Gemini New Moon: Thoughtfully Unlabeled

Oh, Gemini. One of two signs ruled by Mercury. The drive and desire to know. To categorize and label. Not even necessarily to understand (that’s more a function of Mercury’s manifestation through Virgo). Gemini relates to our language and communication. The way we speak about what we think. It also relates to the ways we lie — to ourselves and others. It is resonant with the archetype of The Storyteller and also The Magician – the figure who knows how to manifest reality based on masterful use of all of their tools.

On Monday, June 3 at 3:02am  the Sun and Moon come together in the sign of Gemini to initiate a new lunar cycle. The hours just before a New Moon are a time for releasing, surrendering, letting go. The hours just after a New Moon are a time for setting intentions, planting literal and metaphorical seeds and affirming what it is you want to manifest in the coming weeks. Gemini is mutable (transitioning/surrendering) Air (mind, intellect), and is ruled by Mercury, which is in Gemini, soon to enter Cancer.

My sense about this New Moon is that it’s a key player in the summer month astrology-a-ganza that sees some tricksy energies (that might be putting it mildly – but hey! More opportunities for growth!). The medicine here is that Gemini gives us ways to  cultivate curiosity as a coping mechanism — but also to cultivate thoughtfulness in healthy and empowering ways. So, in short, if June and, most specifically, July throw you some tough life situations, you can be more able to say: “ooh! Ok! I’m so curious about what is going on here! What can I learn about this situation?” If that makes sense. Please do forgive me, as my post-major-surgery brain is incredibly sleepy and foggy as I write this, and I am existing anywhere BUT in my Gemini mind (a nice reprieve, actually).

Given that this New Moon takes place alongside (although not in major aspect to) the ongoing South Node, Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, it’s helpful to look at how it fits into the larger-picture thrust towards clearing our guilt/denial/repression/shame patterns as we come into greater awareness of what we’re responsible for and how we can best pursue a path of emotional maturation. Hello. That was a mouthful. At it’s best, I believe this lunar cycle will provide us an opportunity  to examine (or re-examine) the following from a place of wonder, curiosity and awe:

*Pay attention to the stories you tell yourself. Gemini corresponds with our perception-thought-speech process and therefore our inner narratives. It’s the monkey mind, and the part of us that jabbers away attempting to find some reason, logic or knowing — even in (especially in) situations where we just can’t know. Now is a good time to identify scripts and narratives that need to go, or to plant new ones (affirmations worked with on a daily basis). Bonus points for starting to identify the ways your scripts and stories are fed by family and ancestral narratives and patterns. Pay attention to your mind chatter. Start working with a mantra (seriously, y’all – mantras are such good Gemini medicine, and even if your life is going well you can pick one that, say, supports peace and healing for all life on earth and you’re doing yourself and the world so much good!)

*Do some work with vows and or/promises. This can be in the conventional form, as in a review of vows you’ve explicitly and willingly taken, but you can also take it in a more general direction. For example, how do your inner scripts show up as vows or self-fulfilling prophecies? Awareness brings at least some degree of power to change.

*Work on your communication skills. Hi. Yes. This is good.

*Identify where this New Moon falls in your chart, which will give you an area of life to focus on, and then do some examining of the stories or narratives you have around that area. Give yourself permission to write a new story.

There are, of course, many more Gemini correlates, but I think these few are super important now, as I anticipate whatever you’re uncovering will be what you’re working with through July’s eclipse season — particularly the feelings and emotions associated with the scripts that are arising now. As a baseline, maybe just tune into your relationship with the concept of thoughtfulness itself! Not thoughtfulness as considerateness, but, like… what are your thoughts full of? When does your body need your thoughts to be less full? How do your thoughts affect you at the emotional and physical levels? What do you need to be more or less thoughtful of?

As usual, further suggestions are available for my Patrons at the $5 level in the form of ritual guidance. And I’ll also take this opportunity to just say that this would be a prime time to do some structured and focused learning. My Tools for Empaths class, which starts June 3 (registration is open til June 10) would be a perfect form of that if I do say so myself! Patrons at all levels get 25% off…

New Moon blessings, friends. 

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