Tools for Empaths: Revolution through Connection

It’s here!
I am so excited to announce the latest — and definitely greatest — version of a class I’ve been developing  for the past three years. Registration for Tools for Empaths: Revolution through Connection is now live.

12 years ago, I found myself taking my first kinda woo class. It was an introduction to shamanism, but it covered a lot of ground. Perhaps the most important thing I took away from the class was a daily practice that included shielding. Long story short, it was the first time I’d ever had a way to discern between my own emotions and other people’s emotions. I never knew what a sponge I was until I started experiencing the world while only feeling my own shit, not everyone else’s! Since then…well, a lot has happened in my own personal revolution. At the same time, this whole ’empath’ thing has really taken off, making it part of our cultural understanding. 

I have to admit, y’all. I’ve been somewhat uncomfortable with the label and the way that empath-ic-ness (or empathianism, as I somewhat ironically and always lovingly refer to it) is sometimes portrayed. Although I very viscerally understand what it’s like to experience  an onslaught of energy and emotion from your environment all the time (in short: not great at all), I also don’t know that acting as if the entire universe is out to get us is something that is helpful.

As far as I can tell, what is happening with Empaths is more like a re-awakening to and remembering of humanity’s original and inherent state of connection with all things. We’ve just kind of lost ways to handle or even discuss this reality in a society that teaches us arbitrary boundaries while pathologizing our emotional experiences. So those of us who are so tuned in often need some extra — or different – help when it comes to emotional maturation, discernment and health. 

To that end, I’ve developed an 8 week online course that will take you through an approach to working with and being empowered in your own ways of knowing and sensitivities. It’ll help you to reanimate your ability to choose — and to learn how to use your sensitivities as a super power. Cuz…like I’m always saying…the world needs you now, and your ability to connect is a beautiful thing. ❤ 

This course blends the practical and the mystical. You’ll get to learn about mirror neurons, basic communication skills AND things like shielding and energy work. It will be highly experiential and relevant especially for those looking to blend social justice, witchery, psychology, science and commitment to being the change NOW at whatever level you’re ready for. But really, anyone who is reading this thinking “ooooh…yeah, this sounds perfect” is a great candidate. 

In addition to basics like intuition, shadow integration, family wounding and stepping out of relationship drama dynamics, we’ll also take a look at understanding the whole ’empath’ thing through astrology. AND there’s a lesson about safer sex practices and energy hygiene that will include a discussion of what that can look like for folks in non-monogamous and kink dynamics. 

Yeah, it’s going to be great. 

And most of it can be done at your own pace (3 live webinars will be recorded so that if you can’t attend live you won’t miss out). But I really love that this gives us a substantial container where you can dive into shadow material, learn about yourself and have space to ask questions and get grounded in a daily practice.

OH AND 2 partial scholarships are available, too.  

Aack! I’m so excited!

Registration and details (including info about the different tiers, the second of which has an option for a personalized take on your sensitivities based on your questions and your astro chart) are here: 

Full syllabus is here.

As always, Patrons get 25% off of my online classes, including this one. And you can totally sign up for that today to get the coupon code along with all the other great things my Patrons get. Early registration rates are available til May 14. 

As always, just email me if you have any questions, and stay tuned to my Facebook page for videos and articles that will give you some more insight into my approach and my own journey with this stuff.

Big, big heart hugs,

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