Full Moon in Capricorn/Mars Retrograde

Full Moon in Capricorn/Mars Retrograde

Sometimes, when I think of Full Moons, I like to imagine being outside naked at nighttime, dancing or running freely in the full moonlight. Hair whipping, arms twirling, hips undulating, hands caressing neck and breasts and hips… The freedom of wildness and fruition. And power.

This is not that Full Moon.

TalmudThis Full Moon feels restricted. Boundaried and bordered. In all honesty, there’s whispers of brutality there. The kind that knocks us out of ourselves, into shock and disbelief. The Moon in Capricorn can be a cold and hardened thing. With walls built around the heart. The vice grip of fear squeezing its tentacles around the very essence of our humanity, repressing, denying.

There’s so much in this world right now that seems brutal. Terrifying. Beyond words.

It is not my intention or place to bring focus to that reality to your detriment or mine, or to the exclusion of everything else. But it is my intention to hold our current moment in reverence, because it is complex. Terrifying. Shocking. Feeling incredibly dark — because it is. So please bear with me. There is a way through, there is hope, and there is medicine for this journey, but to jump straight to that point does a disservice to the stark reality of our situation on this planet.

The presence of Saturn brings cold hard realities to light during this lunation. It has the energies of depletion, of imprisonment, of criticism turned inward to regulate the emotional body, of manipulation and conditioning, and of the incredible tenacity of institutionalized oppression, racism and greed.

Combined with a recently-turned-retrograde Mars, we might be feeling flattened with exhaustion, as if our vital life force has decided to take a little vacation. Combine this further with the onslaught of bad — horrendous — news coming across the wire, and… well, please know you’re not alone if getting out of bed has become a task.

Mars in Aquarius. Electricity turned inward. Rewiring. Perhaps overloading your circuitry. Perhaps insisting that you take a break from your connection to the interwebs. Requiring us to look at our mental defenses, our anger, and the ways it all effects the wiring of our hearts and minds. Inviting us to look at the ways our personal power and drive to exist in the world connect with the larger picture.

Mars in Aquarius. Conjunct the South Node. Squaring Uranus. Triggers of violence. Fears of violence. Collective violence. Memories floating to the surface. Of all of those times we have been and continue to be tortured, executed and exiled in droves because of our skin, our beliefs, our otherness. Realizations that it is still happening all around the world, getting closer all the time. Survival fears. A crisis of values. Morality. Ethics.

This Full Moon ushers in two months of big time releasing. The next New Moon, on July 12, is also a solar eclipse. That means we have once again arrived at an eclipse season, which tends to be a window of release. Change. Shifting. Combined with the fact that this Mars Retrograde (in effect until August 27) will be conjunct the South Node of the Moon and square Uranus the entire time and we have in fact reached an entire season of letting go. This is not entirely Piscean letting go and surrender, however. Some of the work we have laid out for us will require conscious decision making as to who we are, what we stand for, and who and what must be released accordingly.

The Full Moon brings a dose of sobriety. Of grounding the situation in reality in ways that can feel harsh. Perhaps unbearably so. We are dealing with the polarity of Cancer and Capricorn, and so the themes of emotional self-reliance are up for review.

But let me tell you a few secrets.

First? Capricorn is just as sensitive as Cancer. It’s just that all that flowing water has been dammed up behind social codes and conditionings and “I shoulds” and “I should nots.” There’s a great deal of integrity in Capricornian processes, but also a great deal of repression and denial. Repression serves a function in our early lives, for as we begin to experience the world as it is — the cold, hard reality of it — we also begin to experience our emotional bodies. Because our egos have not fully developed, we are very easily overwhelmed sometimes by those experiences. And so in that sense, the Capricorn function of repression keeps us safe. And sane.

Repression gets distorted, though. It can become denial. Of who we are, of our vital life essence, of our own spark of genius.

It gets distorted into false equivalencies based on social norms and morality. For example: is refusing to bake a cake for a queer couple the moral equivalent of refusing service to someone who props up and defends a regime that incarcerates children? Do we want a moral code and system of laws that says that the former is uncivil and the latter is justified to be the law of the land?  

We get to decide.

Second? Yes, there is potential for collective triggers to be extremely activated as Mars conjuncts the South Node of the Moon and Squares Uranus for the next two months. One shadow side of Aquarius is dissociation and fragmentation. Our minds just…go somewhere else. You can bet that those in power are well aware of these processes and are using them as a form of psychological warfare. Be aware of that.

