Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer

Home and hearth.

What we love and protect.

How we identify with our family. Our traumas.

We recognize the blood that flows through us is connected to so much of what came before, and what will come after… the potential for healing… or for feeling enslaved.

We nurture and support that which is sprouting inside of us… and also recognize how we nurture and support — and cling to — what really just needs to go. 

The ways we try to achieve and retain emotional security is a complex conundrum while existing on a globe flying through space. 

Art by Amanda

We’ve entered the season of eclipsing… what no longer serves. What has run its course. The season of breathing and letting go, even knowing that in times like these the instinct to fight is just as constant as the instinct to flee. We’re still honing our skills of reaction versus response. We’re increasingly immersed in emotional waters we don’t even have names for. Perpetual overwhelm. 

We adapt. We cultivate resilience. We wonder at compromises we make for the sake of our family…our health…our sanity…

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 2 at 12:16pm is not a time for the usual ritual in any conventional sense — although reflection-and-grounding-as-ritual are always appropriate — but it is a time for clarifying and clearing. Connecting with kindreds. Extending love within. Sitting in silence, perhaps. Pondering…

What am I devoted to?
Which identities am I clinging to that have become intolerable or irrelevant or just…wrong? Victim, bully, savior? Fighter? Lover? Spouse?

The wisdom of this New Moon eclipse lies within its presence on the North Node. It encourages us to invoke the medicine of Cancer. Rest. Retreat. Tending the inner waters and inner flame. Care. Nurture. Soup.

Too often we focus on output and product and productivity. Structure, strength and status. These are the Saturnian wounds and conditionings we’ve been healing; the idea that I am only of value if I have, hold and claim.

But even trauma and wound work — even healing — has taken on a tone of harshness and measurable forward movement. We have attempted to codify its mysteries into formulas and categories. The mechanisms of denial and repression are insidious.

In Cancer, we soften. In recognition that the human heart needs tenderness, but also in recognition that a just and sustainable society requires that we understand the strength that comes from acknowledging vulnerability. 

Even in times of stress and trouble — of ‘Active Labor’, which has been my tagline for the year — softening can help with endurance. Breathing through. Relaxing the arms, or softening the belly. Listening to what body, soul and emotions need rather than just the dictates of an abstract metric determined by impersonal forces.

Softening can be vulnerable. It gives us a chance to listen to the smaller, softer voices within. Perhaps those that have built up survival mechanisms for decades, never recovering from childhood trauma. Or perhaps the ones that come to us through psychic inheritance — the phobias, fears and scripts that have traveled through our family lines unexamined and unconscious.

This eclipse sees an opportunity for releasing those wounds, and any wounds that keep us ashamed of our vulnerability.  Awareness of what they are helps us to recognize when they’re on the verge of being reimprinted instead. Because sometimes the old stuff comes up again when it’s on its way out.

Eclipse windows can be trying because they tend to require us to release and adjust more than we’d like. Not to say that is what will happen for you, but astrology works best through observation and correlation. So, notice…be aware. 

Here’s a little survival guide if these next two weeks between eclipses become a lot for you:

What do I need right now?

Have I had any water lately? What about food?

Who can I ask for support?

What are the connections that infuse my life with gentle joy — even if it’s just my own heart, skin or breath?

Notice and nurture your own sensitivities. We cannot retreat entirely from the world (well, most of us anyway), but we can take time to lean inwards and acknowledge our hurts and pains. Inner-parenting goes a long way now. 

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