Sagittarius Full Moon 2019

There is so much astrology going on right now, friends. It is a fascinating mix of structured and nebulous, extraordinary and mundane, full of possibility and potential… and just plain hard.

The words I’ve used to describe this year the most are: Maturation processes. Reckoning. Active Labor.

This Sagittarius Full Moon, exact at 1:31am Pacific on June 17 provides an opportunity to tune into where you are with those themes. As with all Full Moons, it expresses a dynamic opposition, with the Sun in 25 degrees Gemini and the Moon in 25 degrees Sagittarius. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis reflects the movement between knowledge and wisdom, and the nuance of how what we think we know informs our beliefs and truths. It takes place against a backdrop of increasing pressure from Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn, asking us to release and restructure our guilt, shame and repression patterns. It takes place alongside Mars, Mercury and the North Node in Cancer commanding us to review how we take care of ourselves and those closest to us and the ways we communicate about our emotions. All of these Cancer-Capricorn planets opposing each other can be on the cranky and volatile side, reminding us to self-parent, and to come into our integrity.

This Full Moon also takes place while Neptune and Jupiter complete the second of three exact squares, once again inviting us to use our dreams to fuel our visions — all the while tempting us with escapism and delusion. Sagittarius is about truth and belief, and we sure can cling to old truths and beliefs when chaos and destruction arise.

Because this Full Moon is ruled by Jupiter, which sits not to far away from the Moon in its home sign, we can ask how Sagittarian medicine might be able to give us a moment of reprieve in the midst of whatever it is we’re facing at the personal level — and the dramatic shifts and changes we can see on the world stage. The constant acceleration of the climate crisis. The increasing number of children being detained in concentration camps on the US border. Refugee crises around the world. Alternate realities spawned by news media and politics.

Because this Full Moon occurs alongside Mars on the North Node in Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon in Sagittarius, we can take a moment to reflect on how our Sagittarian parts — our vision, beliefs, truths and sense of hope — are helping or hurting us now. We can call in a more nourishing vision and reach for it.

Those planets in Capricorn are asking us to keep it real, though. They’re asking us about responsibility, accountability and integrity. They’re offering us a chance (yes, still) to get right with ourselves and our people as we identify which practices and patterns are sustainable and which are not. They’re cooperating by synthesizing sextile with Neptune, asking us to bring the healing warmth of compassion in as we identify ways we are trying to escape from reality, or ignore hard evidence that ways we have of existing are not working.

These are big themes. I do not use terms like “climate crisis” or “concentration camps” lightly. Alas, I trust that if you are here reading this, it is because you too see these truths as cold and hard. That acceptance — and the fact that you’re not in the reality of it alone — can go far in helping all of us to move forward.

What I’m recommending for this Full Moon is a bit of reprieve and reflection. A reunion with visions of your personal life and our collective experience on this earth where we are happy, healthy and free. Treating each other and the earth with respect. Refusing to let any child be incarcerated or harmed. I am recommending that if there are bits of you in denial about critical realities of our world, that you release them now, along with emotions that surface, so that you can use the energy spent repressing for regeneration and creativity.

I am recommending a reframe: that you think of your life as a treasure map, be the treasures joyful or not. I’m recommending you honor and remember the highs and the lows, the knowns and the unknowns. I am recommending you make a wish and send it out into the universe with love, hope and trust. Because as dire as things are now, there is always, always room for thoughtful, wishful magic. Especially wishes based in the truths of love, sharing, connection and respect. *note: Patrons at the 10+ levels get guided visualizations and meditations for every Full Moon, and I am expanding on the above themes for this Full Moon

I leave you with a poem I wrote for a Sagittarian Full Moon a few years ago.

Do you feel it?

The pause before the exhale?

The bliss of inhaled expansion?

Or maybe, my love, for you it’s more like

The calm before the storm?

Or rigid, pulsing dread?

Clashing of realities.

Dimensions spatting in parallel.

Big hopes and dreams come swirling through this Sagittarian Full Moon portal…

Opening, confusing, clarifying, refusing.

What opportunities are coming your way?

What does your intuition say?

Something is about to ignite

But not before one…more…veil…is removed.

Close your eyes, breathe…

You are the wind and the rain

The sun and the grass.

You are the knowledge that recedes

And the wisdom that is born.

You are the light that awakens

The dawn in cracks of hope.

Feel it all pouring through you now…

In image and memory and caress…

And remember…

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