Mecury Retrograde in Pisces


Mercury stations retrograde in 12 degrees of Pisces on Sunday, February 16 at 4:54pm Pacific time. As the first Mercury retrograde of 2020, it is asking us to review and reflect upon the connection between our feelings, our emotions and our thoughts.


Mercury is said to be in its detriment in Pisces. That means it has another filter to work through. It’s not as easy for it to do its job. Mercury, which is associated with Gemini and Virgo, likes to map, it likes to pay attention to details and logic and rationality and to put things into categories so they can be made useful.


Pisces is all about nebulousness and flow. It is the ocean. It’s right brain, intuitive mysticism. To me, Mercury in Pisces is the art of channeling and flow. It is the muse-energy behind  poetry and prose. It is that flow that comes when you start writing and everything just rolls out of you perfectly, and you can feel the wisdom of the words hitting the page, or the keys. Mercury in Pisces is magic — right and left brain combined. So there’s strength there, too. We just have to know what to be on the look out for.


This retrograde, is an invitation to lean into what we’re feeling, as emotions or as body symptoms. Pisces and Neptune are very much about anxiety, often of the existential kind — the can’t quite place my finger on it kind.


So a core tip for this mercury retrograde: make a note of what you’re feeling. Remember that emotions can seem like your entire reality, but that they aren’t. Remember that when we’re feeling things, we usually want a reason for it. There might be lots of unconscious reasons for your feelings at this time, though, so just take care of what narratives you’re adding to the mix.


This retrograde period is also a time to pay attention to our connection to the universe around us. It is an opportunity to notice and acknowledge any of our deeper emotions about what is going on in the world at large.


Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are all about the transpersonal or the collective energies and parts of life. But Pisces is The Collective. It is our connection to the all. Not just to each other, but the earth. Not just to the earth, but the vastness of the universe. That kind of connection can be overwhelming, but it can also give us perspective, either through helping us understand higher purpose, meaning and cause, or by facilitaing a process of heart opening. And we understand and can empathize with each other because… oh my goodness! How much suffering we’ve all experienced! How much we all deserve love and safety and kindness and security. How deeply we long for reunion with the beauty and magic of the heart of the universe. The emergence of our connection to an enchanted and interconnected universe.


This Mercury retrograde is a time for deep meditations and reveries into that connection with the world around us. It’s a time to extend love and compassion to the parts of ourselves that are suffering, that have done wrong or that remain in hiding for whatever reason. It’s a time to delve honestly — and very tenderly — into any grief or despair we feel about living in a time of such tremendous and at times overwhelming and terrifying change.


Because it is through honestly facing, engaging and moving through those complex emotions that we free up energy to actually do the work we need to do to get through this.


Connect with your right brain. To flow. Create spaciousness in your life, even if just for the weekend before the New Moon in Pisces on February 23. Take a break from social media. Only check your emails once a day. Take a walk. Take a bath. Hug your people for longer than you usually do.

Mercury will resume forward motion on March 9 in 28 degrees of Aquarius.
You can check out a more in depth look at the retrograde, with accompanying dates and other astro transits, on episode 10 of my podcast:

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