes so far. We as humans dig down deep, yes. But we move forward with fire. We ground and center and then apply. We blend our primal natures with the fires of our imaginations and we move forward with the result: creativity in action. The vision manifests. We bloom.

For those looking for simple intention setting or ritual guidance then, this New Moon provides an opportunity to ground and center, and feel strong in our bodies. Think of it as sending a firm message that you are here for these times and that you are a self-reliant, strong and fully embodied vessel of love, health and abundance on the earth.

For those looking for a little meditation on the different energies of this New Moon, let’s start at the beginning…

I started contemplating this upcoming lunar cycle a few weeks ago, as it gets right to the heart of my own karmic story, therefore providing an opportunity to plant some new seeds for some very old patterns. This contemplation came as I thought about Uranus entering Taurus (I’m hosting a webinar on the topic Tuesday evening).

What I’ve come into is a very strong awareness that mama Earth is on the brink of reclaiming herself. On the brink, in process… and it feels amazing. At the risk of uber-anthropomorphizing, I’d say she as a body is very excited.

Just as we are being taught and encouraged taught to come into our own power as human beings, so is the body of Gaia herself, and the radiant love that is pouring forth from that shift is all at once tangible and ethereal.

Taurus is often associated with body and embodiment. But it is also associated with the etheric body – the energy body that exists in closest contact with our physical bodies. We can think of it as a layer of energy that connects us to the other subtle bodies. As such, it is where imprints come to us — spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Physical traumas that occurred in past lifetimes stay in the etheric body, oftentimes re-imprinting as similar traumas occur. You can have that knife in the back or spear in the gut or noose around the neck in the metaphorical sense, but it’s often quite literal from the point of view of the etheric body.

We humans often live much of our lives in fear of physical pain, sickness and suffering. This is in some ways a fear of death, as death often involves suffering (even if just the suffering that comes from not knowing or understanding what comes after this life). But it’s more than that. The civilization that arose in the past 10,000 years has made it so that the physical body is often a very unpleasant place to live – and die.

But what about before that? What about 15,000 years ago? Or 20,000? We as a species have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. And yet it’s just in the past 10,000 that war and carnage and genocide have sprung to the surface. That’s not to say that existence in a physical body wasn’t without pain and suffering before the rise of agriculture, nor do I mean to romanticize the time before, cuz there’s a lot that’s come from the modern world that does indeed make life in a flesh suit better.

The time before, however, might have some secrets to teach us if we can continue figuring out how to learn them. Just remember… we are the divine embodied. There is such grace in that memory.

As I sink into recognition of what this Uranus in Taurus transit might bring — all changes that seek to liberate us from anything stuck or stubborn, outdated value systems, the ways we wreck and harvest the Earth — I think about what it might be like to experience earthquakes 10,000 years ago. Scary, I’m sure. Rumblings that we can’t control always are. But what about experiencing the earth quaking from a hut in the middle of a meadow or savannah? No fear of failed infrastructure, destruction of cities, being electrocuted by downed power lines… How much simpler that must be.

And yet we have to move forward with the wisdom of the old ways combining with the knowledge of the new ways, salvaging what has worth in a world that values life, and retaining only the lessons and not the practices of the rest.

For this New Moon, ground. Center. Commit to being the change, and allow your heart to feel the radiance of what actions you might take…and then allow them to solidify in your mind in the coming weeks.

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