Full Moon in Leo

On Sunday, January 20 at 9:16pm we have a Full Moon in Leo. This lunation is also an eclipse. The theme here seems to be about full liberation into the heart. It’s also the last in a cycle of eclipses on the Leo-Aquarius axis that began in early 2017, although this one is a little tricksy because the nodes of the Moon are in Cancer and Capricorn.

leo full moon eclipse 2019I’ve written at length about this cycle of eclipses, and will provide a list of links at the end of this article. For now, it might be helpful to just do some reflecting about what’s gone on in your life in that period of time. Those of you with heavy emphasis on the fixed cross (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) might have gone through a lot of changes that have coincided with these eclipses. In what ways do you feel more free now than you did back then?

Eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis have been teaching us about the ways our one, individual spark or voice fits into the whole. They’ve been asking us to rekindle a fierce connection to our intuition and personal genius, remembering why we exist here on this earth. They’ve been asking us to return to our hearts, after so many millennia of being shook out of ourselves as we’ve learned about economic, social, religious and relational systems that destroy in order to create. The time for creative destruction is over; the time for a heart-based and regenerative civilization is here.

Returning to the heart can be a glorious thing. It can be a painful thing as well. When we get used to staying in our minds or if we’re prone to dissociation, coming back into the heart can be quite a shock. There’s feeling there. There’s investment. It takes courage to be centered in the heart. This eclipse reminds us of that. The placement of the North Node in Cancer, ruled by the Leo Moon, is asking us to take the initiative to nurture and nourish what’s been opening up in our hearts for the past few years.

As we near the end of this current eclipse window, you might be feeling like you’re existing in a  pressure cooker. This Full Moon can bring up emotions we’re afraid to feel, or maybe just fear itself. We’re being asked to face and heal anything that is keeping us from our inherent capacity to love. It is that capacity to love that makes humans great. It is that capacity to love that will help us manifest the creative vision we need to move ourselves forward as a species, and then bring that vision into reality.

We’re also being asked to look at the wounds that we have that arise dramatically — particularly those that want to assure us that we’ll never be seen, recognized, loved or cherished — with some detachment. Watch the temptation to feed those scripts. Let those old hurts be eclipsed. See if you can express them artistically, or through dance or music, and then let them go.

This Full Moon exists in a square to the planet Uranus, which is also square the nodes of the Moon. Uranus can intensify the already significant wild-card energy of this eclipse window, bringing sudden change. Part of what we’re being asked to do now is to trust that these changes are for the best. We get to open our arms wide, toss our heads back and let our hearts radiate out the pure ecstasy of recognizing that we get to self-actualize at a time when the free expression of every open, caring heart is a vital asset to creating the world we wish to exist in. We are different and yet the same. Authentic self-expression based in love of self and other  is beautiful, and fortifies the whole.

For this Full Moon, do what you can to bring your heart into coherence with your mind. Pay attention to fear-based thinking, and see what you can do to redirect. Let emotions run through you. Sing. Dance. Kiss passionately. Have fun with drama or kareoke.

This is the ending of a chapter. You are moving in a new direction. What lessons do you want to embrace and carry forward with you? And which ones need to be eclipsed…


This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius writing from last summer really echos through to the current one and can be read here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/full-moon-lunar-20358303

August 2017 https://aquarianspirals.com/2017/08/10/eclipse-y-season-check-in/

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