New Moon in Leo: Passionate, Fearless, Free

The New Moon in Leo, exact at 8:11pm Pacific, ushers us into the season officially, however, with grace and perhaps a bit of joy. 

Art by Amanda

At the very least, you might feel some reprieve in this New Moon’s release and re-set. Not just because it marks the end of an eclipse-laden lunar cycle, but because in the 24 hours leading up to the New Moon, Luna in Cancer got a dose of Pluto and Saturn through her oppositions. Ripples and waves of what’s been left unprocessed in the tumultuous living of June and July might have been stirred to the surface. 

It also takes place minutes before Mercury stations direct, also in Cancer. Mercury stations tend to call for stormy weather. In this round, those storms are giving us opportunities to understand more about the connections between our thoughts and our emotions.

But…y’all… June and July are over! Woohoo! Although the next lunar cycle is not without complexities, it also sees a series of harmonious connections between Jupiter and other personal planets, perhaps infusing us with some much needed abundance, spaciousness and light as Jupiter stations direct in visionary Sagittarius on August 11.

There’s some time for celebration here. For at least a bit of fun. Celebration is, in fact, perfect Leo medicine. Maybe that looks like an actual party or social event. Blowing bubbles in the street by yourself. Laughing a little bit louder than you have been. Or, heck, celebrating National Orgasm Day (July 31). Leo is, after all, among the lustiest of signs.

As we blend Cancerian and Leonian energies at the beginning of this lunar month, we might find ourselves exploring the needs of the heart. Beginning with a square between Venus in Leo and Uranus in Taurus in the days after the New Moon is exact, there’s still potential for some unsettled or restless energy as we begin to move forward again. Uranus and Venus together can bring up some of our survival fears, or feelings of scarcity, or desires for more. 

The impulse here, however, is for liberation. Freedom from whatever is no longer serving, and whatever is no longer in alignment with our values. 

But let’s take a deeper look at what Leo is about, for in it we cultivate a brand of fearlessness that allows us to be truly free.

All of the fire signs — Aries, Leo, Sagittarius — teach us about courage. In Aries, it’s courage informed by adrenaline and the ways that we react in self-defense or based on threat, fighting for our existence. In Leo, it’s courage cultivated into bravery. The bravery we need to stand up and show who we are and what we love. The courage of conscious choice. In Sagittarius, we experience the courage it takes to simply exist, here and now in the present, as a fully conscious being aware of the madness of standing on a ball hurtling through space without worrying about the past or the unknowns of the future. 

That courage it takes to just simply be, in present time and with full awareness of life and our place in it, is forged in fire, tossed around in the waves, pummeled into sand and revealed through light of day. That courage is tempered through our experiences. 

That courage is also indicative of a greater intensity and focus.

The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is: Glassblowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing. 

Keynote: The need to involve one’s most spiritual and vital energies in the creative act’ if it is to produce significant and beautiful new forms.

The explanation of this symbol is as follows, and it feels highly relevant to the energy of this New Moon as it speaks to where at in our collective moment in history, actively fighting the shadow manifestations of Leo (narcisissm, individualism, selfishness and blind arrogance), helping us to focus on our need to keep the bigger picture in mind: 

The breath represents the power of the spirit, animator of all living manifestations. Because the glass blower uses his breath to shape the glass vessels, he is a fitting symbol of how deeply any creative individual has to involve his total being in his creation. He is also using the fire of the spirit — transpersonal inspiration — or, in another sense, the fire of deeply felt emotions. Any creative activity which does not involve both the “breath” and the “fire” cannot transform into beautiful artworks — or indeed into any new form of order — the raw materials, remains of the past (the “sand”).

This fourth stage of the twenty-sixth sequence symbolically shows us the technique required in true and successful transforming activity. It always implies CREATIVE INTENSITY.

When we look at the fire signs as a spectrum of development, Leo is where we learn how to use our creative life force to shape something beautiful and meaningful in our own unique way. It’s where we say – WHOA. I get to play in this grand creation?! This shit’s fun!

Leo is also where we continue awakening to the fact of our difference. 

Oftentimes, that recognition of uniqueness can be a scary thing. As much as we crave being different, we also fear it. 

The fire signs also teach us about anger, which has many forms as well but is often based in fear, injustice or harm. Anger can be a call to action that drives us into empowerment. 

When we feel empowered, we are able to bravely and consciously stand up for what we love. To be the lion roaring in the face of death when need be. 

Through Leo and its polarity, Aquarius, we enter the realms of the Shambhala Warrior* — a figure in Buddhist mythology that is called to action to protect what is sacred at a time when evil, destructive forces have taken over the earth. Sound familiar?

The Shambhala Warriors do not wear a uniform. They do not belong to one country or land. They look just like you and me, but hear the call from within to push back the ‘forces of darkness’ not with violence, but with two primary tools or weapons: insight and compassion.

Compassion is the fierce, hot love of the lion-hearted Leo. Compassion here is not weak or passive, but strong and active.

Insight is the cooling, tempering balance to the passionate force of love, the Aquarian style of objective detachment and mental awareness.

Compassion is the fire of anger transmuted through the heart in recognition of what is worth fighting for, and taking a stand against whatever threatens the sanctity of life. It is that same energy that reaches like a strong current through your body when you feel passionate love for people, places of things, redirected as a protective force that would see all beings free from suffering, hatred, greed, harm and sickness.

All beings. Every single one.

Leo contains within it the same desire principle as Aries, but it is desire based in the heart. The heart is an organ of fire.

Leo also contains within it the vulnerability we discover in the preceding sign, Cancer. It feels the fear of rejection, and the longing for validation and recognition. And therefore the fearlessness it takes to move forward with expression anyway. 

In Leo, vulnerability can become strength. It is what connects us to compassion.

When Leo energy is healthy and vibrant, it shines as bright as the Sun. It is loving and living and celebrating. It is joyful, playful and fun. It is roaring forward saying fearlessly, “HERE I AM, world! In all of my weirdness and flaws, in all of my shortcomings and strengths — HERE I AM!”

Leo contains an abundance of open-hearted acceptance.

In this lunar cycle, we have an opportunity for recalibration through art, expression, celebration and joy.

We also have an opportunity to come out. To tell the world who we are, what we stand for — and what we will protect fiercely, fearlessly and with the strong heat of compassion tempered with the cool clarity of insight. 

It takes so much bravery to be different in this world, whether that means through sexuality or gender identity… through stepping away from or into a religion, spiritual system or philosophy… through choosing a way of eating, or to abstain from a place of purchasing, or stopping a tradition that no longer reflects the desires of the heart.

But the more we can celebrate difference — difference that is vital, flowing and authentic as opposed to difference that exists just for difference’s sake — the more we can recognize that we’re all super weird, all super flawed and vulnerable, and all super fucking worthy of love and celebration.  The more that those of us who feel safe to do so can be as open as possible about who we are, especially if we have identities that are being threatened right now, the greater the opportunities for the safety and health of others being persecuted for those same identities.

Leo season is a time to stock up on heart-sunshine, whatever that means for you. 

*Ah, yes. It is time for my annual reference to Joanna Macy’s telling of this myth. You can check it out here. 

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