Full Moon Taurus 2018

There are times in life when we’re called to take a stand, even as things are dissolving. Times when even as we’re clear that old structures are crumbling and we don’t know what will come next, we’re called to act.

Today we have a Full Moon in Taurus. It speaks to the contradictions of existing in a world where the old ways are done and the new haven’t yet quite arrived.

It speaks to what it takes to cultivate the power of the eye of the storm while understanding that tumult and turbulence are near and inevitable — but that they too shall pass again.

So what do you want to be left standing with on the other side?

Full Moon Taurus-2The Moon in Taurus is a glorious thing, really. It’s all about stability, reliability, sensual pleasure and a solid foundation from which to grow. In Taurus, our material world takes shape. Ideally speaking, that shape is one that provides foundations for self-expression, intimate bonding and community.

Taurean energy also helps us to strip away all of the complications and uncover our core values. Peace. Diplomacy. Freedom. Connection. Communication. Wealth. Health. Love. Independence…

Societies tend to arise based on common values, or so we’re told. The thing about our current paradigm is that power has been stripped out of the individual, as we’ve lost vital mechanisms of meaning making that help us tune in to our own knowing and intuition. Experiential learning has been thrown out in favor of ways that encourage us to look outside for truth.

Values become hollow expressions of blind allegiance when we’re taught to look outside for meaning and truth. We are told what to value, accept it, and even if the value is something truly meaningful, we lose our ability to think critically and in depth about what that value looks like in action and behavior.

This Full Moon in Taurus invites us to explore the ways our values help and harm us, and the ways they need to change.

This Full Moon is intense, y’all. There’s just no getting around it.

On a normal, no-context day, the Moon in Taurus is a glorious thing. It’s stable, reliable and predictable. It’s calming and grounding and sensual.

But Taurus is also the part of us that digs in. It’s the part of us that loves simplicity, but sometimes gets a bit lazy with that. It’s a part of us that doesn’t really like change and that can sometimes see things in far too much black and white.

Part of that stubborness is important. Taurus is related to foundations, and foundations need to be strong, solid and stable. Taurus is the part of us that wants to demonstrate the worth of our existence through acquiring and possessing things that show who we are.

Part of that stubbornness is a defense mechanism. Taurean wounding occurs at the level of survival. A child of 5, orphaned and on the streets, won’t focus on much other than finding bread to eat, even if they have to steal it. Their view of the world narrows, and figuring out how to just get by becomes the entire focus.

Taurus is the first test of our ability to exist. So survival fears can run deep. And although material world things — food, water, shelter, touch — are vital to our survival, Taurus is also about an inner quality of self-reliance. The holding of self and a sense of inner security that helps us to face the storm.

Because Taurus, in all its vibrant displays of life, is intimately connected to Scorpio, sign of death and destruction. This Full Moon brings this seeming polarity between life and death (and life…and death…) under the microscope.

The life force at its most stubborn and unconscious senses that death that is imminent, constantly sensing that decay energy staring it down. So it wants to focus on life, sensual pleasures, plants and rocks and skin and taste and scent and touch and…cheese. Mmmmm cheeeeese.

All foundations and fixations have to shift, however.

This Full Moon takes place as a grand cross forms in the fixed signs of the zodiac, meaning the nodal axis in Aquarius and Leo is involved as well. There’s a lot of energy that’s trying to invite us to demonstrate something. To stand up. To release the hurts and pains that are ready to go and come more fully into the heart.

But there’s a hell of a lot of dissolutive energy going on at the same time. Something in transition, something releasing and letting go, something not quite fully formed.

With today’s Full Moon in Taurus, we have an opportunity to break free.

We can make it more specific, though. We have an opportunity to break free from areas where we’ve been emotionally obstinate, stuck and stubborn. Our most entrenched emotional patterns are quaking and shaking, ready to crumble. Our commitment to the past has got to go — and we have to take the step of getting rid of the past without quite knowing what will replace it.

This is true at the personal and collective levels. You’re being called now to let go of something you’ve been hanging on to, knowing its time has past, yet unwilling or afraid to call it quits. Perhaps it’s even at the level of sacrifice.

Perhaps it’s a habit. A belonging or possession (and if you view people as possessions, it’s a good time to be aware of that). Perhaps it’s a wound of self-worth or sexuality. Perhaps it’s a tendency to avoid the hard stuff, or to over-focus there.

If we focus just on the Taurus-Scorpio facets of this lunation (with Uranus next to the Taurean Moon and Venus still retrograde next to the Scorpio Sun), we can see it is very much about our relationship to intimacy and vulnerability and the ways our shadows and traumas help us to form patterns that might help us survive at first, but then perhaps hold us and others back.

So, questions there might include: Where do your relationships distract you from your calling? Where do they fortify your ability to take a stand, and to become who it is you are called to be in this life?

And, of course: What is it that you really, truly value? What would a community or society based on those values look like?

Not all changes bring instability. The fear of chaos can sometimes be worse than the process of stepping through a gateway such as the one we’re facing for the next week or so.

Some changes improve the situation. Some make room for new life, new ideas and new stability.

Identifying our stuck places and making the decision to shift gives us a bit more control over a process that otherwise can happen suddenly and ‘without warning’. That’s a form of practical magic that the Taurus-Scorpio axis can totally get behind.

Full Moon Taurus 2018
Wednesday, October 24, 2018
9:45am PDT
2 Degrees Taurus/Scorpio
Moon conjunct Uranus; Sun conjunct Venus (retrograde); both square the nodes of the Moon; Moon trine Saturn
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