Lots of Shifting & a New Mercury Retrograde

Just a note about the current…um…weather…

Without the astrologese thrown in: I can’t even tell you how many folks I’ve seen or talked to who are reporting anxiety, insomnia, sudden breakdowns and all kinds of fun stuff. So if that’s you, please know you’re not alone. There’s a lot of change being reflected by the planets. I mean, there’s lots of change going on in the *world*. But sometimes hearing about the astrology of it is helpful, if only in that “aaaah, finally. some validation!” kinda way.

There’s a lot of energy that’s been building for some time now, and in the next few days we see a quick release and change of directions. Release can feel like relief, but it can also feel…confusing.

For those of us into tracking the movements of the heavens, we can get a little more than validation out of the mix. So what follows is my rundown of the shifts of the next few days.

The backdrop: we recently had Jupiter switch from fixed sign Scorpio into mutable sign Sagittarius. The lunar nodes switched from fixed Leo/Aquarius to cardinal Cancer/Capricorn (if you’re using the True Node. Mean Nodes shift…soon.). We also had Uranus move from fixed Taurus back into cardinal Aries.

Tomorrow we have Mars moving from fixed Aquarius into mutable Pisces. Friday we have Venus stationing direct in Libra, followed a few hours later by Mercury stationing retrograde in Sagittarius.

I’m writing out the modalities (fixed/cardinal/mutable) for many of these because we’ve had SO much going on on the fixed cross. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are all fixed signs that are trying to demonstrate something. It’s a lot of stubborn energy — for good reason. There are lessons that are being displayed. That also means that sometimes it’s energy that gets stuck. Sometimes when stuck things have to change, they break.

Now, it’s not typically a huge deal when Mars switches signs. Mars usually spends approximately 2 months in a sign, so it’s a subtle shift. BUT! Mars entered Capricorn in March, and has been dancing between Cap and Aquarius since then, due to it’s retrograde this summer. Most of that retrograde took place in Aquarius. That’s a LOT of Mars in Aquarius. Add in the fact that it was dancing with the lunar nodes and Uranus the whole time, and that’s a LOT of straight up karmic stuff coming up to be cleared. Add in the fact that that karmic stuff had to do with personal AND collective trauma.

Yowchy, I believe, is the word I’ll use for that.

So now, Mars shifting into Pisces is kind of a big deal. We go from the detached, aloof, cerebral energy of Aquarius, to the dreamy, watery, nebulous and often confusing energy of Pisces. Mars in Pisces sometimes just kinda treads water. It can also be pretty passive aggressive.

This Venus retrograde has been…………….interesting? Lots coming up. Perhaps some relief in the realms of relationships and all kinds of inner wounds coming to the surface when she stations very, very early Friday morning. BUT! Several hours later, Mercury stations retrograde. So now it’s kind of like all those thoughts that were starting emerge from Venus Retrograde get to get kinda garbled…or refined, depending on how you wanna look at it.

Refining the vision: that’s been the theme for this year’s Mercury retrogrades.

All this to say: hang in there, friends. Anxiety arises when things are changing, and things are in fact changing. In ways that seem way below the surface, which I think can make it even trickier.

For the Empaths in the house, now would be a good time to do a little mini-retreat if you can. Stay home or inside as much as possible. Focus on yourself and your needs. Make yourself soup. Do any creative projects you can.

I myself have found a compelling pull towards working with Charoite. I was a bit confused by it, but upon looking up it’s properties, discovered it’s really good with merging the head and the heart, and that’s something that seems to be called for now.

I’ve also made sure to go get some sea salt in bulk (it’s much cheaper to buy from the bulk goods section than pre-packaged), so I can use it in baths and to make cleansing scrubs. The focus here is sea salt specifically because it helps to clear energy. Epsom salts help with inflammation and sore muscles. They’re very different.

Mars into Pisces November 15
Venus stations direct November 16 at
Mercury stations retrograde November 16 (and stations direct December 6)

My write up for the Mercury Retrogrades of 2018, which contains general information about how to handle and work with Mercury Retrogrades is here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/mercury-in-aries-17687575

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