Leo New Moon

(I’m trying to get back to writing, friends. Stay tuned.)

This New Moon feels like a blessing to me. A pause. A respite. A water station in the desert (yeah, I know it’s fire, but I’m talking about the water of LOVE, y’all). That might be some of my own personal stuff — it’s happening right on my North Node. But also, I’ve gotten a bit of respite in the past few weeks. 

But I do think there is an undercurrent of universal truth there. And so how I’ll frame it is as follows: use this New Moon. Use it to bask in the glow of your own heart, or the glow of the Sun, or of music you love, or people you love (although I will say that this feels like a solitary thing to me). Remember that Leo is about creative self-actualization — for the sake of the whole. It is the connection of the heart with the head, the function that humanizes all that Aquarian brain-y business. Aquarian brain-y business can be so progressive and helpful to humanity, yet in the process it can obliterate our humanity. Think of the minds that created the atomic bomb. The brains behind the terrors of the Holocaust. We need our hearts to balance out our brains. To bring us into the body. 

The heart chakra itself (which is actually associated with Taurus, not Leo, but bear with me) is the chakra that brings together the lower three chakras with the upper three. It metabolizes and synthesizes. Leo is the energy that helps us to locate our inner genius, and bring it on up and out into the world so that it can serve in some way. 

This New Moon is not without obstacles. It is making an exact quincunx (or is it inconjunct? I, your astrologer, can never remember when I’m supposed to use which term) aspect to Saturn in Capricorn. You can think of this as the many ways in which the structures of our society, or the impacts of societal conditioning might dampen your spark or dim your glow. The part of you that says “I want to play! I want to create!” squaring off with the part of you that says, “But you have to work!” Quincunx aspects reflect seemingly irreconcilable differences. But you have to learn how to make room for both. 

The coming lunar cycle brings us into Mars Retrograde, which is not going to be even slightly pretty, easy, or tame. Mars Retrograde runs September 9-November 13. Mars will pretty much spend that whole time in a square with Saturn, inflaming tensions, bodies, lungs and hearts. Mars will square off with Pluto and Jupiter as well. This lunar cycle also sees Venus in Cancer, wanting to love and nourish and care for, opposing Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, perhaps bringing feelings of futility or bringing us in touch with the reality of the daunting obstacles that stand between us and our new paradigm. 

Use this New Moon to connect with the light within you. Use it to reset your altar, clean your home, tap into joy. The Sun and Moon form a grand trine today with Mars in Aries and the South Node and Galactic Center in Sagittarius. That is COSMIC fire, y’all, and it’s ready to burn away what is no longer serving. Because of aspects it’s making in my own chart, I’ll be doing a ritual to burn away ancestral stuff. Maybe that calls to you, too. 

Regardless,  do a little ritual to honor the light in you, me and us all. Practice stillness and presence. A fire trine puts us in touch with an instinctive, intuitive vision for the world. Setting an intention to connect your individual spark with that vision will serve as its own light in the days and months to come.

New Moon in 26 Leo conjunct Mercury
Exact at 7:41pm Pacific on 8.18.20
For some ritual guidance and to support this work, sign up at www.patreon.com/aquarianspirals

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