New Moon in Gemini 2020

On Friday, May 22, 2020 we have a New Moon in two degrees of Gemini. One of two signs ruled by Mercury, Gemini is yang air. It is an outwardly mapping energy that arises from the inward focus of  Taurus, allowing us to connect our sensory perceptions with our thoughts, to categorize the world around us, and to connect to what we perceive through communication. 

Gemini relates to language and communication at the same time as it relates to the ways we lie — to ourselves and others. This New Moon squares Mars in Pisces, bringing feelings of activation in ways we might not be able to place. It also exists alongside a square between Neptune in Pisces and a kissing-up-on-Venus Mercury in Gemini. 

from the Mystical Shaman Oracle

These aspects bring so much potential for confusion, disillusionment and anxiety. We can see this without referencing astrology at all — just based in concrete outer world realities for millions upon millions of humans existing in these times. When Neptune and Mercury interact, it becomes difficult to tell truth from lies. When Piscean fogs roll into our meaning-making minds, we can feel the inherent insecurity of being in ways that provoke anxiety. We can be thrown off center. 

We exist during a time where we have unprecedented access to information. Gemini mind loves data. Shadow Gemini gets stuck in the compulsive act of searching for data just for the sake of the search, scrolling endlessly. Adrenalizing through another hit of information. Endlessly falling victim to confirmation bias. Breathing shallowly as we search for the next bit of input to a mind already completely full. 

When we feel uncertain, we attach to information as if it were solid truth without vetting it or pairing it up with our intuition — or whether it resonates with our lived experience. Gemini and its opposite sign, Sagittarius, reflect our tendencies towards duality and polarization. Especially as survival responses. Information has to be integrated into an over-arching paradigm for meaning making. 

The challenge with the astrology of now is to be open to information without attaching to it and to stay centered within our selves. The invitation of this astrology, particularly with the current Venus Retrograde in Gemini, is to keep our patterns in mind, particularly the troublesome ones or the ones we seem to always find ourselves dipping back into. Keeping our patterns and narratives close — being conscious of when they’re arising and/or playing out — is how we keep them from controlling the show. 

Gemini gives us ways to cultivate curiosity as a coping mechanism — but also to cultivate thoughtfulness in healthy and empowering ways. The example I keep falling back on is: say you see an article with a headline along the lines of, “78% of Americans Are Experiencing a rise in Symptoms of Trauma.” You could instantly internalize that headline, a la “OH MY GOD, I’M IN TRAUMA.” Or you could get some more data. What is trauma? What do reliable sources have to say about how to cope with trauma? What is your body telling you about whether or not this information is true and relevant for you? 

Get curious, friends. Pay attention to the stories you tell yourself and ways you try to find and cling onto “reason” in situations where you just might not be able to know. The Venus-Mercury conjunction suggests this tendency will likely play out most in our experiences of and thoughts around relationships. But we exist in existentially trying times in general, so the effects might be more far-reaching. 

This astrology also points to developments in the continuing story line (and collective crisis) that is the Covid-19 pandemic. Things started getting real back around the time that Mercury was retrograde in Pisces, brushing up against Neptune. As it is now squaring Neptune, some kind of shift, adjustment or crisis in those initial developments is indicated. I don’t expect this adjustment to be as blurry as things were at the beginning of the stay at home orders, as Mercury is much more strong in Gemini than it is in Pisces, but we can look at this situation logically:

We’re at the beginning of a holiday weekend in the United States, where the disease is not under control at all. As you prepare for the weekend, and are potentially deciding how much exposure you’re comfortable with, please remember this Geminian tidbit: we do not have much data or facts where this virus is concerned. It’s brand new, and six months is not enough time to understand much, even though scientific knowledge is growing all the time. Stay home if you can. Wash your hands regardless. Wear a mask. Gemini is a sign that rules respiratory health, and Neptune/Pisces correlates with immunity. Do what you can to bolster both. And remember: this astrology is ripe for paranoia, distrust and confusion. Use discernment. 

Now that we understand more about the concrete manifestations of the 2020-era astrology, and the science that goes with our understanding of viruses, I feel comfortable saying that nothing about the astrology of the coming year really speaks to Covid suddenly just going away or becoming more manageable. Taking care of yourself, your loved ones and your community is going to be a great area of development  through the rest of this year. 

As far as New Moons go, this one isn’t super great for manifesting. However, a little intention setting never hurt anyone.  So make an intention and then follow through every day for the lunar cycle. Intend to journal every day for a month to get in touch with your narratives. Intend to learn a bit about the human immune system and ways you can support it. Intend to breathe deeply for five minutes a day. 

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