Sagittarius New Moon: Quest & Vision

How do we find truth? What are the processes and life experiences that allow us to come forward and say what we believe? How do we recognize the very personal nature of truth and belief, and that sometimes they shift and change…and that allowing our beliefs to shift and change is a good thing?

SunsetOverLavaOn Thursday, December 6 at 11:20pm Pacific we have a New Moon in Sagittarius that allows us to explore a vision for our lives, and the beliefs and truths that underlie that vision. This is a lovely lunation, partially because it’s got that zesty, zinging, visionary Sagittarian vibe going for it. Partially because it takes place as most planets — all but Chiron and Uranus — are moving direct. Finally some forward motion!

Sagittarian energy is most commonly associated with adventuring, exploring, questing and risk-taking. It is the sign that represents truth and belief. It loves growth, expansion, higher learning, culture. There’s a lot of movement going on there. Inspiration. Spark.

One way to look at Sagittarius is through its placement in the zodiac. It falls between Scorpio and Capricorn, two of the heavier, more intense signs. After the clash of the conscious and unconscious in Scorpio, we emerge into Sagittarius where there is light, temperance and purification. We get to play for a bit, recovering before the work of building the manifest world — the structures of our society — begins. We synthesize the knowledge we’ve gained at all levels of being into a greater wisdom.

Sagittarian optimism is a thing. It’s a long haul through the first eight signs of the zodiac. Sagittarian fire is the faith that sustains us through the hard times. It is the beliefs that help us to make meaning. Meaning helps us to orient to our experience.

Since early October, we’ve been in incredibly Scorpionic waters, tossing and turning and learning so much about our desires and fears, the ways our relationships actually work and the ways we want them to. For this New Moon, we still have Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, but we are emerging more fully into direct action again.

But before we can get there, we need some time to receive the visions that are arriving for us. One thing can be said for living in a culture where so many structures and beliefs are falling apart — there’s lots of space to envision the new. A square aspect between the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius and a Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces invites new dreams and visions to the mix. These dreams and visions may seem foggy or confusing, but they ask us to pay attention, for over the coming years we will need to keep our visions for a greater, more life-enhancing civilization very close to our minds and hearts. The house where this lunation falls is an area of life where new truths, beliefs and visions might be starting to arrive.

Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to receive those visions, be honest with yourself about what you want, and act accordingly.

The outward, action-oriented energy of Sagittarius can be overdone. It can become overconfident. It can also be a defense mechanism in which we react to the intensity we encountered in Scorpio by refusing to go back, therefore focusing on the external world. We begin to think that if we just make outer world changes, the inner world will follow.

That can be true in some situations and small amounts, but big time change requires adjustments to both our inner and outer worlds. Sagittarius’ association with wisdom and right action lies in its ability to be patient and present, but also it its association with intuition. Intuition is a spark of fire we have within us. It’s a function that orients us to our inner truth, the one based in the experience of our current lifetime, but also based in the way our cells remember thousands of years of living in harmony with the earth and each other.

Intuition is the still, silent part of us that knows how truth feels and that never guides us out of fear. We have an opportunity to recover and reconnect with our intuition — our inner compass — at this time.

Sagittarius is the heat of compassion. Compassion that fuels love for self, other and world, but also the compassion that is a force for justice. Not the kind of justice we associate with Libra, which is really more about fairness and equality. The kind of justice that comes from living in a world where giving, sharing and receiving have been restored to their right place as fundamental human laws, and where abundance of food, water, shelter, art and education are human rights.

Sagittarius knows that compassion is not a passive concept, but an active one, for once we see and believe in a world in which compassion towards the earth and all of its beings is a central ethic, the injustice of settling for anything less is intolerable and unacceptable.

So dream big for this New Moon. Even if it’s a big dream for a small area of life. We have some wish-making energy here, friends. The universe is sending some support for risk-taking and expansion — so it’s important to be sure that you want what you’re asking for. But the seeds you plant now will begin to take root. Just remember to nurture, water and feed them along the way.

New Moon exact at 11:20pm Pacific Time
December 6, 2018
15 degrees 7 minutes of Sagittarius

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I recently recorded a half hour talk about Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius (which can be purchased here). This included horoscopes for Jupiter through the chart by house, included below.

Jupiter’s movement through your chart by house tells you about where your faith can expand, where you can improve confidence, where you can take risks and feel supported.

What was going on for you late 2006- late 2007? That was the last time Jupiter went through this part of your chart. You might be able to see and hear echoes.

