Libra Full Moon #1 and Spring Equinox

Today we have a Full Moon in Libra totally gussied up in the glow of Ostara — one of the names given to the vernal equinox. Today, light and dark are perfectly balanced. And Libra loves that balance shit.

A word to the wise, here. Or at least those of you interested in nuance. Ostara comes bursting forth with an abundance of initiating energy. New birth! Growth! Plants budding! Coming back to life! But today might be a bit premature to fully jump into the new. More on that in a moment. Let’s stick with that initiation theme for now. It brings us to a really important point (which will be a reminder for some of you).

Tropical astrology (also known as western astrology) is not based in the constellations. Sidereal (also known as eastern astrology) astrology is. That’s a different system where your chart is actually mapped out using the stars as markers.

Tropical astrology has divided the sky up into twelve zones which were, somewhat confusingly, given the same names as the constellations. If you wanna read a really thorough and accessible article about this stuff, please visit Austin Coppock’s website. Tropical astrology is based on the seasons, and those pagan holidays we recognize as the equinoxes, solstices and cross-quarter days.

Although there are some parts of the Tropical system that kinda make me go, “whaaaaaa?” tracking the movement of the Sun according to the equinoxes and solstices makes so much sense in terms of understanding modalities. You see, the cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn — are all about initiating. When the Sun enters the zone of the sky we call Aries, it marks the spring equinox, or the initiation of spring. When the Sun enters the zone of the sky we call Cancer, it marks the summer solstice, or the initiation of summer.

Cool, right?

Then…the preceding sign displays the season, and the one after that marks the transition into the next. Taurus is fixed earth — it demonstrates spring. And then Gemini starts to transition us out of it.

Ok, great.

So while the light is ‘balanced’ for the three days spanning the spring equinox, the MOMENT of it happens on March 20 at 2:58pm(Pacific). Great day for altar building (yellows and symbols of childhood and phalluses and shamrocks and lemongrass and eggs!*)! Great time for spring cleaning, airing things out, and on and on.

The fact that there’s a Full Moon in Libra just a few hours after the equinox just kinda heightens the energy of it all. Inviting us to bring harmony back in, to revel in the balance…

And normally I’d use this as an opportunity to just wax poetic about Libra for a bit. Here’s the thing, though: although today has a bunch of initiating energy… and although the Sun shifting out of Pisces definitely helps to clarify some of what’s gotten confused…

…Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces. So there might still be a sense of garble to your brain meats and emotions.

So I’ll let you know how I’m approaching the next month, and maybe it’ll work for you as well.

I’m certainly doing the clean out/air out thing today. I re-potted and gave my indoor plants fresh soil about a week ago. I’m welcoming in fresh, citrus scents, I’m creating an Ostara altar in my backyard, and I’m basking in the sunlight since it happens to be gracing Seattle with its presence for now.

I’m using the Libra Full Moon to reflect on some relationship stuff, and to seek balance at least at the energetic level. I think the next week or so is a prime time to really focus on returning inwards metaphorically speaking, especially for those of us who tend to overextend. Yeah, that’s a bit counterintuitive for springtime energy, but there’s a big ol’ vibe of “Returning to Self so You Can Strengthen That Core and then Be Even Better in Relationship” over the next month, so I’m going with it.

It’s also worth noting that as the Sun enters Aries, it will be making its first conjunction with Chiron in Aries in 50 years. We’re getting a little influx about what Chirotic issues we’ll be working through for Chiron’s stay in the sign of self-empowerment. So…what has kept you from feeling empowered? You might get some insights into that in the coming days, and this energy is part of why I did the Full Moon visualization I did this month.

I’ve posted a Full Moon visualization for my Patrons that’s meant to help with that (and you can totally get in on that if you wanna join or upgrade). Rebalancing and letting go of wounds in our relationships with ourselves and with others. I’m going to let the Full Moon recalibration, rebalancing and surrender flow through the next two weeks.

I’m going to continue to review all my Mercury retrograde stuff — and goddess knows there’s a lot of it. Reviewing my whole life, my dreams, my beliefs…

Mercury stations direct on March 28.

Then, we have a few days until what I feel is the real reset moment of this season: the Aries New Moon on April 5 at 1:50am. That will be my fresh start and real moment of moving forward.

That New Moon then builds towards a second Full Moon in Libra on April 19, this one in the 29th degree. So it’s almost as if I’ll be working from Full Moon to Full Moon.

Which gives me plenty of time to was poetic about Libra. More importantly, though, it gives all of us a month to rebalance the ways we exist in relationship and to incorporate more of that revolutionary Aries energy into the ways we relate, adding in whatever it is we’re learning about our spiritual values throughout this Mercury retrograde season.

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*I highly recommend that you check out Meagan Angus’ Wheel of the Year series for an amazing tour through the pagan holidays.

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