Deconstructing the Myth of Soulmate 2019

A myth is not a lie. It’s a story.

In a culture that largely conflates myth with lie, or sees mythology as a relic of the past or a tool for fantasy movies and the “unreal,” we’ve largely lost sight of the ways that mythologies — be they spiritual, cosmological, familial or ancestral — shape and inform our experience. They are the stories that speak to our heads and our hearts and help us to orient to our experiences.

Our lives are bound up in our personal and collective myths. Understanding those myths gives us power to understand, bring awareness, and then shift. Denying that they exist only gives them power to control us. 

What if you had an opportunity to uncover your personal mythologies in ways you never thought of before while excavating deeply buried emotions, letting them flow out so something new could be created?

What if there were myths, patterns and scripts burrowed into your heart that once served a purpose but now needed updating?

I have to do it alone. 

I have to survive this.
The people in my family always stick together, no matter what.

They’ll only like me if I’m quiet and pretty. 

Maybe this is as good as it gets.  

The idea of the soulmate is one that has been romanticized and sculpted over long periods of time, entrenching itself in the modern psyche oftentimes as an ideal.  The longing for someone else to complete us is but one manifestation of a cultural mythos that is all at once enticing and yet highly nuanced and even problematic, as it can encourage us to externalize our power.

The thing is, there is not one form or model of relationship that will fit every person’s needs. Obtaining fulfilling, life-enhancing relationship oftentimes requires that we go within to figure out our own values, wants and needs, our own relationship with sex and intimacy, therefore nurturing our relationship with ourselves. 

Deconstructing the Myth of Soulmate is an online course (registration is live NOW!) that will lead you through multiple ways of understanding your patterns, challenges, gifts, assumptions and conditioning so that you can write a new story.

Throughout the duration of this course, you’ll be examining your own loves, fears, expectations and un-examined assumptions in order to understand a bit more about who you are in a world where the ways we relate — to ourselves, to each other and to the earth — must take on a sense of cosmic enchantment at the same time as they are rooted in practicality and psychology. 

Because learning basic relationship skills is at the heart of the paradigm shift we’re a part of now. Healing our relationship with others and with the planet requires us to understand more about our relationship with ourselves.

This 7-week series will use mythology, psychology,  lunar ritual, personal narrative writing and writing prompts, energy healing and clearing exercises, art and much more to give you an opportunity to delve into your unconscious ideas about soulmate/relationship/bonding/sexuality. 

The goal will be to help you to get in touch with values and needs so that you can reconstruct your core identity from a place of power and awareness. You’ll explore ways you can let go of old stories that are no longer helpful while recreating a new mythology-as-guide for what you want your relational life to look and feel like.

There are no expectations about what you will emerge from the course with. Perhaps your existing mythology will be validated and invigorated. 

The course begins October 11 and ends November 26 with live calls on October 13 and November 12 (recorded if you can’t attend live).

What you’ll get (Tier One):

  • An outline and syllabus so you know what to expect
  • Six written lessons*
  • Two live Full Moon calls
  • Ritual guidance for two New Moons
  • Insight into your relationship patterns, conditioning around relationship, fears, as well as ways to work with what is uncovered
  • Basic shadow integration exercises
  • Energy healing and clearing during the live calls (recorded and distributed if you can’t attend) led by Amanda
  • Writing prompts geared towards helping you identify old narratives and create new ones
  • Techniques for listening to your intuition
  • Insight to relationship styles of all kinds, actively embracing the relevant-to-all skills encouraged by ethical non-monogamy
  • A container that is sensitive to queerness and difference
  • Email support (email Amanda at any time for questions or in-writing-processing)
  • The ability to audit this class next time it runs for a low fee**

Cost for Amanda’s Patrons: $45 (this discount available to anyone who signs up for Amanda’s Patreon campaign at at by October 10; unsubscribe at any time — or try it. You’ll like it!)
Cost for everyone else: $65

What you’ll get (Tier Two)

  • Everything from Tier One
  • Plus an hour of personal coaching sessions (online, as one 60 minute session or two 30 minute sessions, you decide, you schedule by November 30, 2019

Cost for Amanda’s Patrons: $105 (this discount available to anyone who signs up for Amanda’s Patreon campaign at at by October 10)
Cost for everyone else:

What you will need:

  • Access to DropBox (this is how you will access the lessons as PDFs and MP4s, available for download available until November 20)
  • Access to Zoom if you want to attend the Full Moon calls live
  • Openness to new ideas about the world and yourself
  • Commitment to the practices and to your inner explorations (Scorpio loves commitment, y’all)
  • A journal
  • An altar/sacred space (I’ll guide you through building one if you don’t have one already)

Folks who have taken this course before can audit this round for $20. Please email Amanda to register.

Although this course contains exercises and material that will be relevant whenever you get around to them, I encourage you to participate in real time, as the cosmological weather supports this work now.

Registration opens September 28 and closes October 10. You will receive your first lesson October 11. 

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