First House: Jupiter has been excavating your depths for the past 12 months, and now it’s time to shine again. What light has entered your soul that it’s time to express? Your essence in the world is being amplified and magnified. Celebrate abundance and expansion. Your body as a vessel for exuberant joy has opportunities to re-connect and re-create, so do take care of it.

Second House: In what ways are your truths based in your values? How do you incorporate your experiences and the adventures of your life into your value system? What are your talents? What are your resources? Financial abundance might be yours for the taking (or just receiving) in the coming year, but make sure you know what you’re worth — and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.


Third House: How does the truth feel when it rolls off your tongue? What about a lie? You can weave liminal spaces with language in the coming months, and have  great opportunity to inspire with your words. Your communication is ready to hit the ears and souls of the people it needs to, so be sure about what it is you want to say. Keep your blind spots in mind, and watch for where directness merges into bluntness merges into harm. Humor can be a good way to break up the energy if it comes across as too bold, but don’t hide. Your generous spirit is a salve to those closest to you.


Fourth House: Hearth and home are what’s amplified for you now. Emotional security. Are you feeling the need to quest for a new home? Near or far? You might be in tune with the energy of place, and so finding that new sanctuary benefits from that sensitivity now. This is a transit where you’ll want to be sure there is plenty of room for growth, be it of the inner emotional kind of the outer familial kind. So clean the cupboards, make space for light and inspiration to arrive, and celebrate the bonds that feel like family.


Fifth House: Oooooh, the urge to party might be upon you, my friend. Dancing, celebration. The ability to channel sparks of divinity up through you and out through your own creative interpretation. Love, romance… children… all of these areas of life receive Jupiter’s mighty boons in the coming year for you. Have faith in inspiration and creativity, and let your connection to the magic of life see you through. The ways you shine like the sun can draw in others who can help on that path, so be on the look-out for future collaborators.


Sixth House: As Jupiter travels through your house of health and service, it’s time to pay attention to the things you do that have heart and meaning. More than that, the ways those little voices of criticism keep you smaller than you need to be. Can you laugh at them a bit? Can you imagine something greater? How are your truths and beliefs related to the foods you eat, your daily routines and your overall health? You might be called to examine such things. Just be careful if you start to become dogmatic about it. Listen to the wisdom of your intestines. They know.


Seventh House: What do you believe to be true about your relationships? About the art of relating itself? Are your relationships vessels for truth and insight, or are they something else? When was the last time you loved? Or let yourself be loved? Jupiter through the 7th is a chance for your relationships to expand and grow. They need tending, though, along with the awareness that sometimes they can be outgrown. Feel into those heart spaces, explore, imagine and seek… and ye shall find.


Eighth House: Jupiter traveling through your 8th house is another opportunity to heal. Intimacy, sex, and more come to the surface now. What needs to be transformed? What beliefs about sex, death and all things hidden are ready to have the light shined on them once again? Some fears might be magnified for you now, but it’s for the sake of communion with something greater. Just be open to facing yourself — and use that Jupiterian fire to light the way.


Ninth House: Look to cultural exposure and expansion to lead the way here. It might sound cliche, but you might just really wanna travel. If you can’t go far with your body, go far with your mind. Philosophies, spiritualities, art and music will all lead the way. It’s time to explore, learn and grow. But remember to take time to close your eyes and breathe. Be present with it all, and remember that the deliciousness of that seeking and questing energy is really about the process, not the destination.


Tenth House: Projects, public personas and tangible growth. Your career seems set to fly now, so it’s best to make sure that’s what you want. Is your public face in alignment with the calling of your soul? How can you bring what you do out in the world into better adherence with your mission in life? Don’t know what your mission is yet? Seems like a great time to figure it out! Jupiter is working with you to expand your place in public life. It’s safe to come out, my friend. Time to soar.


Eleventh House: What do you believe about community? What is it you have to teach within them? What are your dreams and how do communities play a part? Is your community in need of a more cohesive belief system? Are you seeking communities of like-minded folks? Our connections all need tending if we’re to help eachother love and heal. Growth in this area is an asset, just imagine what you want it to look like! Connections that resonate at the deepest levels are headed your way in the next year, so keep your eyes and heart open.


Twelfth House: Jupiter through the 12th is asking you to grow, but in ways that might feel less than fun. Jupiter through the 12th is clearing the old grief and loss to make space and room for new life to enter.  You might feel the call for silence and solitude. Peace. Drifting and fantasy land. It’s quite alright, love. Cry if you must. Love when you will. Extend compassion to yourself as you feel the light clearing what’s no longer needed away. This is a time for healing and introspection. Write some poetry. Track your dreams. Look for the sparks of inspiration that come to you now, make note, and when Jupiter enters your first allow those sparks to fuel all you are.


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