2021 Readings

Hi, friends! My 2021 Readings are available now — although I only have a limited supply left and orders will close on January 5. You can read a bit about them below, or check out the official page with full details here.

I’m excited to announce my annual year-ahead readings: your personalized guide to the astrology of paradigm shift — version 2021.

WHAT A YEAR 2020 has been. 

That’s definitely an understatement, but words continue to fail me as I reflect on what it’s been to live through a global pandemic. It’s safe to say that stepping through the portal to 2021 won’t act as an immediate switch — but my oh my does the astrological weather look different for 2021, starting with the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020.

2021 PDF Cover

So how do we begin to move forward? How do we continue to navigate our own roles in the global transformation we are still immersed in? Your 2021 personalized reading is a way for you to make the most of the changes you’re a part of. It’s a way for you to move through transformation with innovative new ideas, insight, compassion, discernment and active hope.

The guidance that awaits you in your 2021 reading will not speak of transformation in generalized, nebulous terms. You will receive guidance about specific ways you can greet the coming year with practical tools for growth. Guidance that will help you understand more about how to step into your calling in life — because there is nothing more important than each of us facing ourselves so we have the capacity to, in turn, face what is happening as 400 years of Capitalism and thousands of years of kyriarchy* move aside for something new (and amazing!) to arise.

This project is among my favorites. Not just because it allows me to tune in and get excited for the year ahead, but because I am an astrologer who focuses on long term relationships with my clients. Each year I am amazed and heartened and humbled by how many folks have made these readings part of their annual tradition, and by the ways I get to witness so many incredible humans rising to the occasion of coming into their full power. 

It also reminds me that none of us are alone. That there are so many beautiful souls in the world who are visionaries in their own ways, and who are rising to the occasion of moving into their power.

Check out the full details here.

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