Virgo New Moon: Functional Humanity

On Friday, August 30 at 3:37am (Pacific Time, y’all), we have a lovely New Moon in Virgo. It’s more than that, though. As always, a New Moon indicates the time when the Sun and Moon come together in the sky. But for now,  we also have an outright pile up of all kinds of Virgo energy led by Venus and Mars, with Mercury bringing up the rear. The sign of the perfectionist, the virgin (they who are whole unto themselves), and the healer is being brought front and center for the coming weeks. And you know what?

I’m totally here for this. Into it. Even if my brain keeps going and my to-do-list orientation is in overdrive and I’m having a little bit of insomnia and my need to keep everything neat and tidy is interfering with what actually needs to be done. 

But maybe that’s just me.

Side note, I saw this graphic the other day and thought it was a pretty good reference for Virgo and its shadow:

We’ll talk about that anxiety a bit in a minute (and more in the podcast episode for this week).

Virgo definitely carries that “back to school” energy with it — at least in the olden days when most of us were on a nine month school year. 

Other side note: I can’t believe I just used “olden days” totally unironically and in reference to my own memories. 

That preparation energy is also demonstrated by the metaphor of the harvest. Virgo, as a mutable sign, is a transitioning energy. It is taking the fruits of the season, at least here in the northern hemisphere, and putting that stuff to good use for the colder months to come. It’s packaging what’s been sown and nurtured and harvested in whichever way will serve us best as the days get darker and we huddle in towards one another. 

Preparation is a fantastic Virgo word. Virgo loves to be prepared. Associated with The Hermit and Magician cards in the tarot, Virgo is the part of us that wants to understand the world, to learn what tools we have and how to work with them, and then to make something useful out of them. In fact, as an archetype of transition, Virgo corresponds with that movement from the subjective to the objective. From how can I be special, to how can I be useful. 

This New Moon is a fantastic time for connecting with your body, setting new routines, and taking stock of what you’ve learned over the summer — and then putting those lessons to good use.

Zooming out a bit, as I’m prone towards doing, there is a bigger picture here as well. The time for taking concrete and decisive action is now, and this Virgo energy can empower you to taking steps that make sense for you. Pick your issue. Is it the rise of facism? The injustices of systemic racism? Misogyny and oppression? Ecocide and our collapsing ecosystems? Reducing plastic use? So many to choose from!

But you know what? Just choose one. Choose a tiny segment of one. Choose two concrete actions you can implement in the next month. 

You know what else? I understand these big world-level things can be intense causes of anxiety. Virgo knows a lot about anxiety, too. Its core function is analysis, after all, and anxiety of the mental kind often loops into our physical and emotional systems to wreak havoc. 

Sometimes we can get lost in analysis, losing site of the fact that its a function that’s supposed to take us somewhere. Endlessly looping thoughts and further dissection of problems… These processes that are so familiar to many of us are based in that desire to do good. To make use of what we have. Those desires are based in integrity. Virgo knows a lot about integrity. 

The thing is, Virgo knows a lot about release as well. It is, after all, inherently connected to its polarity, Pisces. Thinking of the two as a circle rather than in linear terms, we can understand that there are times for work and focus and applying what we know to sculpt something in the material world, and there are times for release and surrender.

Fear can give us a bit of oomph to get going, but when fear and attachment to outcome are driving the process, we can burn out our nervous systems. In a day and age where a president is suggesting putting a nuclear bomb in the eye of a hurricane in order to change its course, we’re constantly bombarded with disbelief and overwhelm amidst increasing chaos. In weather such as this, Virgo wants to double down even further, almost as if in avoidance. 

This lunation is picking up a supportive trine from Uranus in Taurus, providing a mainline current of liberation energy that can help us to break through into new patterns and routings. It’s also demonstrating the tension of an opposition with Neptune, helping us to moderate any tendency towards perfection, while also potentially increasing anxiety. That blend of “get it done now” with “but what does it really matter?” can be a dubious mix. 

So, again, any fear and anxiety that exist now are not to be shoved under the rug, and I don’t mean to downplay them. But they are fuel. The key here is to remember to stop and connect with breath, and then with body, and then with mama Earth. As remembrance of connection, but also as tool for slowing down. Virgo is diligence, integrity and preparation, all of which encompass the energy of the Virgin – she who is whole unto herself. You have everything you need. So what is it time to sow? 


A deeper dive into the astrology of this lunation and all things Virgo, check out the latest episode of The Aquarian Spirals Podcast, due out Friday afternoon. 

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Because astrology should be accessible and practical, and also communicated by someone who knows what they’re doing, yo. 

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