But be aware as well that Aquarius is also about detachment and observation and objectivity. With Mars moving retrograde, its vital function — that of initiative, impulse, and desire — gets rerouted inwards. So we have an opportunity here to not only observe our own desires and the ways we’re wired to participate in Aquarian realms (tribe, community, the collective), but to observe our triggers. To observe our relationship to anger and rage, especially as they connect with injustice. To re-empower our anger, own it and embody it and direct it towards humanitarian pursuits.

We can use this period and this energy to  develop a plan for moving forward again in ways that fuel our courage, that fortify our hearts, that make us fierce defenders of humanity as a whole. Always. So that we can stop looping in and out of cycles of atrocity.

This period gives us the opportunity to see where we have been, where we are now, and where we’re going. And then to course correct. The energy of Mars and Aquarius together is one we’re not entirely unfamiliar with, for we just emerged in May from a 7-year period of Uranus in Aries. Uranus rules Aquarius and Aries is ruled by Mars. We saw this archetypal combination behind the Occupy Movement, the revival of the revolutionary spirit, the beautiful emergence of queerness onto the main stage.

Mars retrograde is giving us a chance to review so that we can act. As it dips back into Capricorn in the final passage (August 12-September 10), we get to review our own desires as they’ve been shaped and conditioned by our society and get real with ourselves about how our personal power has been co-opted by systems that perpetually repress us.

Third? When we’re dealing with the nodes of the Moon, the South Node tells us about what is being released, yes. The patterns that are up for review, which we sometimes have to enter back into in order to course-correct. To get it right this time — or to at least do something different while bringing conscious awareness of our actions.

The North Node gives us insight into the medicine. The dharma. The path forward. With the North Node wrapping up its time in Leo, the medicine is heart. The medicine is creative self-actualization, the process of becoming who we were meant to be (whatever the fuck that means). It’s the process of tapping into whatever inspires us and feeds us and then letting that energy loose in the world in whatever way best flows through us.

Because Leo is ruled by the Sun, the current placement of the Sun guides us in this. So now, during Cancer season, take care. Nurture. Yourself and others. Make soup. Feed folks. Make your home and next cozy. Take refuge. Know that Cancer is where we come into the truth that our emotional landscapes are always shifting — THIS TOO shall fucking pass.

Then? Leo season, where we’ll see eclipses and the continuation of Mars Retrograde, and the start of Mercury Retrograde. Fight fascism with all of your joy and all of your love and your fierce, vibrant heart. Sing at the top of your lungs right up in their faces. Let your grief fuel your resolve to be part of ushering in a new paradigm, one where all life receives nurturing and safety. Find communities of outsiders and nestle yourself there. Plant flowers. Stand up for every single child you’ve ever been and ever known and has ever existed. Let your heart burst open, and seek support as you need it.

Finally, Virgo season. Harvest time. Mars Retrograde will end during Virgo season, and the it will be time to move forward with all we learn. About our desires, how they fit into what needs to happen next with our resistance, with our families, with our cities and with our country. Virgo knows how to get shit done, and how to shift from self-focus to other-focus.

The will of the people will prevail, but we each have some heavy lifting to do. And so in closing, I leave you with a poem that I found yesterday when I was looking for something to open my Mars Retrograde class with. I was looking for something fierce, and this was not what I expected to resonate. But it did. So here we are.

Wage Peace
by Judith Hill

Wage peace with your breath.

Breathe in firemen and rubble, breathe out whole buildings and flocks of redwing blackbirds
breathe in terrorists and breathe out sleeping children and freshly mown fields

Breathe in confusion and breathe out maple trees
Breathe in the fallen and breathe out lifelong friendships intact
Wage peace with your listening: hearing sirens, pray loud
Remember your tools: flower seeds, clothes pins, clean rivers
Make soup. Play music, learn the word for thank you in three languages

Learn to knit, and make a hat
Think of chaos as dancing raspberries, imagine grief as the outbreath of beauty
or the gesture of fish
Swim for the other side
Wage peace
Never has the world seemed so fresh and precious
Have a cup of tea and rejoice. Act as if armistice has already arrived.
Don’t wait another minute.


The Deets:
Full Moon exact June 27, 2018 @ 9:53PM Pacific Time @ 6 Degrees Capricorn/Cancer
Mars Retrograde June 26 – August 27 (from 9 degrees Aquarius – 28 degrees Capricorn)
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