Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Hi friends! At the beginning of Mercury’s retrograde shadow period, I recorded a half hour exploration into all things Mercury Retrograde that was available to my $10+ Patrons. It’s now available to all and you can access it here. First half is date deets and logistical stuff; second half is an exploration of Scorpio, initiation, some Egyptian stuff, trauma and more. Choose your own adventure.

If I had to nutshell (ha!) and add on to what I did in that recording, I’d say: This MercRetInScorp Oct 31 – Nov 20 is a GREAT time to tune into how your deepest emotional triggers affect your thoughts, communication style and relationships. The thing with Mercury retrograding through a water sign is that we often have to feeeeeeeel things *before* we communicate about what we think.

But with Scorpio, some of our deepest shit can get stirred up, perhaps bringing up that feeling of waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under us. It is very difficult to just BE in that state of anxiety and fear without knowing why, and so often we start grasping for answers and looking with suspicion towards relationships, trying to uncover the source of our fear.

Maybe that leads to feeling the need to lash out and control or manipulate. Scorpio is about transformation, sure, but transformation can be scary. It’s also constant. So part of our Scorpio work is to understand the ways we externalize our power, clinging or reaching for something OUT THERE that will make us feel secure and stable.

So, of course, the wisdom for this time is to search for answers, stability and security within. If you get triggered, try to slow down, breathe and go inward. This does not mean you have to go it alone, nor does it mean there aren’t legit emergencies that require help from others. I’m just saying watch what you conjure, witchy loves. If you’ve been avoiding dealing with your own shit, this’d be a really good time to get real — at least real aware.

Don’t give your power away.

When Mercury is in Scorpio (for a full two months this year! Yeah!), we can access understanding of the depths of our own psychology. All we gotta do is tune in

It’s been a tricksy month for volatile astro, and that doesn’t stop in November. BUT! A conjunction between Mercury and Venus today gives me hope that even though the messenger is gonna go back through the darkness to reclaim something they’ve been needing access to for some time, the goddess is about to head into the light of truth and love in Sag. The light of love leading the way. And we need to stock up on that good, good light of love now, perhaps more than ever (I mean it, yo. There’s a whole world out there right now in crisis and it needs as many of us doing our own work and then maturing through it to hold space for creating change as possible. If you’ve read this far, that totally means TAG! YOU’RE IT! ❤ )

For those of you into the visualization thing, today would be a GREAT day to spend some time standing in your chart where that conjunction is taking place (in 27 Scorp) and become aware of what Mercury and Venus have to share with you as medicine for your journey forward. Check in with them again, although separately, at the midpoint of the retrograde around November 11.

Questions for reflection:
What are you most committed to?
Where do you give away your power and where are you sure as hell within it?
What is your soul desiring most at this time? Not your ego. Your soul. Deep down within. Feel it. Imagine how you can give birth to it in reality.
What is your relationship with death? Not as a metaphor, but as a real thing that will happen to you just as it does all of us. How does that relationship affect your relationship with others? With the earth?
Where do you go to extremes and why?
Where in your body do you feel your emotions? How can you help them to flow and release?

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