Scorpio Full Moon: Pure, Golden Waves

Power rests differently within each of us. We relate to it differently, wield it differently. On Saturday, May 18 at 2:11pm (Pacific time) we have a Full Moon in Scorpio that asks the question: what does it feel like to be grounded, centered, and full of love while standing in the eye of the storm?

Perhaps we even have in that question a great visualization practice.

As with every Full Moon, we’re working with polarities. The Moon in 27 degrees of Scorpio opposing the Sun in 27 degrees of Taurus. Axis of life and death, extremity, the sensual and the sexual. Where Scorpio relates to power as an external factor, Taurus finds it within.

I wax poetic about this axis quite frequently. But for now, I’ll just bring your attention to a few salient points that you might wanna pay attention to this weekend:

  • This lunation might coincide with a re-emergence of themes from last fall, specifically between early October and mid-November when Venus was retrograde in Scorpio. This is because Venus will be completing a cycle that was highlighted back then. Whereas last fall Venus was opposing Uranus, she is now circling around to come together with Uranus. Watch for flashes of insight, sudden shifts or breakthroughs around the ways you love and what you value. You have a fantastic opportunity now to really let go of whatever you were trying to let go of then.
  • This lunation also really underscores the ways we have been conditioned to relate to power (Pluto, Saturn and the South Node together in Capricorn), versus what I would call natural power, which has more to do with coming from a place of self-love with a value system that respects life and less to do with socially constructed modes of value like monetary wealth, credentials that cost thousands of dollars, or power that is closely aligned with fear.

Finally, this lunation involves asteroid Lucifer, which will be conjunct the Taurean Sun and Mercury. The archetype of Lucifer is…complicated and has definitely been twisted in consensus culture. Some will focus only on the bad or evil sides, and some will run straight towards reminding you that Lucifer was light bringer.

The thing is, both aspects are there and both can emerge. I’m choosing to see the reflection of this archetype in the skies as an auspicious sign, and indeed the light bringer can be a light worker. But this asteroid is also associated with some ‘darker’ elements in astrology. Dark as in evil, not as in like… feminine, receptive, irrational. Dark as in an energy that keeps us away from health, vitality, hope and a path forward.

The key to working with Lucifer is to bring conscious awareness to patterns of undoing. The key is to literally and metaphorically bring LIGHT in — the light of self-awareness, the light of consciousness, the light of the Sun, the light of the universe, oranges and yellows, citrine, selenite, daylight lamps, whatever. Light, light, light.

If you see you own patterns of undoing popping up — the things that crop up in life that feel like they’re sabotaging you, or the ways you know you self-sabotage — say “HA! I SEE YOU!” and bring that darn light aaaaaaall the way in. Obtaining conscious awareness of our patterns is definitely part of the battle. Then we just have to add in some compassion for ourselves, especially when we’re struggling.

One more thing? Whenever I start looking at Lucifer in charts, I try to look at what asteroid Sophia is up to as well, as she is very directly associated in my personal mythology, and often speaks to a remedy. Asteroid Sophia is currently in late Libra, making an inconjunct aspect to Lucifer, while squaring Pluto and Saturn. That’s some trickier astrology, but I think what it speaks to is the importance of remembering to LISTEN in the coming week. To yourself, to others. Be aware of all sides, remember the importance of relating from a place of love — but also that love and self-sacrifice are not the same thing.

I am posting a legitimately kick ass guided visualization as a companion to this Full Moon that’ll help you release old patterns and welcome in the light. It’s available through my patreon campaign, for folks subscribed at $10/month. If you want in, but don’t want to stay subscribed that’s fine. Just sign up and listen. You can unsubscribe before June 1 to avoid future payments (but still have access to the visualization as well as 2 years of material until then).

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