Taurus New Moon: Somatic Healing

On Saturday, May 4 we have a New Moon in 14 degrees of Taurus at 3:26pm Pacific time. Taurus New Moons always give us a chance to ground and center, and this one is no different. Taurean themes of sensuality, simple pleasures and calming down also play into the lunar flow of the coming month. But this New Moon takes place alongside astrology that reflects more vast and far reaching themes. So let’s take some time to break that down now.

Image by Amanda

Taurus corresponds with the ways we perceive the world around us through our senses. More specifically,  the ways we internalize a sense of being safe and having our survival needs met at the level of resources: do I have food, water and shelter? We internalize a sense of whether or not we have those needs met before our conscious mind develops, and as such, any traumas around lack or self-sufficiency or survival are lodged deep into our somatic memory — it is our body that remembers and holds the trauma.

Taurus also helps us to understand the link between survival needs, resources, and values. The material world things we need to survive are in fact quite valuable. The qualities or skills we possess that help us to obtain those resources are also valuable, however. Taurus, then, is associated not just with outer resources, but the inner ones as well. Taurus reflects the processes that teach us about self-worth and self-esteem. It is not only I know what my values are, but I am valuable.

Taurus invites into a deeper understanding of the value of connection as well. This is our connection to ourselves, but also connection with other bodies, be they human or animal. The primary Taurean mode of understanding is through touch — and the primary Taurean imprints are quite literally about the ways we were held as a child and therefore internalized a sense of being safe through skin on skin interactions. We can, then, understand that a very basic level, connection is in fact a survival need.  Without touch, the language centers in the brain (also known as the Gemini function) do not develop.

In the modern world, most of the nuance of these topics has been stripped away, leading to a core, major deception — that an individual is not born with inherent value. Instead, money and the exchange of money is how we understand value and resources. Your ability to farm, tend land, make goods, help others, hold space, heal, connect, love… your inner or outer strength… your basic value as a human who exists… is taken out of the equation, and is only seen in terms of whether or not you ‘are able’ to make or horde (save) money. This is, to use a Taurean word, complete bullshit.

Colonial and capitalist systems place inherent value in money. It is valued over and above human life and bodies, and over and above the life and body of the earth and all of its inhabitants. Money is a very cold, impersonal mode of exchange and connection. It is also incredibly powerful because it alone seems to be a symbol of worth.

The level of violence perpetrated against bodies in the name of this money-as-god system has come to a breaking point. The combination of Taurus and Uranus for the next seven years speaks to a process of healing this split at the personal level for sure, but also at the collective level. This Taurean New Moon, along with the one last year, and the Taurean New Moons each year through 2025, will give us a chance to re-center and ground in the midst of the Uranus-in-Taurus style changes we are facing as a collective.

Furthermore, they will give us lunar cycles where we can once again re-examine and integrate what we’re learning about traumas held by our personal bodies, and how that’s related to traumas held in collective, cultural and ancestral lineages as well. In these processes, we are invited to learn about what we have been carrying, and for how long.

In their extraordinarily relevant and poignant piece, “Why justice needs ritual: on the sacred origins of harm,” Tada Hozumi uses the term cultural soma, and I think that term has a lot of relevance for Uranus’ transit of Taurus. Taurean traumatic imprints have to do with injuries to a person’s body (or soma, which really refers to the etheric body, which I discuss further in my Uranus in Taurus article here) and the ways we collapse in on ourselves, suppress and stuff it all in out of a need to survive.

Uranian traumatic imprints step that up a notch and involve traumas to the collective — genocide, witch hunts, colonialism and so on. Put the two together and we are very much being asked questions of how we heal not just the personal soma but the collective soma and nervous system. That starts with an understanding of how trauma works, and how it is resolved.

“Once you become aware of them, you will see that cultural nervous systems are everywhere. QTBIPOC community, Trump-supporting Americans, intersectional feminists … any group of people can have cultural somas (bodies) with cultural nervous systems. Even small groups like families can have cultural somas that include their ancestors.

