The Astrology of Now Part II

You can read part one here.

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Picking up from Part I…

There is one part of the astrology I do want to dive into right now, because I do think it’ll be helpful. Chiron in Aries has been squaring the Nodes of the Moon. That’s the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn. Although this was exact last week, it’s still relevant now.

When we have a planet – or centaur planet in this case — squaring the nodes, we have a karmic quandary. A karmic crisis. This is playing out at the collective level in so many ways right now. 

Chiron can be summed up as representing the wounded healer, sure. But it’s also talking about the process of coming into consciousness. Specifically the pain associated with increased awareness — that kinda silly saying “ignorance is bliss” comes to mind. Chiron represents our coming to awareness of a wound — a part of us that is different and that always will be. And so it’s also related to feelings of being separate. 

Chiron in Aries squaring the nodes is emphasizing wounds and pains we have experienced where we feel like we can’t express ourselves. It can bring out the toddler in us that just wants to have our way. It can bring out inflammation, anger, aggression, and reactivity. 

In a ense, Chiron in Aries is about separation wounds, but in a kind of different way. It has this dynamic of feeling like the Chosen One. But think distortion here: Why do *I* have to give up these things like? What do *I* have to be living through a time of worldwide pandemic? I. Don’t. WANNA!

Taking it a step deeper, Chiron in this placement is also associated with cellular memories. So that’s kinda science speak for past life content. When I’m seeing this symbolism in the context of our current situation, I do think of inflammation. Fevers. Maybe that’s your memories of being sick as a child — any fear or grief associated with that arising through your memory. But it can also indicate deep soul memories — cellular memories — of past lives where we lived through epidemics. Much deadlier ones. Or maybe ancestral memories. Stories that have been passed down in your family about sicknesses and ailments. We are all familiar with stories of gas chambers in World War II. How those stories land with us is dependent on a lot of things, but the fear they bring can be visceral.

It doesn’t have to end with memories of sickness. The lungs are the part of the body where this virus seems to be attaching and/or attacking. Fear of not being able to breathe can be alive and well right now, too. Chiron also represents Chronic conditions — and we know that those with chronic conditions are more at risk now. 

Or literal separation and isolation. The symbolism of isolation is very present in the astrology right now, as it’s connected not just to Chiron, but Pisces and Capricorn as well. 

So what do we DO with all of this?

In EA, we refer to the resolution node, which in this case is the South Node in Capricorn. Health Capricorn is about maturity and responsibility — responsibility that is not distorted by judgement, guilt or fear or threat of punishment. It’s also asking us to bring awareness — consciousness — to our own wounds and fears right now, just as we tune out to take responsibility in terms of what will be helpful to society.

With that consciousness — through paying attention and taking responsibility, we can try to mitigate the crisis. 

And y’all, i gotta say. It’s hard to change and shift deep patterns using consciousness, awareness and slow, steady processes. Humans tend to wait until we hurt enough to change. We evolve through cataclysm. At least that’s the way it’s been in western culture. And the way that it seems to be now. 

We have opportunities, though, to change before until it hurts enough — or before it hurts any more. We have information coming in from other places where this virus has taken hold. We know that social distancing is crucial. We know that isolating is important. And so we have an opportunity to prepare for this rather than just wait and see what happens. The change can still feel cataclysmic and catastrophic and apocalyptic even when we’re taking steps to curb its impact. But we can consciously take steps as well to deal with those emotions and deal with those fears rather than allowing them to feed into that viral contagion of fear.

Saturn’s last little gasps in Capricorn, as ruler of the South Node, is also bringing our Capricorn lessons to a focal point right now. How do we take responsibility for ourselves in light of the societal situation? Even if it sucks and makes us mad, scared or wanting to just avoid and ignore? 

We are living through hard times. There’s no getting around that. We’re also living in complex times because those moments of joy still exist, and there are amazing things about being a live especially in a culture with so much abundance. We get to celebrate that. 

But right now it’s about community resilience, taking care of each other and taking care of ourselves, and refusing to numb out and refusing to turn a blind eye and pretend like everything is normal. Because it’s not. Even without this virus it’s not normal. There is nothing normal about climate change, and there is nothing normal about a system that uses indications from a stock market as an indication of the health of the whole. 

That Capricorn resolution node is emphasized right now, giving us an opportunity to do those Capricorn themes in a healthy way — so instead of fear and punishment and forced isolation and shunning people and out- casting difference, we get to mature. We get to grow up. 

We get to take responsibility for our own actions and take steps to care for each other — there’s the Cancer North Node.  Care. Gentleness. Slowing down. What are you feeding yourself? Your immune system is such a vital component of wellness! How are you caring for yourself, and others if you have bandwidth, emotionally? 

And we have to do all of this quickly and fiercely — there’s the Aries square to the notes — and possibly for a sustained period of time. There we are back to the Capricorn symbolism. 

The downside to the Aries square to the nodes is that will see inflammation right metaphorically and literally. We’ll see reactiveness. We’ll see temper tantrums and meltdowns. But, you, my friends, can be the change! 

Mars’ conjunction with Saturn gives us an opportunity to take that martial energy and use it to fuel insight and resolve. Mars hasn’t trodden this territory since the summer of 2018, when it went retrograde in Aquarius and we saw the beginning of the crisis of children in cages on American soil. Again, I don’t say that to scare you. I say it as a reminder that we are in a time of major, monumental change, it has been going on for a long time, and it is becoming undeniable and unavoidable. 

Remember, too, that fear is a big part of Capricorn. Fear can also go viral. So it’s important to stay informed, especially by listening to press conferences and reading things put out by your local department of health, but be careful with your social media intake. And also, if you feel scared — that’s ok! This stuff is scary! 

Ground yourself in daily routines and practices. Help out where and how you can, even if that’s just posting cute animal pictures on social media. Take breaks. Drink water.

And remember that when this crisis ends (which it will) we cannot ever return to normal. Our normal has shifted. And if I have it my way (and probably yours, to), that shift will be towards a world where all humans have everything they need to survive and thrive without the dictates of capitalism and kyriarchy suppressing their vital life force and health.

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