Pisces New Moon: So Much Space to Believe

(adapted from a prior Pisces New Moon piece I wrote a while back)

The sea. At sunset. Orangey reds and yellows merging with aqua greens and blues. Vibrant and beautiful. Evoking wisps of passion…seemingly calm and subtle…yet…

Dive deeper still. Or just sink slowly to the depths. Awed by silence. Swayed by currents. Hypnotic. There are no boundaries here. No differentiation. No limits. Floating. Drowning? Welcome to Pisces.

The Piscean approach to life is one of feelings and impressions, of surrender to the ebbs and flows of life. It is bittersweet. There is release. Relief. Letting go. Pisces, as the final sign of the zodiac, contains multitudes. It is the All.

And is therefore ready to release into death.

Image attribution unknown.

On Sunday, February 23 at 7:32am we have a New Moon in 4 degrees of Pisces. This New Moon, as all New Moons in Pisces, marks the last lunar cycle of the astrological year, which will begin again when the Sun shifts into Aries at the spring equinox. Pisces is about endings and the transition into beginnings. 

What is it time to let go of now so that you can commit your power to giving birth to something new?
What is your dream for your life? For the earth? For the universe?

Furthermore: might ye need a little silence and solitude to recenter before moving forward? It might be best to heed that call, if only for a day…

Pisces energy is passive. It can be downright exhausted. So much life. So many trials and celebrations. So much feeling. Ecstasy. Bliss. Terror. Pisces is said to be boundaryless, but the truth is a little more complex. Pisces refers to the parts of us that create boundaries and draw lines based on intuition. We no longer need to think and justify and logic our way to a decision; discernment in Pisces is more a matter of intuition, ideals and values. Having the wisdom to close our eyes and tune inward for guidance rather than relying on so many outer world cues and details.

 Who cares about the details now, anyway, when surrender and release are so near…

The death spoken of through the Piscean archetype is not the turbulent transformation of Scorpio, or the death of the body. Pisces death is the death of memory. It is loss of self, as in the ego identifications that tether us to our constructed lives. It is the loss of conditioning. Our celebrations. Our hardships. It is where our personal mythologies and narratives melt away. It is the amnesia that comes as we make our way through the bardo states of the afterlife realms, disoriented and confused.

An existential dread or terror can be found in Piscean times. Because it is so untethered. Because our ego constructs are failing. We can, therefore cling. To relationships. To fantasies. To religions or party affiliations or scientific explanations. To the masks we wear. We can attempt to play any role — many roles! — to escape the fear of what happens when dissolution comes. And yet it always comes…whether temporarily or ultimately. 

The Piscean realms are a state of undifferentiated flow. Persona-less. Ego-less. All that remains in that state of flow is something quite magical: remembrance. Of union. Of divinity and oneness. Of connection, intuition, instinct. Of the body as a vessel of light and spaciousness. We forget who we are, yes. In that mundane sense. But we remember Self. 

This connection to an ultimate knowing is an ultimate remembering. This is why in Pisces — or during Piscean periods — we can be so incredibly tapped into creativity. Words can be so very difficult to access in the realms of deep sea emotion, or when leaning more towards the right than the left hemisphere of the brain. Other modes of expression come forward as ways to move that nebulous energy through, but also as ways to ground in the here and now. Emotions. Visual art. Song. Movement. Sex. 

More than that, though. Strongly Piscean periods call for two things above all else: silence and simplification. Let’s add a third: solitude. This is a time to go within. To incubate. To dream. Or maybe just breathe.

In solitude we find a bit of a conundrum.  Oftentimes folks with Piscean karma are tapped into lifetimes of solitude, often of the religiously inspired kind. When by choice, we might see a monk who has taken a vow of silence living outside the city walls, or within them and yet alone. When by force, we might see a child given as offering to the gods and dosed with hallucinogens as part of a ritual. 

Loss of self. It comes in many forms.

The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) all teach us about the evolution of the soul, which is imprinted in the emotional body. The soul contains two paradoxical desires: the desire to separate from source, and the desire to return. The insecurity of Cancer is related to our first conscious awareness of being separate. From the mother’s womb. From the cosmic womb. The tumult and transformation reflects the ways we push up against our limits, and transition back again, the barrel of the wave that has forgotten whether it is moving towards the tip and separation, or back to the sea and undifferentiation.

This New Moon takes place near the midpoint of our current Mercury Retrograde, also in Pisces. We are being asked to review the emotions that lie beneath the surface of our lives, how our feelings inform our dreams, how our right brain connection to the world is supported and inhibited in our day to day worlds. The thrust here very much feels like it is based in helping us to uncover something that has been blocking us from manifestation.

This lunation takes place at the midpoint of a trine between Mars in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. It is therefore receiving sextiles from each. We have reached yet another point of push towards building a new world for ourselves and for all humans. This New Moon contains potent seeds for bringing the dream — a world full of integrity, equality, peace and collaboration — into being. It is supported by earth energy, and so what intentions you set now have the earth element backing them up. So dream big. 

The world needs more dharma priestesses now. The world needs those who will go within when called in order to head back out again, stronger and more focused. Those who are not afraid of connection with the mysteries, and who can in fact harness true belief in love as power are being called to focus now. This New Moon creates a powerful portal for release and shift of old wounds that are holding us back. 

This is a time to find solace in softening and opens space for grace amidst constantly shifting landscapes. 

So once again, I invite you to tap into your dream. Let go of beliefs that aren’t serving. Take time in silence. Regroup and recharge. You were made for these times, this life, and this journey. And when this portal ends, we’ll emerge back into the daylight and the powers of Aries, which will give us the courage to manifest what is incubated now.

Want more info about this New Moon and its accompanying Mercury Retrograde? I give the low down audibly on The Aquarian Spirals Podcast!

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