From here, I invite you to consider, that the revealed nature of what we see as systemic oppression is actually trauma, often ancestral, living in cultural nervous systems. Patriarchy, colonialism, ableism, and other forms of violence aren’t just ‘ideas’ floating in space. They are actually stuck emotional energies that are embodied as traumatized patterns in the subtle body of the cultural soma.

This shift in how we perceive our understanding of trauma, from individual and contained, to relational and permeable, begs us to radically shift our understanding harm.”

~Tada Hozumi

All of this Taurus-Uranus stuff is happening alongside Saturn, Pluto and the South Node’s little party in Capricorn. By “little party” I really kind of mean “gigantic, probably forced cultural and personal reckoning and maturation process alongside a major karmic release of all the ways we have imprisoned ourselves and each other in fear, guilt, shame and harmful conditioning.”

I mean… yeah. Shit’s real right now.

No longer a matter of “punishing the bad” because they acted out against our values, what we’re facing now is an opportunity to redefine our values in accordance with the fact that all collective bodies on earth right now have lived through thousands of years of violence (and no, that violence is not human nature, it is a direct product of what we’ve begun to call “Patriarchy”). We have an opportunity, or a mandate, to recognize that the perpetuation of perpetration is not a matter of some people being evil and some being good, it’s a matter of those who have been perpetrated against turning outward to recreate the same acts.

We get to really examine the ways a “cast out the demons” mythos has taken over, to our detriment, and the ways a “no being is beyond redemption” paradigm shift can help us to heal. The cosmic weather right now very much supports the release of guilt and shame patterns — but also a recognition that when those patterns get stimulated, we often double-down on flinging judgement and discipline towards others.

Taurus and Uranus are not overtly aligned. Taurus loves stability and permanence, and Uranus is very much about impermanence, or, reframed: freedom. However, everything in astrology and life is about integration. Uranus thrives with thinking outside the box, and Taurus can help us to ground through processes of revolutionary change.

And so, with these two combined at this moment in time, we have an opportunity for change that begins from within and resonates out. We have an opportunity to listen to flashes of insight that arise — be it through the dream world, through sudden shifts in our own lives that don’t feel too great, or through concentrated effort to change — and get grounded and centred to act on them.

What are our resources? There are so many! In the inner world, we all hold treasures just waiting for acknwoledgement. Sometimes we just have to slow down to lean into them.

In the external world, there’s a whole swath of individuals and communities learning about somatic psychology and education, anti-oppression work, and trauma-informed care creating a robust body of work that is keeping marginalized voices and bodies at the center.

What are our shared values? That all life is precious and deserving of life; that nothing is beyond redemption (or in need of being permanently cast out), and that recognizing and cultivating the inherent connection of all things is integral to healing.

Taurus medicine reminds us that shift and change don’t always have to be turbulent or dramatic. It reminds us about pleasure. Trauma can be healed in so many ways, and learning about how our bodies carry cultural, collective and ancestral trauma is part of that.

But the thing is, Taurus teaches us that pleasure and reconnection with the senses also have a role to play in healing trauma — and for some, that is the Uranian flash of insight. The moment when you hear the call to just slow down and sit outside in the sun, drinking some lemon water instead of diving into yet another depth process. Or that moment when, instead of launching into high velocity, carnal and primal sex, you engage in other, slower sensory delights with your partner — feeding eachother strawberries and whipped cream, lightly touching skin in soft, lingering strokes. Gentle massage. Soft kissing. Worship of the body.

It is that moment when, absent a partner or others, you recognize the inherent value of feeding yourself the way you want or need to be fed, giving yourself a foot massage with an understanding that sometimes self-tenderness can bring emotion and vulnerability up, too. These are the moments when we get to hold space for healing in ways that are grounded and centered.

This Taurus New Moon invites us to learn about how, where and why we need more space for gentleness and tenderness, first within, and then without. The ruler of this lunation, Venus, is in Aries right now, perhaps inviting in some fierceness, and definitely echoing a need for some self-centered practices at this time. Watch any urge to self-sacrifice, especially if those patterns are attached to self-loathing or shame. You are worth the effort. Your body will thank you.

Stay tuned for the Scorpio Full Moon in two weeks, when we’ll discuss these themes further… as well as the meaning of the image I created for this piece, which I saw while doing Yoga Nidra in Hawaii…

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