Aries New Moon: Wildness and Flame

The Aries New Moon arrives at 1:50am on April 5 opening a gateway and opportunity for forward movement after weeks of treading water.

An Aries New Moon. A fresh start.

Image by Amanda

Aries brings a rush of awakening. Not of the “oh, I KNOW things now” kind, but the totally instinctive kind. The kind where the less conscious parts of us remember how they’re wired and how they move forward and just have the will to GO. Limbs sensing power again. Inner fire beginning to accumulate again. Thrust and propulsion.

A memory stirs…the head and the heart begin to synchronize again, awakening knowledge not just of who we were…but who we are becoming. A fight emerges — not just to stay above the surface, but to get out of the water entirely.

Your mission, or the concrete steps to take, might still be unclear, but body and soul begin to unite with the goal of forward movement. They’ve caught a whiff of possibility.

That life force that has been waning is catalyzed towards action once again. And there it is: the longing to once again reach the shore. To crawl out. To stand. The desire to run towards the goal that is finally coming into vision again. You scream and shout with relief. The joy of being separate yet again from the abyss. Emerging at last back onto dry land.

Oftentimes in Astrology, we refer to Aries as the starting point for something new. The beginning of the zodiac, the starting point of life. But nothing happens outside the context of what came before it. The illusion of linearity, of hard starts and finishes, does a disservice to us all.

The oldest models of the universe are circular. The circle, or mandala, is the most cohesive principle we have. Linear time is a construct that helps us to orient, but most of the ways of knowing we have — be they mythological or scientific — speak to connection more than concrete starting points.

We flow through the cycles of our lives, endings occurring in overlapping waves just as do beginnings. We emerge from the womb, assigned a ‘time of birth,’ yes, but before that we existed in another way, in the womb. And before that? Perhaps we could say we existed then, too, as an unconscious drive in our parent’s DNA, and theirs before them…

So many ways to shape the story. So many ways to ignore inherent connection. But still…it exists…

This Aries New Moon marks yet another starting point, but it does not take place in a vacuum. Just as Aries emerges from the seas of Pisces, so you emerge from what it is you’ve endured, loved, cherished and hated. Your past becomes a story for you to hold loosely, but never as grail or prison.

Image from Thoth Tarot

In the Thoth tarot’s depiction of the Queen of Wands — a cultivator of fire — she is depicted alongside a cheetah. One story says that when she danced through the world as the princess, our now Queen could be seen in a fit of whimsy, dragging a massive tiger behind her, fearless and undaunted. As she twisted and turned through her trials and successes, she and the cat were slowly consumed by fire, purified and forged into new incarnations and identities. And as that process happened, she would reach over to pinch the tiger, leaving splotches of ashy imprint where the stripes once had been. The markings that remained would always remind her of where she came from and what she learned while still allowing for movement into a new form and expression of life. Where she once danced with fire, she now wields it with mastery.

Image from Thoth Tarot

There is a wildness in the fire signs, most especially in Aries, that is vital to what the fire element teaches us — that it takes inspiration, vision and faith to stay alive in this world. But to cultivate those qualities requires the privilege of feeling safe enough to zoom out of our survival needs. The fire signs contain the remedy for that as well, and that remedy is most purely represented in the sign of Aries. Aries is where we come in contact with the courage it takes to survive and to get our needs met.

Courage can be cultivated and refined, and that does indeed come later, but it also exists as raw instinct. Unconscious and impulsive, it roars forward without thought or consideration to protect what is most sacred: life. Aries is also associated with The Warrior… and adrenaline.

Adrenaline can propel us through life or death situations and extremity. A jolt of adrenaline is often at play when folks accomplish ‘inhuman’ feats. Sometimes, however, when our systems get used to living with a lot of adrenaline, our bodies can become inflamed. Rather than experiencing anger or rage as shifting emotional states, they become part of our identity. We get stuck in fight or flight mode, and everything becomes a struggle and a war.

This Aries New Moon takes place in a square aspect to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Squares are dynamic aspects that indicate tension and oftentimes paradox. Squares correlate with the times in life we feel like forces are working at cross purposes with each other. Our task, then, is to integrate.

Aries. Fire and flame. Wildness and initiation. A starburst. Forward movement. Combustion and propulsion. Adrenaline. Fight. Freedom. Unadulterated self-expression.

Capricorn. Structure. Restriction and refinement. Repression. Limits. Rules. The slow and steadfast work of mastery. The rules that tell us how to act and how to be.

During this New Moon, the cosmic signatures reflect a process of refinement or of being forged. This means that intentions made around this lunation carry the opportunity to balance and integrate where we need fire and flame, and where and how we can apply that surge of energy with focus and precision. We do have to work with the laws of time and structure, after all.

Sounds really great in words like that. But it can be confusing and more difficult than it seems.

We are living in intensely Capricornian/Saturnian times. We are being called upon to understand the context of our moment in history and the ways we have been conditioned as individuals and as a society. We who do the astrology thing have really unique tools for that process, including getting to know the ‘higher’ or helpful aspects of the Capricorn archetype. Structure is not inherently bad, but it can feel confining and limiting.

The key for Capricorn in this moment lies in its association with conditioning. What values underlie that conditioning? Do we as individuals and as a society want to uphold those values or do we need to shift? What structures in our lives need to change accordingly? What is sustainable and what is not?

In terms of this New Moon, where do you need a bit of raw, unadulterated fire in your life? In order to make the changes that need to occur, in order to take the risks that need to be taken, and in order to cultivate the courage to face whatever it is you need to face or accept responsibility for? Capricorn and Aries conflict, for sure. But Capricorn also provides the maturity needed to direct Aries fire to where it can be most useful. It provides the drive towards mastery.

Aries energy can give us the courage to face down and burn up the bullshit (er…distorted) parts of Capricorn: the mechanisms at play in our society that have taught us to feel guilty or ashamed of who we are and the flesh suits we reside in.

This New Moon gives us a bit of OOMPH to get some forward movement going once again towards personal goals that need some risk-taking prowess. Some courage. Some wildness. As always, I will recommend that you place your personal goals in the context of something bigger, even just as a dedication. Asteroid Vesta has just entered Aries and has some tales to tell of dynamic devotion to self-expression and justice. Vesta in Aries asks us what it is most sacred to us and how we need to fight for it.  She was a key player in our reviews during Mercury retrograde, and her emergence into the sign of personal power will likely help to clarify just what it is you desire and how you can move towards. It.

Vesta’s conjunction with Chiron clarifies the scene just a little bit more, providing us an opportunity to heal any wounds we have that have inhibited our fierceness and our ability to express who we really are — with remembrance from where we’ve come from, a deep breath in the sacred moment of the present — and an eye towards the vision we’re moving towards.

You can do the thing. Roar forth, you glorious flame.

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