The Astrology of Now: Part I

The following is based off of a recent episode of my podcast.

I do believe that astrology can help us to cope and give us a framework under which we can orient ourselves, so I’m going to address it from that point of view. Keeping in mind that I am not a medical professional. I’m an astrologer with an extensive background in social sciences and psychology — specifically psychology of apocalypse, so that seems relevant. You can learn more about that part of me in episode one of my podcast (or just perusing articles found here). 

Remember that I did an episode on the Astrology of 2020 back in January — and folks who are Patrons got a half hour webinar on the more concrete aspects of 2020 astrology. You can sign up for my Patreon and access that webinar now

On March 21, Saturn is shifting out of Capricorn, where it’s been since December of 2017,  into Aquarius. Keep in mind that we’re just going to get a preview, because then Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn in July, and stay there until mid-December. Then it’ll enter Aquarius, kiss up on Jupiter (I wonder how Saturn kisses?)  and stay for a few years. 

Now, in some ways, this little preview of Saturn in Aquarius marks a really big, and possibly alleviating (heavy question mark?) shift. I saw alleviating because we have had sooooo much emphasis on Capricorn for so long. And Saturn is super strong in Capricorn. It’s still the traditional ruler of Aquarius, too, but hey, change is change.

Saturn has also been ruling the transiting South Node of the Moon, emphasizing those themes of guilt, isolation, punishment and fear even more — we’ve been in this big process of being asked to confront our conditioning and our fears and work through them. That kinda takes a step away from center stage and to side-stage once Saturn moves on — although not entirely off the stage, cuz… well, Pluto’s still in Cappy for a while, and Jupiter’s still there until the end of the year. This shift into Aquarius also helps us begin our move away from years of cardinal sign emphasis into more fixed sign emphasis. 

We are going to begin demonstrating what we’ve learned in the past 12 years or so, beginning with Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn. 

The astrology of late March through April is a bit foreboding. But as with all things: it’s about awareness and integration. Let’s break that down a bit. 

First of all, Saturn and Mars will come together in 0 degrees Aquarius on March 31. This might add some drama to the mix. And I’m not really talking like, leo style drama. But world stage level intensity. The structures of our society have been needing big time change for a long time — these transits reflect an intensification of that theme. 

No matter the case, I think it’s important to take care of business now. Whatever that means for you. Maybe it’s tax related. Maybe it’s preparing your own emergency kit. Maybe it’s having that conversation you’ve been 

And let’s talk about the good parts: as we more fully shift into the Aquarian paradigm — and I’m referencing here not just Saturn in Aquarius but the overall movement into the Aquarian age — we’re more fully immersed in the Leo-Aquarius polarity. How does the individual fit into the tribe and into community? How is your unique spark of genius relevant?

It also brings forward themes of leadership, and we have seen some really incredible leaders stepping forward at the local levels. We’ve seen some terrible ones as well, but local mayors and governors are stepping up with stoic responsibility, and we’re getting to see government fill the function it is supposed to: providing guidance, structure and order. 

This is not just political leaders, though. Saturn in Aquarius points to the importance of listening to frickin’ SCIENCE, y’all. Listen to scientists. 

And then the Leo polarity comes in to remind us to bring the heart into the mix as well.

When Saturn moves into Aquarius it’ll be squaring Uranus. So again, it’s kind of just like the tension we’ve had changes in some ways. We’re gonna get a preview of what the Saturn Uranus square, which is a really dominant theme of 2021, might have in store for us at the personal and societal levels.

Uranus in Taurus is very much about changing our relationship to our resources and deepening our understanding of what we truly value. Right now, money is the end all be all value system for the dominant paradigm. That has got to change, and we’re seeing that happen. What about life and health? What about connection? Saturn’s movement into this square will create dynamic friction in these areas, amplifying our shift into a society that values life, connection, sharing, interdependence and wellness. It is made easier with our full cooperation and awareness of the fact that we have to participate in that shift rather than continue avoiding and denying it.

With coronavirus in general, it does appear that we’re getting a very literal introduction to Saturn in Aquarius: confinement or boundaries around communities. Restrictions. But as those beloved scientists are telling us: this is for the sake of the health of all.

Finally, in mid-April we have the first of three exact Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions right around the degree of January’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Magnifying and expanding the message of that Saturn-Pluto stuff we astrologers have been talking about for years now: our society — everything about it — has to transform into a model that is actually sustainable. Jupiter will bring in the cultural component.

That’s a lot of change. And remember that Mars/Aries energy can be associated with inflammation. I’d advise you to pay attention to where you’re feeling physically or emotionally inflamed. Take steps to address it accordingly. Please, please breathe. 

And also, with that Mars-Saturn conjunction, Mars wants to go go go go go and Saturn wants to put walls and boundaries up SO that’s some cranky energy. I don’t know what’s going to happen on the world stage, but things look very tense. That’s not new news. That’s not anything I haven’t talked about before. But we’re starting to see how those themes we’ve talking about at the metaphorical level can be playing out.

Which is why it’s important to remember that all of these archetypes have good qualities too, right? Saturn in Aquarius can very much be about doing the rebuilding that needs to be done to house our institutions and infrastructure.  We’re seeing right now, and it’s probably going to be more clear, how important it is to slow the spread of coronavirus not because it’s super deadly, but because our health care system here in the US is kind of a mess. It can’t handle an influx of acute patients. So we’re just trying now to slow it so as not to tax that infrastructure, and to try to ensure folks who need help can get it. 

We are so in this together, friends. We have to respect and have reverence for the fundamental interconnection of all things. For those of you who have been with me a while, this is why I’ve spent years sending you those guided visualizations where we’ve visited your future self and the future earth to try to bring its goodness into the present. This moment is why I’ve focused on helping you through your grief and anger and pain. 

You are allowed your emotions — and this is really, really big stuff, so please be gentle with yourself. But also remember that fear is itself a viral thing. There have been moments in the past few weeks where my boundaries drop, and all of a sudden I am tapped into that collective fear and it is big and all encompassing and very difficult to get out of. 

But we are going to get through this. Love yourself. Love each other. Take deep breaths and take care  of your health. 

I will be posting part two of this article soon. 

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