Full Moon in Aquarius: Release & Recognition

Release & Recognition
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

What do you love, my loves?

If you close your eyes and think of those things and people that you love…if you allow images or the sense of them to kinda cluster together in your mind’s eye, what arises?

White Tara

Ok, now let those images and senses drop. Down into your heart. Just intend it to be so. How does it feel to have all those things you love as heart imagery rather than head imagery? What are you aware of?

Now, let them switch back again. Up into the head. Play with it. What’s different? What’s the same?

We’re tapping into the Leo/Aquarius flux here. The head and the heart. The cooling power of insight and the mind. The fiery fierceness of compassion.

Today’s Full Moon Lunar eclipse brings this theme front and center. But it’s so much more than that. Lunar eclipses are Full Moons magnified and amped up. The tides are strong, the pressure intensifies. This is true for any Full Moon eclipse.

But it’s so much more than that. This lunar eclipse brings in Martial energy. The Moon in Aquarius is conjunct a retrograde Mars in the middle of its cycle. Energy that likes to flow outward, be impulsive and direct, achieve and attain turned in. A reconciliation and revision of desires. A review of trauma and fragmentation. A reminder of our place in a society, a collective, a tribe. An increase in edginess, especially in the places we tend to try to vent out, project and escape. An invitation to reclaim our desires, for better or worse. To release what is not serving, for better or worse.

But it’s really even a lot more than that.  Eclipses occur when the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction (that’s a New Moon) or opposition (that’s a Full Moon) near the lunar nodes. For today’s celebration of Aqua-Leo principles, the Moon is next to the south node. It’s a releasing moment. Karmic releasing. The purging of patterns that have been with us for years. Decades. Centuries. Eons.

Are we done revisiting the same cycles of history over and over again yet?

Humans, especially within cultures as centered around ego identity as ours, don’t tend to like letting go of patterns or identities or beliefs. We hate being wrong. We also just flat out hate change. Oftentimes we’d rather suffer or see others suffer rather than admit the need to change. Oftentimes we admit the need for change but still carry on…until it hurts enough.


But…it’s really more than that, too. Uranus is squaring all those bodies. Sun and Moon. Mars. The Nodes. In evolutionary astrology, we think of this aspect as representing the edge of karmic growth, but also something that trips us up or prevents us from moving forward. The story with this particular dynamic is asking us to review the ways that sudden shock and trauma have forced us out of our hearts and into fragmentation and dissociation, and how we’ve come to default to that pattern in anticipation of that shock.

Uranus has been in Taurus since May after seven years in Aries. It’s helping us to understand our fixations when it comes to security and survival needs. The long term aim of this energy is to help us liberate ourselves from places we’re stuck when it comes to money, value, our relationship to our bodies and therefore the earth, our resources.

Sometimes we can see astrology playing out in our day to day lives. But it’s always helpful to zoom out and see how the themes are playing out in the collective. We can see Uranus in Taurus in financial aid being given to farmers to avoid the crisis stemming from our [government’s] choice to place tariffs on the farmers exports. We see it in our refusal to change the multitude of human-made systems that are not working in resonance with natural law and earth systems, destroying the very things beings need in order to exist on this earth.

We see it in the increasing understanding of just how much privilege money buys, and the injustices of having an entire value system that tells us that those who have money deserve food and water, and those who don’t do not.

We can see it in increasing effects of climate change. We see it in lava flows and earthquakes. The unpredictability of the Earth and the ways it pays no heed to the demands and developments of modern life.

What’s being asked of us now is to maintain the Leo-Aquarius polarity by uniting our head and our heart. To zoom out to a more objective place while still embodying compassion.

What’s at stake for us now? What are the long term repercussions of the ways we use the land? Or the ways we ascribe ultimate value to money? What’s at stake when we prioritize convenience over long term sustainability?

What are the long term repercussions of denying the fact that just as thousands of children were imprisoned in the United States, resulting in the potential for generations of trauma carried forward as those children grow and reproduce, there are millions of children all over the earth who have been going through the same and worse for hundreds of years? Trauma without support and healing perpetuates trauma.

Part of the wisdom we have largely lost as we’ve shifted into a consumeristic culture is still alive today in the indigenous traditions that have survived. Cultures that remember their ancestors, and that take future generations — whole groups of beings as well as the entire Earth ecosystem — into consideration when making plans and reviewing systems and traditions.

Eclipse windows (this one closes in two weeks, but echoes for months to come just as it resonates back with the eclipses of August 2017) tend to have lots of wildcards as it is. This window, however, underscores the potential for unpredictability. As such, it asks the question: how do we maintain emotional objectivity in times of upheaval, when the shocks seem to be coming from all sides all the time? How do we zoom out and get perspective while staying in the heart? How do we slow down and tune into and tend the body, of ourselves and of the earth, during times of change?

We have an opportunity in the next two weeks to let go of patterns that have been keeping us out of the heart through insight and compassion, and through owning our own shit. Aquarian energy helps us to get real. Leo energy helps us to bring love and celebration. This is a vital combination when we put it to work in the art of holding space and witnessing. The Aquarian-Moon combination invites us to recognize and truly see what is going on. So that we can change it rather than go into denial and avoidance.

One thing keeps popping into my mind as I write this, and so I’ll put it as a reminder here: shining the light of conscious awareness — the light of the Sun — onto ourselves and the world is a glorious thing. It can, however be scary and produce lots of anxiety. That’s because as the light shines brighter, the shadows get darker. The contrast between light and dark becomes more pronounced. We can easily welcome in the light parts, but the dark…well, it has a gravity to it, and once we start shining those lights, the shadows demand recognition and transformation. They have to be faced.

Let me break that down. There is good news here! The light is getting brighter! We’re uncovering more! We’re seeing more clearly! That’s so great!

But part of that process involves seeing the bad stuff more clearly, too. So that it can be worked with and shifted and healed.

We face our shadows at the personal level in hopes of not having to face them in more overblown ways as pathologies and wars that play out in the collective.

So today, and during this eclipse window, remember those things you love. Remember how they make your heart feel, and let those feelings be a grounding and soothing container for you as you move forward now. See the good in your life right alongside the bad. Take a deep breath and exhale. Let something go that you’ve been hanging onto but that is potentially causing harm.

I’ll leave you with a video from one the most inspirational humans I know of — Ms. Joanna Macy in her retelling of the myth of the Shambhala Warrior (who uses the tools of insight and compassion to undo what has been made by the human mind).

Video: https://vimeo.com/191169785

Written: http://www.awakin.org/read/view.php?tid=236

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse exact at 1:20pm PDT on July 27; 4 degrees 45 minutes Aquarius


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