2019 Readings

2019 personalized guide-4 I’ve never done any kind of strictly calendar based “year ahead” client sessions before. Alas, the time has come. The summary is, you can now order a 2019 year ahead reading here. 

But let me say a few more words about it. You see… one of the challenges of being an ethical astrologer, at least as far as my compass is concerned, is to be honest with what the symbolism of a moment is saying according to the stars, while also leaving room for the multitude of manifestations that symbolism can take. When forecasting and supporting based on astrological charts, an astrologer has to balance so many factors, from noticing broad strokes of history to personal context to remembrance of the inherent spark of divinity within each person. Offering guidance is a process best served by some hearty doses of humility alongside a desire to do no harm.

Looking at the astrology of the coming two years, many astrologers, myself included, have been grappling with how to be honest in our communications about what the astro-weather seems to have in store, while remembering that we live in scary times. Whipping up fear is not helpful. So we have to remember how to say: yes, the times we’re living in have a lot of gravity, and there are some very real worst case scenarios hanging out at the collective level and we do all need to face that…

…while also reminding each and every human who asks us for guidance that we were all, in fact, made for these times and that by facing our fears down we are able to move through them and learn. As we face and move through fears, we’re able to more consciously co-create personal and collective realities that seem to come straight out of our wildest dreams. And we get to move through and create all of that together.

Astrology is an incredibly powerful tool, and one I love sharing. So this year, I’m going to try to share it with even more depth and resonance — and realism. These 2019 readings are meant to be support, guidance, celebration, practical aid and wake-up call for anyone who wants in. I’m so excited to be able to share them with you — and so grateful for and humbled by any of you who trust me with that level of support.

More information can be found here. 

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