Opportunities for Growth

Just over two years ago I took the plunge into life as a full time self employed astrologer- teacher-writer person. Timing is everything, and as a long term grant writing contract ending, I decided to just go for it. The 2016 election had just happened, the world situation seemed to be getting more intense by the moment, and I knew that there was no more time to waste. I couldn’t keep straddling worlds. My whole mission with this work is to help folks transition through major paradigm shift, after all. I found myself at the precipice of major life change.

That initial plunge was exhilarating — a potent mix of terror and pure excitement that I’d get to focus full time on what I’d wanted to do for so long. I have always chosen to pursue this work in ways that made sense to me. That meant I relied heavily on word of mouth and reputation rather than advertising and marketing. Additionally, I wanted the work I do to remain accessible to demographics existing outside of the middle-to-upper-class white demographic. I was (and continue to be) committed to providing sliding scale services and classes with income accessible spots.

I’d gotten used to thinking outside the box and doing things my own way. But still, relying on my astro-business for full time employment was scary.

The thing that made the transition far more practical (and less terrifying) was that I got to use Patreon.

In short, Patreon is a platform based in a fundamental belief: that creative types and visionaries are super important in society because they bring the visions in that will help society to evolve and change for the better, and that creative types and visionaries need to have ways of getting paid for the work they do. Not just for outputs, but for the labor of admin work, for the time spent brainstorming and bouncing ideas around and creating graphics and websites. For time off, sick time and weekends as well (not that any of us ever just work straight through weekends, oh no).

It was more than that, though. Patreon was endorsing a model where Patrons could be involved. I loved this idea. Not just because including monthly incentives for Patrons gives me built in deadlines and helps me to stay accountable, but because one of my primary goals is to help people learn how to heal themselves. With guidance and support, of course, but healing is such an individual path! I wanna give people access to tools and ways of knowing and ideas and practices, as well as ways to use those things in ways that make sense to them.

The audio explanation of my Patreon Campaign

Patreon has been a game changer for me in so many ways, and not just because it gives me access to what I need to actually keep doing this work full time in terms of a predictable monthly income. It’s helped me to mature and grow as a practitioner, and it’s made sure I keep in contact with the people who are benefitting most from what I do.

Plus… we live in this moment in history when astrology is making a ‘comeback’. Like..it’s everywhere, y’all. And while I do believe astrology is a fantastic tool for everyone who’s interested in it, there’s a lot of crap being circulated. It’s hard to know who to trust. And there’s that interpretation thing — a skilled astrologer can help you figure out how to make sense of all that data you get by plugging your information into a computer.

I am one of those astrologers — AND I’m at a point in my career where I still have bandwidth to field individual questions and focus on you as a human. True story! So Patreon helps me to give that kind of specific guidance at a bunch of different levels. That is really important to me because I believe in this work, and that you should be able to learn about it from folks like myself who have put years (over a decade for me) into studying the nuance so that we can distill it down for you.

I recently started a three week promotion in celebration of my two year Patreon-i-versary. You can get some details of what the monthly Patreon subscription levels include in this handy graphic right below, but more details can be found on the website, and those extra special promotional items are listed below as well.

Now through May 2, I’m offering a bunch of extra incentives for joining at the $5 level and above (or for upgrading if you’re already a member).

(please note: you will be charged upon joining and then again at the first of the month; bonus packages will be processed the first week of May)

So, two more things.

If you’re interested in getting started learning how to use your chart, even just signing up at $5 a month will go a long way towards that goal. You’ll get a PDF with your chart (accompanied by a short video orientation), and then guidance each and every month that’ll help you learn about the astro archetypes through New Moon ritual. Ritual is a word that sometimes sounds intense to people, but I assure you I’m a big fan of the “ritual-as-play” model.

Second thing? You don’t actually *have* to want to use the incentives associated with your tier. If you just like what you read here and want to support me, you can totally just do that as well. Sign up for as little as $1/month (although the special offer starts at $5). Cancel whenever.

Ooh. An extra thing? For folks who are interested in working with me in particular, in an on-going way whether you’ve had an initial consult or not, the $20/month level is a pretty outstanding deal if I do say so myself. It includes:

  • a 60 minute check-in session every 6 months
  • admission to AstroCircle (in Seattle) every month
  • full permission to email me with questions as needed
  • at least 6 webinars per year
  • 25% off online classes
  • full moon visualizations every month
  • new moon ritual guidance every month
  • extras that I throw out randomly

Yeah, that’s real.

So if participating and/or supporting the work I do (helping y’all — and myself! — navigate massive paradigm shift), please do check it out.

Thanks for reading. ❤

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